April 2016
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Members Of The CCTID
Jeff Wright -
Chair of the CCTID and Miami Township Administrator
Ken Geis -
Vice-Chair of the CCTID and Union Township Administrator
Pat Manger, P.E., P.S. -
Secretary-Treasurer of the CCTID and Clermont County Engineer
Andy Kuchta -
CCTID Board Member and Director of the Clermont County Department of Community and Economic Development
Matthew Van Sant -
CCTID Board Member and President/CEO of the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce
John Becker -
Ex-Officio Member of the CCTID and State Representative, Ohio's 65th House District
Joseph Uecker -
Ex-Officio Member of the CCTID and State Senator, Ohio's 14th Senate District

IS NOW OPEN - #AheadofSchedule
One week #AheadOfSchedule, the roundabout at Eastgate South Drive and Clepper Lane is open to traffic. 

The new roundabout serves traffic to this busy retail area at five separate entry points (three public roadways and two private property drives).

As with any change in traffic patterns, it will take drivers some time to adjust to the new flow of traffic - and we recognize this is especially true for drivers moving through a roundabout. 

Please remember that traffic in the roundabout has the right of way, and traffic seeking to enter the roundabout must yield to traffic already circulating through the roundabout. Here are a few other tips from the Federal Highway Administration: 
  • Counterclockwise Flow: Traffic travels counterclockwise around a center island.
  • Yield before entering: Vehicles entering the roundabout yield to traffic already circulating.
  • Maintain a slow speed (this is one of the most important safety features of roundabouts - because if there is unfortunately an accident at a roundabout, it is likely to be less severe compared to accidents at traditional intersections, because vehicles are traveling in the same direction at lower speeds. 
You can view an instructional video on how to drive through a roundabout here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DJDjaa25Co&feature=youtu.be 

The Eastgate South Drive Roundabout
In addition to added safety, you may have noticed some of your favorite stores moving into the area near some of our established businesses along Eastgate South Drive. The roundabout provides safer access to the area and will support continued economic development and job creation in this important retail destination. 
Visit GoClermont.org to learn more about completed projects.

We Need Your Feedback on Transportation Priorities 
The CCTID is a partner in the  Eastern Corridor Program of projects, and our partner in this work, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), is looking for feedback on what they refer to as Segments II & III of that work - roughly the area from the Red Bank Corridor in Hamilton County to the 275/32 Interchange.
Do you travel from Clermont County into Hamilton County to get to downtown Cincinnati or onto I-71? If so, we want to hear from you.
Check out this interactive survey, and tell us what pressure points you face during your local travels and what your priorities are for improvements:  https://easterncorridorinput.metroquest.com/.

Click the image above to provide your feedback on Segments II & III