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Ned Abenroth

Ned Abenroth is Convener for the Washington State Chapter.

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about illuman 
Illuman is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose vision is to see  men transforming men and, through them, families and communities for generations to come.  Our mission is to engage those seeking a life-long journey of spiritual transformation.


1. Announcing our 2016 Conference and Soularize 
Drawing from a deep well
Illuman is pleased to announce the opening of online registration for "Drawing from a Deep Well - A Men's Retreat with Fr. Richard Rohr" and Soularize 2016. The two events will be held from November 3-6, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya in Bernalillo, New Mexico. Hotel and event registration is available at www.illuman.org.
About The Conference

This retreat-style conference for men is a wonderful opportunity to pause and reflect on your spiritual journey. Drawing upon his own experience and thirty-five years of teaching about male spirituality, Fr. Richard will invite us into an ever-deepening exploration of what it means to be a spiritual man.

Retreat sessions will explore a variety of themes such as foundational male archetypes, the paradox of transformation, soul work, and the importance of wilderness. Experiences will include communal prayer, reflection, Council, and time in nature.

Bring your empty container - open heart, mind, and body - and draw from the well that has no end. 
About Soularize

Soularize 2016: MEN Talks - Show Up and Act!
November 3-4, 2016
If you attend Soularize 2016, you can expect to be inspired. Soularize gatherings are an opportunity for men to meet like-minded men who are serious about being better men and who share a commitment to a deeper spiritual journey. 

This Soularize features twelve men who will speak to how they reconcile their inner journey with their outer work in the world. This is a "bottom-up" teaching model, where men will speak to the ways they have incorporated their spiritual work into how they serve their family, their work, and their roles in community-to honor the earth and serve all of humankind. 

Men who attend will have an opportunity to explore the many ways we can act in service as part of our spiritual journey. The format includes time for prayer, council, time in nature, and the opportunity to hear men talk about how they have integrated service into the ways they show up and act in the world.

2. Videos Now Available from Soularize 2015 - Seasons of Our Lives
We are pleased to offer a new resource for men on the spiritual journey: videos of teachings from Soularize 2015 - Seasons of Our Lives: How Do We Cultivate Wholeness? This 2015 event allowed men to:
  • Hear teachings on the Seasons of Our Lives and Cultivating Wholeness
  • Experience Council, a unique way that men listen to and connect with other men
  • Participate in prayer, ritual, and community with other men
  • Enjoy time in nature and have an opportunity to connect with God's presence in the natural environment
Teachers include Fr. Richard Rohr, the Rev. Joel Blunk, Fr. Jim Clarke, the Rev. Belden Lane, and Pastor Jim Taylor.
Learn more about this viewing opportunity by Clicking Here

Fr. Richard Rohr
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