Dear Friend,

It is with a happy and optimistic outlook that we present the Diolun Designs Collection.

It was two years ago, on September18th, 2018 at The Breakers Breakfast, hosted by the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce, that we showcased our first collection.
We hope you like the new Jewelry Designs and Silk Shawls... and that you pay us a visit at and And any question you may have, you may contact me directly...

Our designs in Palm Beach, Florida, are available at Jennifer Garrigues, Inc.

"Another Leaf" and "Leaf" Bracelet in Sterling Silver - By Special Order
"Tutti Frutti "Silk Shawl (54 in. x
"Leaves" Bracelet in Sterling Silver
"Birds & Vases " (Aqua) Silk Shawl ( 54 in. x 54 in.)
" Heart "Pendant with (Golden and or Black) Silk Cord in Sterling Silver
"Blue Birds" Silk Shawl (54in. x 54 in.)
"Hearts" Bracelet in Sterling Silver
"Pink Panthers" Silk Shawl (54 in. x 54in.)
Rings in Sterling Silver
"Robin" Earrings in Sterling Silver
"Tiger Ring" Silk Shawl (54 in.54in)
"Eagle" Bracelets and "Eagle Earrings" in Sterling Silver