The Federation Report
December 1, 2017

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Be Thankful for Conservation Volunteers

A young volunteer, Josh Groves, sells raffle chances at a sporting clays fundraiser for conservation.  
With age comes a more philosophical understanding of the effort life requires. Even thought mankind has greatly simplified the necessities of survival - food, water and shelter - we have greatly complicated living. Ours is a very busy society. So when people decide to give of their time as a volunteer, they are sharing their most precious resource. This Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for all the volunteers who dedicate themselves to efforts and organizations benefitting our environment and furthering conservation efforts. 
Non-profits are like a puzzle; all the pieces have to be in place for it to work right. A successful organization demands so many diverse components. A solid staff and strong mission are the foundation. Funding is critical, so there must be supporters with the financial means to keep the lights on. But boots on the ground move missions forward. Often, folks working for free fill those boots. Volunteers make the magic happen.

Save the Date
CFM Annual Convention

Mark your calendar and plan to attend 
 CFM's Annual Convention which will be held
 March 9-11, 2018 at Capitol Plaza Hotel 
in Jefferson City. Look for more details 
 to come soon.

NWF Ranger Rick 
Magazines for Kids

Support the Conservation Federation of Missouri by subscribing to the Ranger Rick Family of magazines. There are issues available for 
ages 0 to 4, ages 4 to 7, and ages 7 to 12.  

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Conservation Achievement Awards

Missouri Conservation Achievement Awards   

Do you know someone who is doing great things for conservation in Missouri?

Nominations are being accepted for the Missouri Conservation Achievement Awards. Each year CFM recognizes individuals and organizations in Missouri for their outstanding achievements in conservation. We wish to acknowledge personal efforts and award each recipient for actions that have led to significant conservation success during the calendar year. 

Click HERE to learn more about how you can nominate someone today. Please choose only one category per nomination. 

Resolutions Process and Timeline 
Begins Now

Dear CFM Member,

Recall that in 2016, we began using a new process and timeline to bring CFM resolutions to the annual convention. This message is a quick reminder to get you thinking about the process now. Resource Advisory Committees (RAC) need to know if you have issues or topics which you believe should be addressed at the next convention. Yes, it's several months away, but RAC's will begin researching/discussing topics with their committees this fall and winter -the same as last year. 

If you have an important issue, and believe there should be a resolution considered at the next convention, provide the requested information using this link

To read more of the letter sent on behalf of the CFM Resolution Committee, click HERE.

Conservation Scholarships
Deadline - January 31,2017

The Conservation Federation of Missouri and the Conservation Foundation of Missouri Charitable Trust have numerous scholarships available to high school, undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing a degree in conservation. 

More information on available scholarships and the applications can be found at

Year End Giving

Please help us to protect Missouri's outdoors with your end of the year donation. Donate $100 or more and receive Matt Miles' Missouri Wild and Wonderful

From bluebirds and black bears to copperheads and white-tailed deer: from tall-grass prairies and vistas atop the Ozark Plateau to lowland swamps and the depths of clear streams - Missouri Wild and Wonderful displays the work of award-winning wildlife photographer Matt Miles. 

To donate to CFM today, visit or contact Laurie Coleman at 573-634-2322.