The Eve of the Nativity, 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,
In your thoughtful planning for Christmas worship I'm hoping you'll take a few seconds to read this email. I write to express profound thanks for your ministry. Each of you, all of you, are a blessing to God. Thank you!
Tonight and tomorrow people throughout Maine will leave our churches having heard the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Your ministry will change hearts, and I believe, it also will change the world.   

Of course in this first Christmas together I can't help but to feel particularly grateful for our growing connection, and so for all of it: your faithfulness today, your ministry in every other season, and for our new work together I say, "thanks be to God" and also "please take some rest" in the days that follow. 
Theodore Parker Ferris, sometime rector at Trinity Church in the City of Boston wrote this:
Lord Jesus, come into our world and heal its wounds;
Come into our homes and make them holy;
Come into our work and make it fruitful;
Come into your church and save it from falling;
Come into our minds and keep them clear;
Come into our lives and make them good;
Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Amen. 
A happy and holy Nativity to you and yours.
Faithfully in Christ,
The Right Reverend Thomas J. Brown
Bishop of Maine