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April 2024 | Issue 146

Ask L2881 April 2024

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2024 IAFF Legislative Conference

Local 2881 representatives at the IAFF Legislative Conference in DC in March.

Butte County/CAL FIRE had the privilege of training Japanese Firefighters this past month. This was the 2nd time the Japanese Firefighters returned to Butte County for Structural Training. The 1st time was in 2017, rewind a year and that’s when Japanese Technical Rescue Instructor – Takahiro Sato (Hiro) came to Butte County to assist teaching Technical Rescue as a guest Instructor with Rescue 3 International. After talking to one of our Butte County/Cal Fire Instructors, they developed a friendship in which Hiro asked if our Firefighters would be willing to help Japanese Firefighters train and teach them on Structural Firefighting Operations.

  Training consisted of: SCBA training with MSA packs, Confidence Course, Hose Evolutions (advancing hose up multiple staircases), Search and Rescue, Vertical Ventilation, (VES) vent, enter, search, Ladders, Forcible Entry, and Live Fire Training (combo attacks).


Traditional Japanese buildings are very different from those in America. Now, Japan’s modern buildings are being constructed with materials very similar to American buildings. By learning our firefighting techniques and procedures, firefighters in Japan will be more successful fighting today’s structure fires back in Japan.

by: Armando Alvarez, Fire Captain - Training

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If you were in Cork City, Ireland this past St. Patrick's Day, this message is for you!

Hello, my name is Jim and wanted to say thank you again to one of your members I met in Cork City Ireland on St. Patrick's Day 2024. I received a beautiful challenge coin to which I will place on my mantel. I don't remember your name, but I won't forget meeting you and your wife, it was a pleasure. Thanks again.

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