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Our analysis of the topics related to the FAA’s Noise Policy review and symposium update will resume later in the Summer. The following is an update on the FAA Reauthorization and a Call to Action regarding Palo Alto Airport.

The FAA Reauthorization:

House and Senate leaders have served a very warm plate to airports and new aviation entrants with the impending FAA Reauthorization Funding Bill and while it’s not yet final and not everyone is satisfied, it is a particularly cold plate for those concerned with noise and air quality impacts. The prominence of support for new entrants and airport expansion in the new legislation is a reminder that special interests influencing the congressional committees charged with negotiating these bills are ultimately responsible for how Congress micromanages growth for their friends - at all costs. Senator Maria Cantwell has been seeking blanket categorical exclusions (CATEX) for Nextgen procedures since 2011, and, not surprisingly, CATEX is relied on extensively by Congress to deny local public input for actions that can negatively impact citizens, and promote new entrants and airport growth over citizens concerns.

Palo Alto Airport is developing a 20 year plan in this atmosphere of pro-growth at all costs. The fresh legislation effectively promotes municipal airport infrastructure investments and by only listening to aviation interests, local officials will be promoting potentially very hazardous activities under the banner of “green,” “clean” and “quieter.” As giant pollution facilities, airports, and the flight paths built for their operations carry serious environmental and safety risks to Bay Area citizens, which should be a catalyst to influence local officials and policies for more responsible behavior. Whether it concerns SFO, Oakland, SJC or Palo Alto airport operations, Senator Cantwell doesn’t have to be the last word on how projects are considered locally. 

YOUR involvement can help to insist on local officials being more accountable for managing and helping to reduce airport pollution. Our initial outreach to local officials about Bay Area Airports is here.

Palo Alto Airport:

We have been asking the City for a comprehensive report on the legal and regulatory framework for being an airport sponsor; what types of commitments the City is looking to make, and a detailed explanation about the City’s airport planning process. Airport outreach has mostly been geared to airport users, but the issues that we care about have not been addressed by the City and Council. A background on some of our concerns about Palo Alto Airport planning are here.

HEADS UP! We have not been given any indication that the City’s plans are final but the City has a history of agendizing votes about Palo Alto Airport during the dead of Summer or without much notice to the public, so - just in case - reach out to Council and ASK to get engaged. Neighboring cities - this applies to you too!


Please Send a note to Palo Alto City Council @ 

Dear Council, I am concerned that the Council has not reached out to residents with information about Palo Alto Airport's 20-Year Plan, or indicated that there will be a community engagement process that allows citizen input for a plan that will likely have impacts to the city and region.

For Individual Council Contact Info:

Pat Burt Pat

Lyidia Kou

Ed Lauing

Julie Lythcot-Haims

Greer Stone

Greg Tanaka

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