The Elville Webinar Series Presents: MarylandABLE Accounts -- How They Benefit Your Loved One with Special Needs
Kelly Nelson, Outreach and Communications Manager from MarylandABLE, will share an overview of how ABLE accounts can help people with disabilities and their families save for the future without jeopardizing federal, state and local benefits. Attendees will learn about:

·        the eligibility criteria and enrollment process;
·        features of an ABLE account and the account management process;
·         tax-free savings and tax-free withdrawals for qualified disabilities expenses;
·        accessing a Maryland State income tax deduction for contributions;
·        how an ABLE account can be used in collaboration with a Special Needs Trust

Open to clients, financial advisors, and the general public, 1.5 continuing education hours will be available for advisors who attend this event.

Should you have any questions beforehand, please contact Community Relations Director Jeff Stauffer at or 443-393-7696 x117. We look forward to hosting you!
Where and When?
This presentation will be offered by webinar.
Thursday, June 24th
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Your Presenter
Presenting will be Ms. Kelly Nelson, Outreach and Communications Manager with MarylandABLE. Ms. Nelson has worked in the field of disabilities for more than 30 years. She has served in many roles supporting people with disabilities and their families through advocacy, education, and connecting them to vital resources within their community. As a parent of a child with disabilities, Kelly is passionate about helping her daughter to become a confident self-advocate as she pursues her goals of working and living independently in the community. As the Outreach and Communications Manager for MarylandABLE, she is delighted to have the opportunity to connect with many people with disabilities, their families and the staff that support them as she travels throughout Maryland educating people about the benefits of having an ABLE account.  Through her outreach endeavors, Kelly is excited to see how her work with MarylandABLE is helping to promote personal choice, independence and economic stability for people with disabilities.
Ms. Kelly Nelson, Outreach and Communications Manager with MarylandABLE
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