St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church


Blue Hill ~ Maine

Sunday, February 4, 2024

10:00 am

Fifth Sunday after the


In the lectionary cycle, we find ourselves amid the healing stories of Jesus as told by Mark. I'm sure we can relate to physical challenges that cause need, at one time or another, for us and our loved ones.

It's natural to need assistance. 

The practice of gratitude can be our nature, too. We thank God for the loving care that surrounds us at just the time when we need it most. Such gratitude that comes from such times can remind us to take very little for granted. I recall my encounters with Archbishop Desmond Tutu on more than one occasion when he spent time in the area we once lived, declaring, "It's all gift." 

Oh, to have the sense to notice the gift of the every day, even the small and the mundane. One day, my friend John, who had an incurable cancer diagnosis, heard Arch say these words. "It's all gift." John's endurance of his remaining days was made all the more illumined by three simple words spoken by Arch. John's demeanor softened, his acceptance clear of what he could not change, and any suffering was greatly diminished by his acceptance that deepened his faith as he left a young wife and three small children to enter into God's nearer presence. 

When Jesus arrived in people's lives and relieved their spiritual and physical needs, his gentle touch and healing presence, his kind face and deeds to match, must have inspired such gratitude and hope for what lies outside our seeing. Jesus did these things without asking too many questions. He didn't require applications. No one was put on hold. Jesus didn't require those who came to him to take a number; such is Christ's love. We will always be in the presence of Christ's love. 

I pray for each of us, that Christ's presence in and among us inspires us to do likewise as we navigate through God's wounded and yet so beloved creation. Arch was on to something. We can be on to this something, too. 

Know how I give thanks for you. You are gift, too.



Ash Wednesday is February 14th. We will have two services. Noon and 5:00pm

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Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper will take place at St. Brendan the Navigator, 627 North Deer Isle Rd, on Tuesday, February 13 from 4:00-6:00 pm. Menu items include pancakes (buttermilk or gluten free), blintzes and latkes, sausage, applesauce, sour cream and lots of maple syrup. RSVPs appreciated:, or 207-348-6240. Donations accepted for Episcopal Relief and Development Fund.

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Happy Ground-Hog Day! ICYMI, Punxsutawney Phil that famous groundhog from Pennsylvania has predicted and early spring. Woot, woot (groundhog speak for let me go back to sleep).


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