The Eucharist at St. Paul's

The Eucharist (sometimes called the Mass or Holy Communion) is the sacrament of Christ's body and blood, and the principal act of Christian worship.

The term is from the Greek, “thanksgiving.” Jesus instituted the Eucharist “on the night when he was betrayed.” At the Last Supper he shared the bread and cup of wine at a sacred meal with his disciples. He identified the bread with his body and the wine with his blood of the new covenant. Jesus commanded his disciples to “do this” in remembrance of him (see 1 Corinthians 11:23-26; Mk 14:22-25; Mt 26:26-29; Lk 22:14-20). Christ's sacrifice is made present by the eucharist, and in it we are united to his one self-offering (BCP, p. 859).

In the celebration of the Eucharist we encounter Jesus truly present in the bread and wine of Holy Communion, and strengthened to be his Body present in the world.