October 2021

Halloween is one of our favorite seasons at the Science Center because it provides unique opportunities for creativity, learning, and fun. We are especially excited to bring back our favorite traditions like the Haunted Lab and the Family Costume Party, after offering virtual-only options last fall. Each year, our team develops new, not-so-spooky science Halloween experiences. I love seeing what science magic they brew! Iā€™m extra excited after trying out our newest slime for the Experiment Bar at the Lab. Just when I thought slime couldnā€™t get better, our STEM educators have designed the best slime experience yet: Frankenslime!

Celebrating Halloween this fall already feels so much better than the dark and spooky days of 2020. While we are not out of the woods, the signs of a return to normal grow more promising each day. Thanks to science, we will have more fun this Halloween!


Nene Spivy
Executive Director
Children's Science Center
Haunted Lab is Now Open!
Every Weekend in October
Come enjoy a frightfully good time full of not-too-spooky science activities, create Frankenslime at the Experiment Bar, go on a haunted scavenger hunt to find spooky animals native to North America, bug out in our Bio Zone, and more!

General admission sessions are Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm or 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Be sure to check our website for the most up-to-date information on our hours.
Have You Visited the Bio Zone?
Get Close Up to Our Animal Ambassadors!
The Lab is looking a bit different with the new addition of the Bio Zone! This exhibit allows you to see our Animal Ambassadors up close. Watch the Corn snakes hiss and slither, discover the unique and popular Axolotl, meet Cuddles, our Tarantula, and many more located at the Bio Zone viewing area near the Experiment Bar.
Volunteer Spotlight
Carolin Kiewel
How did you first learn about the Childrenā€™s Science Center? 
I have one of my closest friendsā€™ family to thank for a lot of my enthusiasm around STEM, and especially for introducing me to the Childrenā€™s Science Center. Through doing science fair projects together, competing in the Virginia Science Olympiad, and visiting the Lab, my friend and I explored our curiosities around STEM while having so much fun together every step of the way. I became thoroughly inspired by the Childrenā€™s Science Centerā€™s mission.
Tell us a little bit about yourself: Where are you from, school, family, pets, etc: 
Currently, I am a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax County and love dancing, baking, working out, and doing anything outdoors in my free time! I also enjoy tutoring kids in STEM and encouraging them to dream big and develop passions outside of their interests.
Why did you get involved with the Childrenā€™s Science Center?  
I am incredibly fortunate to have been brought up with so many opportunities to fuel my curiosity for science and love for math. I believe that my experiences with STEM at a young age are what allowed me to discover my passion and participate in after-school clubs, fairs, competitions, and classes that interested me and would be relevant to my future career. My ultimate goal, and why I got involved with the Childrenā€™s Science Center and tutoring kids in STEM subjects, is to inspire young minds to pursue STEM as a hobby and potential career.
What do you enjoy most about volunteering with the Center? 
Brainstorming new ways to create engaging activities for kids of various ages to discover the wonders of science has been a truly enlightening experience. It is a great feeling to know that I am making a difference in the community by helping spread enthusiasm for STEM. I have already made so many memories showcasing projects, planning events, and adapting to new challenges with fellow youth volunteers of the Center, and I am endlessly excited to continue supporting its mission.
What scientist do you admire and why? 
Pierre Curie is one of my favorite scientists because he, alongside Marie, selflessly gave his life to their radiation experiments which laid the groundwork for so many more discoveries in chemistry. Also, when offered the Nobel Prize, he said he would only accept it if his wife Marie would receive it alongside him, which was a bold request to make because women were rarely recognized for their scientific contributions at the time.
How can we inspire young people to become interested in science? 
The hands-on environment and creative, interactive experiments that the Childrenā€™s Science Center provides create the perfect atmosphere to cultivate an interest in science. As a kid, I loved exploring the large variety of scientific fields at fairs and conventions where I could see real examples and sometimes participate in related activities as well. I believe the most important consideration in creating an inspiring space for children to discover science is to showcase many different aspects of science in a condensed way so that visitors get a taste of various fields.
What is one scientific question you would like to see answered in your lifetime? 
Do humans perceive colors in the same way? For example, is my green the same as everyone elseā€™s green, or do others see some other color instead?
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Try It At Home
Ghostly Glowing Eggs
October is here and along with it comes spooky activities and decorations. Try this experiment that examines an interesting reaction between eggshells and vinegar, but with a glowing twist! This activity requires just a few ingredients, and you likely have most of them on-hand.

Be sure to use tonic water and not simply carbonated water. Tonic water includes an ingredient known as quinine which comes from the bark of the cinchona tree and when used in this experiment will give your eggs an ethereal glow under blacklight!
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