60th International Pilgrimage
The 2018 International Pilgrimage to Lourdes marked the 60th anniversary of the Order of Malta’s annual reunion. More than 7500 members, volunteers, doctors, nurses, chaplains and guests from over 45 countries, including the recently invested members from Korea, joined in prayer, procession and celebration of the 160th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady. 
The pilgrimage enthusiastically welcomed the newly elected Prince and Grand Master, Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto.
Vision 2050
Over 300 young members and volunteers were hosted at the annual Vision 2050 Reunion.
H.E. Dominique Prince de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel, the Grand Hospitaller, shared his pride for the work and dedication of the young members and volunteers both in Lourdes, and their work at home serving the forgotten.
Youngman “YM” Park, President of Order of Malta Korea,spoke to the young. The assembled group joyfully welcomed YM and the new Korean members and were captivated by the account of his recent experience attending the historical meeting between the North and South Korean Presidents. YM Park further inspired the young volunteers detailing the works of the Order in Korea, partnering with celebrity chefs to prepare meals for the homeless in the slums of Seoul, and to recruit more volunteers to assist in the works.
Help from the Hong Kong Delegation
The Global Fund for Forgotten People was ably assisted by members and volunteers from Hong Kong. The Global Fund for Forgotten People information stand drew more visitors than ever before, and many members learned of the extensive works of the Order in China and in the Asia Pacific region. 

Visit the Order of Malta Hong Kong's new website here .
Dog Therapy for the Disabled,
Lithuanian Relief Service
This innovative project aims to provide an alternative therapy for the elderly and disabled, improving physical and mental health, and cognitive and social skills through the use of specially trained dogs. 

Health Care and Nutrition Services, Kenya, Malteser International
Malteser International runs a project in Kenya which provides the local Dasaanch community with access to healthcare and nutritional services. 

Order of Malta International Summer Camp, United Kingdom, 2018
This year the United Kingdom and the British Association will host the Order of Malta's International Summer Camp.

Find out more about the camp here .
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Order of Malta:
Did you know?
The name “Caravan” has historic meaning in the Order. It was the name of the 1-2 year formation experience and education that every knight went through before becoming a Fra ' in the Order. 

To find out more about the Order's current CARAVAN project click here .
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