A Note from Scott and Marsha
October 1, 2020
Do you feel that? That's right. Fall is here. Oh, the sweet smells of cinnamon in the air, steam rising from our pumpkin spice lattes, and smiles everywhere (even if they are hard to see behind your mask). This is the reason we love summer, survive the heat of September, and live for October!  

Outside of the pumpkin elves slinging fresh pumpkins and unloading green, green and more green weekly, we are still smiling as you can tell from these faces. Last week, our leadership team met for our quarterly all day meeting. You know how I have talked about my inability to focus for long periods of time. The struggle is real. But it does help to stay engaged when you watch these two--Dylan, our Lawn Maintenance Manager, and Jack, our Landscape Operations Manager. They are truly great guys to work with, skilled in what they do/manage and genuinely care about FGS. They care about who they work with and would go out of their way to help you.  

For example, Dylan was under a mower with Luis, our mechanic, the other day problem-solving a mower. I don't know about you, but the idea of being under a mower isn't my idea of fun. But Dylan pretty much thrives with machinery nearby and even more so if a chain saw is in his hand. He used to climb and cut down trees when he was younger. And he isn't even old.  

And when Dylan isn't under a mower, Jack is walking around stomping the mud off his feet from being knee deep in mud or on his knees working with the crews sharpening his hardscape/paver skills, studying for his landscape license or keeping our customers happy. Both are amazing and we wouldn't want to do this with anyone else!  

Need some landscaping, lawn maintenance, hardscaping or more? Give us a call. Need something green, indoor or outdoor? Give us a call. Need something orange? Seriously. I'll stop. Nah. Give us a call. Need a drink from The Potting Shed overlooking the lake and listening to some tunes? Yep. See you soon. The weather this weekend will be spectacular!  
The Garden Center will now open at 10AM on Sundays.
The Potting Shed will also open an hour earlier at 11 AM.
Get your green, pumpkins, mums, and mimosas an hour earlier!
See you Sunday!
Ferns are not for the faint-of-heart houseplant lover. They can be a challenge to keep alive, but we love them anyway, if not for that fact. One particular fern we want to bring to your attention is the Plumosa Fern. It has beautiful, feathery foliage and thrives in low to medium light. It is one of the easier ferns to care for. The pic above is Judy's Plumosa Fern as happy as can be in her shade garden.
Japanese Maples are a favorite of most gardeners. The 'Orange Dream' is pretty much just that--dreamy. The yellow leaves tipped with red will make you fall in love with this tree. And this is not even the fall color! The new growth is this gorgeous yellow. In fall, you will enjoy bright orange to red foliage. Like many Japanese Maples, the 'Orange Dream' will only grow to about 10 feet tall.
Fall is the perfect time to plant ground cover. One of our favorite shade-loving varieties is Dwarf Mondo Grass. It grows to about 3 inches tall and is evergreen! If you need more height, consider its big brother, Mondo Grass, which grows up to 8 inches tall. Some of our other favorite ground covers for shade include Sweet Woodruff, Pachysandra, Mazus, and Vinca Minor. Bonus: they all bloom in spring!
If you haven't been to the Garden Center in the last few weeks, you are missing out on the opportunity to take some adorable pics with your family, friends, or yourself! :) From the "Grow With #fgsdurham" spot, to the Blue Truck decorated with pumpkins and mums, to the 753 pound pumpkin, and MORE, there are lots of places for a great photo opportunity! Don't miss out on all the fall fun! Come and see us this weekend, and bring your smiles!! Professional Photographers, please contact us for rates.
September 19-October 24
On Saturdays and some Sundays through October 24, we will have food trucks to enjoy! Pair a yummy meal with a cold beverage or treat from The Potting Shed, and you have the perfect combination for a fun fall afternoon. Enjoy here, or pick up a meal to take home after picking out pumpkins, pansies and mums at the Garden Center! Who loves fall?? See the Food Truck schedule here. :)
Saturday, October 10, 10:00am-11:30am
Come and learn about insects that are native to our area such as bees, moths, butterflies, beetles and more. This show and tell class will feature both live and pinned insects for you to view. Our class will be an open format where you can ask our host questions about the animals and how they relate to our environment, since every bug goes through a unique life cycle. For example: Is it a pollinator? Is it considered a pest? What does it eat? What environment does it live in? Michelle Targaszewski, a Graduate Research Assistant with the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at NC State, will be leading this class. There is no fee, but registration is required.
Presenter: Michelle Targaszewski/NCSU Register here today!
Tuesday, October 13, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Whether your goal is to recover an old, overgrown shrub or to maintain a new planting, seasonal care is critical to a healthy rosebush. In this class, we’ll discuss some region-specific rose needs, basic disease prevention and how to prune and mulch for winter dormancy. The cost is $20 and includes a pair of pruning shears. Space is limited so register today!
Presenter: Sunshine Jull/FGS Register here today!
Can you believe October is already here? With a new month comes a new to do list. Thankfully, the cooler temperatures will help these tasks feel less like a chore and more like a privilege!

If you missed it last week, many of your perennials need to be put "to bed" so they overwinter well, and wake up happy in the spring. If you aren't sure where to start, or just need a refresher of what to do, check out these recommendations in our post, Good Night, Perennials. We love you!
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