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H2020, FP7 & other Calls shortly expiring
New Calls recently published
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ENE=ENV+TRA: Speedy charging for e-cars
LEG+TRA: How driverless cars will change motor insurance
EUR+TRA: New EU Transport Infrastructure Policy
EUP+ICT: Tech start-ups and SMEs share 90mEUR EU funds
BIO+INN: Total Recall
INN: Why didn't they win the Nobel Prize?
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Welcome to the October 2014 issue of the EPN Consulting Newsletter received every month by over 2,300 selected professionals in Europe

As of 10 Sept 2014 the European Commission has a new structure whose president is Mr Jean-Claude Juncker. The entire structure can be found on

If you don't know which companies in the world excel in Energy, Biotech, Computing & Communications, Internet & Digital Media and Transport, the MIT Technology Review chose the 50 Smartest ones. You can find the companies descriptions, their goals and some related stories on:

Finally, in the next few weeks the new INTERREG EUROPE funding programme will be launched. Two inspiring days of learning and networking with organisations from 30 European countries will be held in Bologna (Italy) on 02-03 Dec 2014. Registrations are now open:

EPN Consulting as a Consultancy
Contact EPN Consulting  for more information: you may want to book our professional assistance to convert your project idea into a real & funded work.
Alternatively, if you need pure consultancy, EPN Consulting will carry out feasibility and viability studies that will include some intelligence on EU projects that have been already funded to catch ideas and adapt them to the Client's needs. This will ensure the design of cutting-edge solutions that avoid re-inventing the wheel with a much appreciated consequence of saving time and money.

EPN Consulting
provides assistance to public and private organisations as well as Universities and Research Centres.
Special attention on cities that would like to become "Smart" and be assisted during this challenging and exciting process  as well as on SMEs that could enjoy a growth by using the great number of European funding available.

EPN Consulting
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Horizon 2020 & other Calls shortly expiring   
European Projects


The following calls for proposals are close to an end in the next weeks: 

- 14 Oct 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-PHC-2015-two-stage call (Stage 1) - Stage 2 deadline on 21 Apr 2015

- 15 Oct 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-WIDESPREAD-2014-2 call

- 15 Oct 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-BBI-PPP-2014-1 (Bio-Based Industries) call

- 15 Oct 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the EUREKA CELTIC-PLUS call

- 16 Oct 2014Deadline to submit proposals to the LIFE+ 2014 call for "Traditional Projects" (via eProposals)

- 16 Oct 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-SC5-2015-two-stage call (Stage 1) - Stage 2 deadline on 10 Mar 2015

- 21 Oct 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the ERC-2014-ADG call

- 29 Oct 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the LIFE+ 2014 call for "Preparatory Projects" (NOT via eProposal)

- 29 Oct 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-INNOSUP-2014-6

- 05 Nov 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-CS2-CPW01-2014-01

06 Nov 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-JTI-FCH-2014-1 call

- 12 Nov 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-JTI-IMI2-2014-01

- 14 Nov 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-INNOSUP-2014-5 call 

20 Nov 2014Deadline to submit proposals to the NFRP-2014-2015-2 call (Euratom Fission 2)

- 21 Nov 2014 - Deadline to submit proposalst to the EUROGIA 2020 Call 03 - 2nd cut-off date

- 25 Nov 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-ICT-2014-2 call

- 25 Nov 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-FETHPC-2014 call

- 17 Dec 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-SMEINST-1-2014 call

- 17 Dec 2014 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-SMEINST-2-2014 call

- 13 Jan 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015 call (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks)




Find out more expiring calls on the EVENTS Section of the EPN Consulting website.

All Horizon2020 2014-2015 calls deadlines are published in our EVENTS Section. Please note that some 2014 deadlines have been postponed to 2015

If you would like to be advised on how to prepare and submit project proposals within EU Programmes, EPN Consulting is the right consultancy to choose. Visit the EU Projects Consultancy  for more information.


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New Calls recently published  
European Projects
- 16 Sept 2014 - ERC-2014-SUPPORT-1 (deadline 16 Dec 2014)

24 Sept 2014 - H2020-INFRADEV-1-2015-1  (deadline 14 Jan 2015)

24 Sept 2014 - H2020-INFRASUPP-2015-1 (deadline 14 Jan 2014)

24 Sept 2014 - H2020-EINFRA-2015-1 (deadline 14 Jan 2015)

30 Sept 2014 - H2020-EE-2015-1-PPP (deadline 04 Feb 2015)

01 Oct 2014 - H2020-FETOPEN-2015-CSA (deadlines 31 Mar 2015, 29 Sept 2015)

07 Oct 2014 - ERC-2015-STG (deadline 03 Feb 2015)

If you would like to be regularly informed on EC activities relevant to your areas of interest, join EPN Consulting and become one of our valuable members. You will receive exclusive services and first-hand items of information as well as gain immense visibility on the European scenario.


EPN Consulting Members enjoy discounts on EU projects preparation assistance as well as up to a fantastic 20%-discount on Training Courses packages.  Join us!
Have you tried the "EPN Consulting for SMEs" New Service yet? 

EPN Consulting Limited

EPN Consulting is working hard to expand its Professionals Network and the quality of services to its members.

That's why on 1st Oct 2013 it was launched the "EPN Consulting for SMEs" service that includes Six Thematic SubNets (TSN) dedicated to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). They regard the following professional areas:
TSN 1) Transport & Logistics 
TSN 3) Environment & Energy 
TSN 4) Mechanics 
TSN 5) Buildings & Civil Infrastructures 
TSN 6) Food & Agriculture

Current Members will be added to their relevant TSN for FREE and forever!

New PREMIUM and ULTIMATE Members will be added to their relevant SubNet for FREE.
New BASIC and STARTER Members will be added to their relevant SubNet after paying a small additional fee (respectively �50 or 70EUR and �30 or 40EUR).

Information Services provided within each TSN:
- Funding Opportunities specifically addressed to the chosen TSN (EU funds, banks, etc.) concerning Research & Innovation and Demonstration activities
- Events, fairs, conferences concerning the TSN topics
- Best practices reported in EU projects dealing with the TSN topics
- M&A news, large contracts signed, concerning the TSN market
- Potential synergies with other TSNs

More information on the EPN Consulting Membership is available here.
EPN Consulting Newsletter and Events Section - consistent 
list of acronyms featuring topics introduced
EPN Consulting Limited
To create a consistent link between the EPN Consulting Newsletter and the EPN Consulting Events Section as well as to facilitate the newsletter reading by immediately recognising the kind of article topic, we have imported the list of acronyms from the Events section of our website.

ARD - Architecture & Design, BIO - Biology & Chemistry, BIZ - Business & Commercial, CIV - Civil Engineering, ENE - Energy, ENV - Environment, EUP - European Projects and affairs, FIN - Economics & Finance, ICT - ICT & Communications, INN - Research & Innovation, ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems, LEG - Legal Issues, Intellectual Property Rights, PRO - Professional services, Consultancy, Training Courses, TEC - Technology and Mechanics, TRA - Transport & Planning

Some articles can show more than one acronym when news encompasses multiple topics.
ENE+ENV+TRA - Speedy charging driving a global boom in electric cars

02 Sept 2014 - According to Ecotricity, the company that has installed a network of charging stations along the UK's motorways, we are seeing a "revolution". 

Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders indicated that electric car sales have now topped the 10,000 mark in the UK. As well as government incentives that have cut ownership costs, a key development is the roll-out of a network of superfast chargers at motorway stations.

Over the past year, Ecotricity say they have installed around 170 of these units, covering 90% of the network. These allow you to charge your car battery up 80% in 20-30 minutes. Just 4,000 cars used the system between October and December last year. In the three months to the end of June, this leapt to 15,000.

More info available here
LEG+TRA - How driverless cars will change motor insurance

08 Sept 2014 - Experts say autonomous features will reduce motor claims, with AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) alone credited for a 20% drop in the number of accidents.

All new cars manufactured for the EU must be fitted with the emergency braking technology. "Over the next 10 years, if we see the adoption of AEB at rates Thatcham is trying to achieve, you would save around 1,200 lives and the number of accidents that would be avoided would be in the thousands, just from AEB", says Shaw.

Autonomous technology should also help prevent fraud, a big source of claims inflation in the sector in recent years, through its ability to prove the number of passengers in a vehicle (with cameras on the vehicles in front and behind), prevent deliberate accidents and provide more evidence with which to thwart spurious claims. Fewer claims should mean insurers are able to offer more competitive prices to drivers with autonomous features like AEB.

More information available here. 

EUP+TRA - New EU Transport Infrastructure Policy 

11 Sept 2014 - Transport is vital to the European economy: without good connections Europe will not grow or prosper.

The new EU infrastructure policy will put in place a powerful European transport network across 28 Member States to promote growth and competitiveness.

It will connect East with West and replace today's transport patchwork with a network that is genuinely European. The new EU infrastructure policy triples EU financing to €26 billion for transport for the period 2014-2020. At the same time it refocuses transport financing on a tightly defined new core network.

The new core TEN-T network will be supported by a comprehensive network of routes, feeding into the core network at regional and national level. The aim is to ensure that progressively, and by 2050, the great majority of Europe's citizens and businesses will be no more than 30 minutes' travel time from this comprehensive network.


More information available here.

EUP+ICT - Tech start-ups and SMEs share 90 million EUR of EU funds to disrupt the European markets 

18 Sept 2014 - The EC is committing €90 million to Open and Disruptive Innovation (ODI) over the next 12 months.

A new tool to help doctors communicate with non-responsive patients; a cloud-based irrigation controller to improve water efficiency on farms by up to 30%; an "electronic nose" to better determine how fresh your food is - these are a few of the 30 tech SMEs and start-ups to receive EU funding. Find out who the tech winners are and what their idea is about in the Annex.

SMEs from Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and the UK were selected to receive €50 thousand each (€1.5million overall EU funding) over 6 months at most, to render their business idea technically and commercially viable.

European Commission Vice-President @NeelieKroesEU said: "I always believed SMEs generate the kind of innovative ideas that bring growth and jobs, the ideas Europe needs today. This new instrument was created to precisely unleash this potential, to allow individual SMEs access funding that can allow them make their brilliant idea a reality. I want to congratulate the first set of winners and invite more of Europe's brilliant innovators to come ahead. The future belongs to you!"

Most of the 30 SMEs selected are 2 to 5 years old. Chosen from 886 proposals, they are innovative businesses and new high tech spin-offs from R&D bodies with a strong commercial dimension.

After 24 Sept, on 9 Oct and on 17 Dec more winning SMEs will be announced; on these three occasions, funding of up to €43m will be offered to support SMEs from concept creation till commercialisation.


More information available here.

BIO+INN - Total Recall: How Scientists are rethinking memory

29 Sept 2014 - 
Erasing and enhancing memory has long been a familiar theme in Hollywood blockbusters, but could researchers now turn the science fiction into reality? According to Professor Lars Olson, at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, research in genetics and omics - which studies how biological molecules of a certain type function together as a collective system - is helping to reveal the underlying mechanisms of memory in unprecedented detail. 

'Today, we can follow alterations of all the DNA, RNA and protein species in the brain,' said Prof. Olson. 'We owe this advance to genetics and the ability to conduct omic-measurements on scales which were unheard of ten years ago'.  Prof. Olson leads the MEMORYSTICK project, which is funded by the European Research Council (ERC). Researchers on the project hope to shed light on why people can forget names and telephone numbers in minutes, while some memories last for their entire lives.

'The brain is not a computer', said Prof. Olson. 'It cannot be hardwired'. Even lasting memories are only recorded in the malleable connections between neurons in the brain and what defines their closeness is a matter of ongoing research.

Now, the MEMORYSTICK project aims to find out whether the concentration of Nogo receptor must be reduced for the brain to form lasting memories. To test this, researchers genetically engineered mice that produced Nogo receptor continuously with the result that the animals struggled to remember anything for longer than a day.

More information available here.  
INN - Why didn't they win? 10 huge discoveries without a Nobel prize
06 Oct 2014 - The 2014 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine has gone to three scientists who discovered brain cells that help us stay oriented-our "inner GPS".

The ritual of Nobel speculation, particularly about who will win the three science prizes, got the editors at National Geographic thinking: What amazing discoveries haven't won?

They asked our Phenomena science bloggers, science editors, and select contributors to pick their favorite advance or invention that was passed over. Here are their ten picks for discoveries and inventions that haven't won a Nobel, but sorely deserve one.


More information available here.
News from EPN Consulting Members - SBOING from Greece

EPN Consulting is happy to inform our readers that SBOING, our member from Greece, ranked 4th at the "T-Systems Big Data Challenge" of the 4th Copernicus Masters Competition 2014 (http://copernicus-masters.com), with sbCliMate, the environmental info-layer of sbNavi™ (SBOING's GPS navigator), which has also been awarded (a 15Keuro prize) at the LDA Competition (of the "Large-scale Demonstrator in Athens" EU project, www.ldathens.eu).


SBOING has also ranked 4th in the "Living Labs" Challenge, 2nd in the "Regional (Bulgarian)" Challenge and 4th in the "Audience Award Competition" of the 9th European Satellite Navigation Competition in 2012, (ESNC-2012).




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You can choose to subscribe to this service for 6 or 12 months (renewals will be properly rewarded!) and pay either in British Pounds or in Euros. Don't miss this opportunity: get prepared to boost your 2014 business with an effective communication strategy: EPN Consulting is happy to advise on the best package for you. 


EPN Consulting Members enjoy discounts that grow proportionally with their membership package.  


More details of the EPN Consulting Sponsorship Scheme are available here.  


Next Professional Events happening in Europe

13-18 Oct 2014 - Istanbul (TR) - TRA - FIATA 2014 WORLD CONGRESS - Sustainable Growth in Logistics


15-16 Oct 2014 - Doncaster (UK) - ITS+TRA - LOGISTICS LINK NORTH

15-17 Oct 2014 - Lyon (FR) - TRA - Symposium on "TOWARD INTEGRATED MODELLING OF URBAN SYSTEMS"


22-24 Oct 2014 - Monaco (MC) - ICT - EUTC (European Utilities Telecom Council) 2014

22-24 Oct 2014 - Freiburg (DE) - ENE+ENV - LOCAL RENEWABLES CONFERENCE 2014 - Regional Development through Energy Transition

23-25 Oct 2014 - Bologna (IT) - CIV+TEC - EXPOTUNNEL 2014 - Underground Technologies and Major Works Exhibition

26-28 Oct 2014 - Milan (IT) - ENE+ITS+TRA - CITYTECH 2014 - Milan Edition

28-29 Oct 2014 - Rome (IT) - ICT - iOT360 SUMMIT

30 Oct 2014  Brussels (BE) - INN - European Conference on STANDARDS: YOUR INNOVATION BRIDGE


03-07 Nov 2014 - Vienna (AT) - ITS+TRA - ICCVE 2014 - International Conference on Connected Vehicles and Expo

04-06 Nov 2014 - Hamburg (DE) - BIZ+TRA - TRANSFAIRLOG 2014 - 2nd Trade Fair for International Transport and Logistics Management

04-06 Nov 2014 - Birmingham (UK) - BIZ+TRA - EURO BUS EXPO 2014

05-06 Nov 2014 - London (UK) - BIZ+INN - INNOVATE UK 2014

05-06 Nov 2014 - London (UK) - ENE+ICT+TRA - IET Event - HEVC 2014 - 5th Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Conference

05-07 Nov 2014 - Dortmund (DE) - ICT+TRA - 7th ECITL Conference

05-08 Nov 2014 - Muenich (DE) - ENE+ENV+TRA - EUROCITIES 2014 - Energising Cities

06 Nov 2014 - London (UK) - ENV - TheEconomist Event - WORLD WATER SUMMIT: Time for Action


07-08 Nov 2014 - Cologne (DE) - LEG+TRA - IRU Event - INTERNATIONAL TAXI FORUM

10-11 Nov 2014 - Muenich (DE) - ITS+TRA - TELEMATICS MUNICH 2014 - Europe's Biggest Connected Cars Forum

12-14 Nov 2014 - Turin (IT) - ITS+TRA - SMART MOBILITY WORLD 2014


13 Nov 2014 - London (UK) - ENE+ENV+ICT+ITS+TRA - TheEconomist Event - URBAN INFRASTRUCTURE 2014: Cities driving Growth, Infrastructure driving Cities

16-20 Nov 2014 - Lisbon (PT) - ICT - DEPEND 2014 - 7th International Conference on Dependability

17-20 Nov 2014 - Vienna (AT) - ENE+ENV+ICT+INN+TEC - CARE INNOVATION 2014

18-19 Nov 2014 - Gothenburg (SE) - ENV+TRA ICSC 2014 - International Cycling Safety Conference 

18-20 Nov 2014 - Barcelona (ES) - ENE+ENV+TRA SMART CITY EXPO 2014

25-26 Nov 2014 - Amsterdam (NL) - ENE+ENV+TRA - NATURAL GAS VEHICLES EUROPE Conference & Exhibition

27-28 Nov 2014 - Bergisch-Gladbach (DE) - TRA - AGEING AND SAFE MOBILITY - European Disciplinay Conference

27-29 Nov 2014 - Salzburg (AT) - ENE+ENV+TEC - RENEXPO AUSTRIA


Find out many more 2014-2015 events on the EPN Consulting Events Section.
(More events could be added to the list during the current month)

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The Website of the Month: Renewable Energy Toolkit

In accordance with the EPN Consulting sensitivity for Environment  this month we have chosen the RENEWABLE ENERGY TOOLKIT, published on the UK Institute for Sustainability.

There are many technologies that harness natural resources that can be replenished in a short time. Collectively these are known as renewable energy technologies. These technologies enable us to move towards a sustainable low carbon future and are rapidly becoming mainstreamed, presenting significant opportunities for both local SMEs equipped with electrical, plumbing or building-related skills and experience along with communities to install and operate energy production systems.

Renewables also play a major role in helping the UK to fulfil its commitments to carbon emissions reduction and to increase security of supply of energy in a world where conventional energy resources are becoming increasingly constrained.

A successful implementation of renewables often requires companies with different specialised fields of experience to work together to produce a cost-effective outcome. Through an improved understanding of the breadth of low carbon technologies, each company involved in a project will be better able to see where their specialism fits and understand each other easily, thus enabling them to work together more effectively.


The EPN Consulting's Core Values   
EPN Consulting Limited


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to quickly understand your problems and design bespoke solutions


to meet all your requirements


to allow you carry out your day-to-day business with peace of mind


to exceed your expectations 


to provide you with brand-new solutions

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