The Egret Corner
July 2022 | Issue 25
A skunk near Ballona Wetlands freshwater marsh. Skunk spray not only produces a strong odor but can cause temporary blindness and is highly flammable. Fortunately, skunks will try various attempts to warn predators before releasing their spray such as hissing, stomping, and threatening postures. (Wikipedia).
Photo: Rick
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Thanks for joining us in the Egret Corner. This month we feature photos from our latest field trips, a raptorlike songbird for our bird of the month, and share some local news and tips.

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Field Trips to Area A and Bolsa Chica!
During the past two weeks, summer campers visited Area A and Bolsa Chica for guided nature walks. Campers were able to experience tons of wildlife, discover plants, and learn about the indigenous people from this area. Check out our social media accounts for more scenes from the Area A field trip. Do you have a group that would like a guided tour? Contact us! Photos: Courtney Lamb & Sofia Morales
Local News and Events
News: Culver City Stormwater Project
"At a June 30, 2022 event in Culver City, the West Basin Municipal Water District (West Basin) and City of Culver City co-hosted an event recognizing the benefits and water savings that the Culver Boulevard Stormwater Capture Project will achieve in the months and years ahead..."

News: Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Cool in a Heat Wave
"After a day of baking in the sun, the first thing you want to do is run into the comfort of an air-conditioned place. But you don’t need to crank the AC down to 60 to get relief. You can keep cool during a heat wave without harming the environment.

Here are some eco-friendly tips:..."

Bird of the Month: Loggerhead Shrike

Interesting Facts
"The Loggerhead Shrike is a songbird with a raptor’s habits.[...]Lacking a raptor’s talons, Loggerhead Shrikes skewer their kills on thorns or barbed wire or wedge them into tight places for easy eating."
Habitat: North America open woodlands

Diet: insects, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals, birds, and occasionally carrion

Nesting: thorny vegetation like brush piles or tumbleweeds
*Birds featured here have been seen at the Ballona Reserve or in the surrounding area.
Facts from
Photo: Rick
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