Moseying into March
It's tulip time!
We know that it can be tough to rally for anything new on a Friday night, which is why we encourage you to BUD-dy up with a friend to come here on March 24th!

Details and link below to learn more about the pop-up Tulip Bouquet Bar. It's a great time to come by if you've been wanting to take a tour of the property, or if you have a friend that you know will enjoy the space. Why not see Sky Pond for the first time by a tulip's petals in twilight?!

Bundle your take home bouquets and we'll tiptoe into Spring,
Read on to see the events in bloom!

Pre-registration with the associated host is required,
Do not wait to reserve your spot - Events fill up!
Sacred Moon Gatherings
Next session: March 7th with Kayla Wright 5pm - 830pm
Multiple Dates on the Horizon
"An in-person, intimate, embodied, and potent ritual container for working with the moon, being a part of a catalyzing community, and re-establishing our connection to nature, sacred living, and personal sovereignty." ~ Kayla

Kayla Wright of Awkward Bodhi emBodhi'd Movement invites you to connect with and calibrate by one of Nature's quiet cycles using movement, intention, discussion and awareness. Join in one or all of these special gatherings with the moon's energy, and community, by the pond!
Moving Out of Freeze - Resurfacing Joy
Saturday March 11th with Karen Cohen 130pm - 4pm
A message from Karen ~
My fellow Embodied Explorers, the turning of the season is upon us.
The thawing of our frozen places is promised.
The time to inquire and inspire movement is now!

*Come explore how YOU move from experiences of ‘winter’ to ‘spring’.*

We will use the movements of the season to root into your own reasons for rebirth, recollection, revelation and resurfacing.
I invite you to Move out of Freeze and Resurface Joy through the doorways of:

*Somatic Awareness
*Exploratory Dance/Movement
*Playing with Metaphor and Imagery
*Expressing feeling with Creative Arts

Let’s till the soils, plant new seeds, and speak, move and draw out the aspects of ourselves, and lives, that have been put on the shelf, tucked away, forgotten and frozen for too long. Investment $35
Taking Refuge - A Restorative Mini-Retreat
Sunday March 12th with Lisa McCaskill 130pm - 430pm
What does it mean to take refuge and how can we use yoga and meditation to find the refuge we seek?
Join Lisa McCaskill for a discussion of what it means to take refuge and be led through the practices of contemplative journaling, gentle yoga movement, restorative yoga poses, loving-kindness meditation, and Yoga Nidra to connect you to the place of refuge within yourself.

The retreat will end with a discussion of how you can incorporate the practice of taking refuge into daily life for better self-care.

All yoga props are provided. Please bring an eye pillow if you have one.
An assortment of hot teas and light snacks will be available. Investment $60.

Lisa McCaskill is an RYT 500, E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance registered yoga and meditation instructor who has been teaching restorative yoga practices for over 10 years.
Yoga-Mojo's Spring Equinox Day Retreat
Saturday March 18th with Loretta Jo Schlatzer 10am - 430pm
Yoga-Mojo’s retreat is a celebration gathering of the return of our own light & energy and the richness of our internal garden. The dark Winter months are over, and as the daylight hours increase, we watch Mother Earth wake up, with flowers blooming, birds singing and trees turning green again.

In this 1-day event, we will be letting go of the week and the season of winter to take time to nourish ourselves and nurture our body with a series of serene and reflective activities.

The day includes:
~ A Welcome Circle (Ritual - Mantra – calling in of the Four Directions)
~A special Yoga-Mojo Vinyasa practice led by Loretta Jo Schlatzer
~Meditative Painting led by Cary-based artist, Susan B. Hecht
~A Restorative Yoga session led by Miriam Anderson
~ A Closing Circle
Attendees will receive (and take home):
~paint brush gift 
~small canvas pad gift 
~12x12 canvas

Investment: $200
Tulip Bouquet Bar & Sky Pond Open House!
Friday March 24th with Terren Alford 5pm - 8pm
Everything's coming up roses > TULIPS!!
We are so excited to showcase Spring through the natural beauty of locally grown flowers by Terren Alford of Nicolie Flower House. Grown in Wake Forest NC, these stems have never known a pesticide, fertilizer or chemical of any kind, and it shows. They radiate beauty in Nature's most natural form.

Fill your car with your friends and your home with fresh flowers by stopping by ANY time between the hours of 5pm - 8pm on Friday March 24th!

A few destined visitors will win a raffle prize for one of the following:
  • A 10% OFF coupon good for one property rental duration of choice
  • A FREE Sky Pond signature bouquet with next property rental
  • A FREE 75 minute tailored yoga session with Miriam during next rental

Grown locally, sustainably, responsibly, and organically in Wake Forest; tulips and greenery will be sold by the stem (Kraft Wrap included).

Kindly select below to indicate if you think you will make it. Doing so does not capture any personal information, it is strictly a poll to tally headcount and support event logistics. Thank you!
Ready to bundle your fresh blooms? Help us plan!
Cut some stems for me, I'll be there!
I'm bringing a friend too!
Prefer delivery? Last call!
Sign up now to reserve a spot for you or someone you Love to receive:

5 WEEKS of Tulips & Spring Blooms

March 13 - April 13

You can have blooms delivered to your door
WHILE supporting your local farmer at the same time. Win win!
Silent Expansion: A Silent Retreat
Saturday March 25th with Kelsey Rudzinsky 10am - 6pm
Too much too soon?
The noise of our world today can be deafening to our instincts, our creativity, our nature. To hear what we want from within, it helps to get quiet!

Have you experienced the power of a silent retreat?

Silent Expansion is a day to reduce the noise by removing one of the ways that we engage with the external world. With mouths closed, and hearts and minds open, we heighten our ability to observe and to listen. We create the opportunity to hear what is calling our attention from within. What is the abundance that we wish to cultivate in our future? This day creates the space to let ourselves expand beyond the current limits of our mind and our daily habits, that we may have direction to guide our energy this Spring.
Less IS more...
Investment $144 includes lunch and guided (yet optional) Breathwork, movement and sound healing sessions.
Stop and smell the roses-> still tulips
Drew knows what it's like to need time and space to pause and is an exceptional teacher and supporter while we allow ourselves the same.

Spending time among animals can help us to slow down and hold space for ourselves the way that we would for another.

Drew is a Pet Partners Registered Therapy Dog. He is masterful at providing support and will always respect the privacy or sensitivity of your situation.
Pet Partner Therapy visits with Miriam and Drew at Sky Pond are free of charge; available for up to 2 hour durations as schedules permit.

Contact us if you or someone you know could benefit from this healing time, and keep him in mind as a willing contributor to your therapeutic events.
Your seat at the table...Your mat on the floor...
...Sky Pond is ready for you!

Whether your need to get away is to be among quiet or community, it will always be personal. This is why we love being a smaller venue, which fosters deeper connection by design.

In that spirit of personal connection, let us know how we can help bring your vision into clarity. We are honored to have welcomed several first-time hosts (among the seasoned!) to this space, which speaks to the natural sense of support that comes from being in nature.

As your ideas are blossoming, check out the list of amenities and FAQ to support the nurturing of your planning; and the reservations page for pricing, availability or add-ons.
As we enter this time of growth, be sure to take time to renew. Remember that the earth takes months to navigate one season, and each flower opens in its own time along the way.

We hope you'll take advantage of the possibilities here to support you during this time of the year and always, through all of life's seasons by the pond.

~ Sean & Miriam Anderson
Everything in its own time.