How is the Gaming Industry Addressing  Gender Inequality?
TIG's Take in this Month's GGB Magazine 

From the record-breaking number of women in Congress to celebrity-driven movements in Hollywood, it's clear that women are vying for change in all industries, including gaming. But for an industry that has been plagued by these issues throughout its modern history, we can only trace awareness of gender inequality in gaming for just over a decade. In the July issue of Global Gaming Business magazine, our team examines the current landscape for women in gaming. Learn how the industry ranks on inclusion against corporate America, how women of the industry have taken matters into their own hands, how academia is exploring the issue, and why gaming has an opportunity to lead on one of the most permeating issues in the world today.  Read the full article here.
A Closer Look at the Data   
Our article synt hesizes data from the following sources, which we encourage you to read in full for a more in-depth analysis of gender inequality in corporate America and the gaming industry respectively:

Women in the Workplace 2018, from and McKinsey & Company


Glass Ceilings & Leaky Pipelines: Gender Disparity in the Casino Industry, by Toni Repetti and Shekinah L. Hoffman, from the UNLV Gaming Research & Review Journal 

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