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Awaken Your Force
January 2016
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HANGRY? We have the solution!
Stand Up!
Perfect Winter Recipe
EVENTS: Jan. 7th & 14th - New Year, New You!
Darth to the rescue
Greetings from Rachel!
January Jumpstart
january We are now forming Healthy Living Groups to help all of us get the power of the Force in our lives! We'd love to have you join our January Jumpstart group - please message me!
Technology at O'Hare Airport
When we say technology, we mean aeroponic growing technology!

Five years of growing indoors at O'Hare is the longest running indoor vertical farm in the United States.
Become part of the solution with URBAN FARMING and get your own Tower Garden or help a school, non-profit or senior center get one!
(note:  the technology at O'Hare is the same as our backyard Tower Gardens)
tower garden

Click photo for video
Get Physical
The importance of moving your body can not be overstated! 
Watch this video for some good suggestions and as the saying goes,
"just do it!"
physical activity
As one of the women in this video says, 
"My health is worth it and I'M WORTH IT."

Awaken the Jedi within and embrace your light side this year!  The Force (our health professionals, tools, FB groups, etc.) continues to get stronger. The Force is committed to helping all of us become the strongest Jedis in the world!

Luke and Yoda recommend being truly present in 2016 and joining together to make it a healthy, fun, strong year!  
Have you ever been HANGRY?
new bars
If so, we've got the solution for you!  Last month we introduced our Complete Nutrition Bars and they are a smash hit! These b ars deliver a perfect snack for any diet. Try a tasty bar to help you replace empty calories with healthy more HANGRY (the emotion where hunger and anger intersect) episodes for you!

To help make your diet "complete", we have both 
Complete Protein Shakes and Complete Bars:  
Delicious shakes: Dutch Chocolate & French Vanilla
Yummy bars: Dark Chocolate+Fig and 
Tart Cherry+Honey.
healthy living
Be inspired - watch this short video!
Stand Up While You Read This
Sitting: the most unhealthy thing you do! 
(do Jedis ever sit?!)

Excerpt Men's Journal, 03/15:
Ultrarunner Adam St. Pierre thought he had training down to a science. An exercise physiologist and running coach in Boulder, Colorado, he ran 40 to 70 miles a week, stretched 15 minutes twice a day, and saw a massage therapist twice a month. But at the peak of the 2014 racing season, the 33-year-old athlete was nearly sidelined by tight hip flexors... He converted his office desk to a standing station and cut his sedentary time in half. In weeks, his hip muscles released. Two months later, he raced a 50-miler in Vermont in his personal-best time of eight hours, 18 minutes. "I felt great," he says. "Since, I've even noticed my chronic low-back pain fade away." Read more
Need more vites A, C, B6, etc?
Eat more sweet spuds!  Sweet potatoes pack a punch when it comes to providing you with your daily intake of vitamins and keeping you healthy right through the winter. An average  sweet potato  will provide you with over 100 percent of your daily requirement for  vitamin A!

Maple Glazed Yams & Cranberries
  • 3-4 large yams, peeledyam
  • ½ cup pure maple syrup
  • ¼ cup brown sugar
  • 6 Tbsp. butter
  • 2 tsp. orange zest
  • 2 cups fresh cranberries
  • Full recipe here

Note:  in the US, what we call yams are almost always really sweet potatoes - learn more here.

EVENTS:  New Year, New You
new year Healthy Living 
Jumpstart Challenge
Three events:
Thursday January 7th
10am & 12pm - 
Wellness Workshop
7pm - Salad in a Jar Party 
Click here for flyer with details! 

Inspire Healthy Living Around the World!
Be your own boss
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Thursday January 14th - 12pm & 7pm
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Darth to the rescue
Do you have a child like this in your life?  Ones that just don't have faith in the power of fruits and vegetables?  Perhaps Darth can convince them...

And to help them "get the Force" into their lives, we have our Children's Health Study.  

Kids get
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