September 2022
From the National Office

What a summer for Marianist LIFE! After a two-year hiatus because of the pandemic, we were able to host three in-person programs. They were nothing short of incredible. Seeing the giant charter bus pull up to CYO Retreat Center in Occidental, California was a moment more than two years in the making and the days that followed were grace-filled, joyful, and fun. It was very clear that our students were in need of face-to-face community and all three of our teams worked around the clock to offer meaningful opportunities for LIFErs to reflect, pray, plan, grow, and play. Our theme for the year was "Fix My Eyes," which allowed us to refocus and recommit ourselves to our Marianist mission of collaborating with our Lady to bring Christ to our world, during a time when his mercy and love are needed in our classrooms, on our campuses, in our families, and in our hearts.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to the many Marianist brothers who participated as moderators, led on coordinating teams, served as Chaplains, joined us for Reconciliation, or prayed for our students and adults all summer long. The MVP Award of LIFE 2022 goes to Bro. Mark Motz, who was present in a variety of ways at all three programs. We are especially grateful for his presentation on vocations. Marianist LIFE exists thanks to the vision of the brothers, and I am grateful for their continued and enthusiastic support.

Erica Duarte, LIFE Coordinator

Please note a change of locations for LIFE Summer 2023.

LIFE Session One
Occidental, California
Moderators: June 15 - 23, 2023
Students: June 18 - 23, 2023

LIFE Session Two
Dayton, Ohio
Moderators: July 7 - 14, 2023
Students: July 9 - 14, 2023

LIFE Session Three
Dayton, Ohio
Moderators: July 19 - 26, 2023
Students: July 21 - 26, 2023

Thank you, Antonio!
Antonio Mari
LIFE South Regional Coordinator 2022
Davie, Florida

Antonio Mari has a long history with Marianist LIFE. He attended LIFE as a student, served as a moderator and Coordinating Team member, and most recently, led LIFE South through the hybrid program and its return to in-person programming in 2022. Antonio reflects on his time with LIFE:

"When I was a student at Colegio San Jose, I was sent forth from LIFE in 2005. I never imagined that the following 17 years I would be blessed to work on 12 different LIFEs and on 7 teams. It’s been a great journey where I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Marianist LIFE has always been a beacon of hope for what the Marianist family should aspire to be. The greatest gift that LIFE has given me is the realization that we are not alone in the work we do in this world - the program creates a bridge with other communities to strengthen each other. It is amazing to see how students and moderators that come from different parts of the map build community and friendships in less than a week.

The biggest honor of my time with LIFE came when I was called to be part of the team for National LIFE 2020 and although we never got to present it face to face, the work we did gave birth to some of the changes we've implemented the last two years. I was truly humbled when Erica entrusted the position of coordinator of South to me. Thanks to two wonderful teams, we navigated the uncertainties of digital LIFE in 2021 and had the strength to come back in person in 2022. With the hard work of so many wonderful people these two years brought us extraordinary programs.

As I look back, I am proud of the work, or small drop of water, I leave with LIFE. My only wish is that some of the seeds we planted in 12 wonderful years can bloom and give fruits in the future. Maybe, just maybe, one of the LIFErs that was sent forth this year can send forth my daughter 17 years from now. Thank you to all the wonderful mentors, co-workers and friends that have helped me along the way."
In The News
Archbishop Riordan High School - San Francisco, California
Check out this article from The Crusader, the student-led newspaper from Archbishop Riordan High School in San Francisco, California. National and World News Editor, Joseph Nuloaga '23, documents the experience their LIFE Team had while at LIFE Pacific.
REFLECTION - Christopher Casupang
Saint Louis School, Class of 2023
"I have been surrounded by the Marianist LIFE program ever since I was given 'life,' so being able to attend the LIFE program after 17 years was a surreal experience. I heard so much about LIFE from my parents who have both served in the program, along with many of our family friends who have been a part of the program for years. I grew up in their Marianist Lay Community, “Kukalama,” which means to stand tall in the light.  Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to be a LIFEr. While I didn't know much about the retreat itself, I heard so many great things about how life-changing it is and how many great people you meet. And since I heard it so often, I connected the LIFE retreat with becoming a better person, spiritually, mentally, and in almost every aspect of who I am. 
At the program there are so many great opportunities and experiences. Although the daily Masses were super early in the morning, I attended them for most of the retreat. I truly felt the love of God in the area and within the people who surrounded me. We were in a beautiful space with trees and rays of sunlight. Even though I was still waking up, it was like a cup of coffee for me every morning. Secondly, the people and community is something I really hope to experience again. There were some familiar faces but whether I knew them previously or not, having to leave the people I had just spent a week with felt like I was leaving a family. I was touched by every single person there and felt the love and compassion everyone had for themselves and for others. Two months later, I am working with the Saint Louis LIFE Team on perpetuating the ideals and values we learned at LIFE. The Marianist pillars of Faith, Mary, Community, Mission, and Inclusivity are ideals that we try to live by each day and teach to the people of Saint Louis School and even more within our community." 
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Reflection - Allison Oakley
Archbishop Moeller High School
Volunteer Moderator
"LIFE has been a highlight of my summer for almost a decade, serving as both a moderator and member of the Coordinating Team. Each LIFE week is unique and I always come away feeling renewed in my own faith, and am reminded that our LIFE community is both a gift and a task. I have been honored to volunteer with Archbishop Moeller High School LIFE for the past two years, and have witnessed the growth of the program firsthand. Having eight LIFERs attend LIFE Week has been a goal at Moeller for a while, and it was awesome to see it come to fruition when eight young men said “Yes” this year. For the first time in many years, Moeller was the largest group at LIFE Central! It was a proud moment and it was very cool for the LIFERs to see the legacy Moeller had at LIFE Week when the banners hung in the chapel with one including Dave Campbell’s signature, now a Religion teacher and LIFE Moderator at Moeller.

Leading up to LIFE, we prayed that the week would be able to go on in person as planned. All COVID protocols were followed and it felt like such a success when all students, moderators, and C-Team arrived for the opening session in person! We were able to be physically present with each other to laugh, sing and dance. Being back in the moderator chair was such a treat as I was able to be with students in both mixed and home groups. So few places exist in the world where our students can come and be exactly who God made them to be while calling them to grow closer to Him through faith experiences in community. To see the growth of the program since I was on C-team and a past moderator all those years ago, was a humbling moment. LIFE week has always taught me how important it is to be in community. We are called to it as Marianists and while there are many highlights of the week, my favorite was when the students discussed how they could bring the feeling of community back to Moeller. We all experienced the gift of community, and now we are all tasked to bring Jesus and Marianist LIFE to our home groups and build community again."
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Fix My Eyes!
Snapshots from the Summer
LIFE Pacific 2022 was all in the family! Christopher Casupang, Saint Louis School LIFEr of the class of 2023 attended the retreat alongside his father, Regional Coordinator Christopher Casupang, Saint Louis School Campus Minister and a LIFEr alumni himself. Additionally, Jameson Datoc, Archbishop Riordan LIFEr of the class of 2023 attended the retreat alongside his father, Alex Datoc. Alex serves as the Campus Minister at Riordan and met his wife while at LIFE Pacific! Tyler Hawatmeh, Chaminade College Preparatory (West Hills) LIFEr of the class of 2023 attended the program alongside his LIFEr alumni brother, Tristen, who served as one of this year's MYAs. Tristen attended LIFE Pacific in 2018 as a student at Chaminade College Preparatory in St. Louis, so these brothers, pictured here, are truly men of Chaminade! And finally, Gabriel Duarte, husband of National Coordinator Erica Duarte, returned to LIFE Pacific after more than a decade, to serve as Head of Temporalities. LIFE Pacific was filled with family spirit!
Double the fun! Longtime LIFE Pacific veteran Soane Uiagalelei served at not one, but two programs this summer! After serving as the Head of Religious Life and Music Minister at LIFE Pacific, he headed to Dayton to experience LIFE Central and provide music ministry at Bergamo. Soane is pictured here at LIFE Central with the students from Archbishop Moeller. "To experience LIFE Pacific and Central was a blessing beyond my imagination! I got to experience LIFE with all of its diversity and variety through the gifts of the teams, moderators and students," Soane said. Thanks, Soane!
Things got a little "strange" at LIFE South this year during several Marianist Moments. Students learned about the charism in fun and engaging segments hosted by Chaminade, Adele, and Marie Therese, who was taken to the Upside Down in "Marianist Things," a twist on the series, Stranger Things. While entertaining and hilarious, these creative shorts presented introductions to the theme for each day, which focused on a pillar of the charism. And don't worry, Chami and Adele were able to rescue Marie Therese by playing the theme song, "Fix My Eyes!"
Tecaboca Turns 85!
Join Tecaboca in celebrating 85 years of retreat and camp ministry at Tecaboca in Mountain Home, Texas. There are opportunities for the whole family to join in the fun this October! If you would like to learn more about the celebrations or how to help keep the Marianist mission vibrant in God's country, click here.
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