Fencers Club Travel Fund

The FC has initiated a reimbursement Travel Fund for coaches and athletes for the 2022 season in order to aid our coaches and fencers in their efforts to attain their competitive goals. Through the generous contributions of members of our Board the new FC Travel Fund has been created as an independent reimbursement fund distinct from the FC Scholarship Program. Reimbursement from the FC Travel Fund is not dependent on competition results or ranking. Fencers and coaches seeking reimbursement from the FC Travel Fund should submit this form to David Niu within 21 days of the event. Requests will be processed beginning 30 days after the event after reviewing all requests. Applicants for reimbursement from the FC Travel Fund must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  1. you are a current FC coach or FC fencer who lists the FC as their “primary” club with USA Fencing;
  2. you seek reimbursement of travel and/or hotel expenses that have not been otherwise reimbursed or paid for by any another person or entity;
  3. the travel and/or hotel expenses you incurred when either fencing in or coaching (as a strip coach) is in a USA Fencing NAC or National Championship or an international FIE sanctioned competition from and after April 1, 2022;
  4. you have signed an independent contractor agreement as a coach with the FC,
  5. as a fencer and/or coach you are in good standing with the FC, USA Fencing and SafeSport, you are current with all payments due to the FC, and you have no outstanding monies owed to the FC;
  6. as an FC coach you must have strip coached one or more Club member(s) for the entire tournament for which you seek reimbursement and the fencer must have represented the Fencers Club as their primary club at the event;
  7. you must provide written receipts for airfare/hotel to Executive Director; with payment approval by Chairman or Treasurer;
  8. whether as an FC coach or an FC fencer the limit of reimbursement is: $500 per event, and $5,000 in aggregate per Coach or fencer in 2022; and
  9. the FC Travel Fund has sufficient monies donated to it in order to reimburse the coaches and/ or fencers.

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