Quarterly Seed Fund Update, March 2024

Double Your Impact

“The generous man [is a source of blessing and] shall be prosperous and enriched, And he who waters will himself be watered [reaping the generosity he has sown].”

Proverbs 11:25 AMP

The Seed Fund 

God has recently moved in our hearts to create the Seed Fund at One Challenge, to provide an avenue for people to give and to invest in the future of the ministry. The Seed Fund allows One Challenge the greatest flexibility to respond to what God is doing now and to meet OC needs as God instructs. It provides a place for God’s people to bring their seeds and allows God to designate these funds for his projects, his timing, and his way. 

The Matching Grant Opportunity for One Challenge

Just last week, through a generous friend of One Challenge, God gave us an opportunity for growth! Every dollar beyond normal giving to the Seed Fund by the end of June will be matched by our generous friend up to $45,000—dollar for dollar—seed for seed. That means we could potentially raise $90,000 to reach people with the gospel and the love of Jesus.

*Just a few days after we received the news of the matching grant, God moved in someone’s heart, who didn’t know about this grant, to give a gift that covered almost half! What a confirmation and an encouragement from the Lord!

The Double Blessing Principle 

Giving not only gives us the power to help those in need, but it also offers the giver the ability to be watered and refreshed. Amazing! As we sow into others, our seed blesses the receiver and comes back around to bless us as well. Planting seeds is a double blessing! Thank you for sowing prayer, love, care, and financial seed into the ministry of One Challenge. This time, giving to the seed fund will go twice as far to reach the people Jesus came to save.

Dr. Dean Carlson

One Challenge President

If your heart is stirred, please pray about being a part of this present opportunity to turn $45,000 into $90,000 and finances into a source of refreshing for everyone! That’s the supernatural power of a seed!

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