The Family Center Connections: December 2022
Heart to Heart
I see you. You who are battling exhaustion because you want to do all the things in this busy season. You who are trying to create joy for your family when you feel weighed down by grief or depression. You who set yourselves aside to make sure that everyone's needs are met. You who feel invisible, forgotten or just tired. I want you to know that I see you and you are enough. Without all the gift wrapping, events, fancy food and traditions, you are a gift. Your love, presence, and time are the best things you can give your children. The Family Center does not want to add to your busy schedules this month and we need some time for our families, too, so we have made the choice to make our newsletter and our schedule very simple this month. If you need to take care of YOU, we have 2 cafes planned this month. Also, you can call or text us now at (717)377-3626. We wish you and your families happy and healthy holidays!
The Family Center Director
Meet Our Team
Hi, I’m Veronica, an intern at First Start with The Family Center. I have been a resident of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania for 23 years now. I enjoy kayaking, working out, and traveling during my free time. I have been working at my parent’s business for as long as I can remember, from sweeping and mopping at a young age to now attending to customers and any needs I may be able to help them with. I am a senior at Penn State Mont Alto and am majoring in human development and family studies. My interest in working with families and children grew in part from working at my parent’s convenience store. Out of my normal day-to-day duties there, I’ve been able to help children out with homework assignments, parents with seeking jobs and filling out job applications, and so much more. I feel fulfilled helping families out especially in my community and wish to continue to do so here at First Start Partnerships!
Family Center Events

Parent Cafes
Parent Cafes are safe places to talk about the joys and challenges of raising children.
Spanish Cafe (entirely in Spanish)
Tuesday December 20
5-8 pm
Childcare & Dinner Provided
The Family Center
871 Stanley Ave Chambersburg PA 17201

Register by texting or calling Ana at (717)377-3626 or click on the button below:
December Parent Cafe
Wednesday December 14
10-11:30 am
Childcare & Refreshments Provided
The Family Center
871 Stanley Ave Chambersburg PA 17201

Register by texting/calling (717)377-3626 or click on the button below:
December Community Information
Join us for an open house to learn about the benefits of your child (age 3-5) attending preschool with First Start Partnerships.
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