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Message from the VP of IT

Headshot of Vice President of Information Technology, Dr. Monique Sendze, in a red blouse on the campus grounds at California State University Chico

Hello Wildcats!

As the end of the semester rapidly draws near and we find ourselves on the cusp of fall break, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to each and every one of you on behalf of the Division of Information Technology (DoIT). Whether you are a student, a member of our dedicated workforce, or a valued faculty member, your contributions to the Chico State experience have not gone unnoticed and you have inspired us to be more agile with the technology that operates behind the scenes every day.

In the fast-paced world of Information Technology, it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of innovation and progress. Yet, it is during moments of reflection that we truly appreciate the strength and vitality of our community. As Vice President of Information Technology, I am privileged to witness the incredible ways in which technology enriches our educational experiences, fosters collaboration, and enables us to navigate the challenges of our dynamic world.

As we approach the end of the year, I encourage each of you to take some time for reflection. Consider the milestones we have achieved, the lessons we have learned, and the relationships we have built throughout the year. It is essential to not only celebrate the technological advancements but also to pause and acknowledge the people and values that underpin our progress.

Let us be grateful for the opportunities technology affords us but also recognize the importance of balance. Disconnecting from our devices during the break allows us to reconnect with ourselves, our families, and the simple joys that bring fulfillment. Embracing this pause enables us to return to our routines with renewed energy, fresh perspectives, and a deeper appreciation for the human connections that are at the heart of our university experience.

I am deeply thankful for the collaborative spirit that permeates our community and for allowing DoIT to serve as your strategic partner. Your enthusiasm for learning, commitment to excellence, and willingness to embrace technological advancements contribute to the vibrant tapestry that is Chico State. As we take this time to unwind and recharge, let us carry the spirit of gratitude forward into the coming year. Wishing you all a restful and joyful fall break filled with warmth, connection, and moments of reflection.

With gratitude,

Monique Sendze

Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Contact VP Sendze
Section title: Did You Know?
CCSV employee working in an equipment room with a screenshot of the status dashboard service to the right

You can get real time information about the status of any IT (Information Technology) service Chico State provides on Status Dashboard. If a system or service is having an outage, experiencing issues, or undergoing maintenance, Status Dashboard will have all the details along with timely updates and the cause of the disruption. This application serves the Division of Information Technology’s commitment to transparency regarding system status and actions taken to resolve our IT related issues. For a quick at-a-glance status update of the services that we provide, you can visit Status Dashboard on the web or subscribe to its service where it will notify you by way of e-mail or Microsoft Teams of any current incident or maintenance event.

Check out the Status Dashboard
QR codes and and clown wearing a sign with a QR code on it

QR code phishing is on the rise, especially in college towns across the nation. QR codes, or Quick Reference links, are used everywhere, from restaurant menus to parking meters, to flyers posted around Chico State. Users scan QR codes with their mobile phones every day, without giving a second thought to whether the QR code they are scanning is legitimate or a scam to steal information. Here are some tips to help you stay safe from QR code scams: 

  • When you are scanning a QR code in a public space, examine it closely for signs of tampering. If the code looks like it was glued over something else, exercise caution.  
  • If you receive a QR code via email, inspect the email carefully for signs of fraud. Common signs include spelling errors, irregularities with the company logo, inconsistent naming conventions, and the authenticity of the sender. 
  • When scanning a QR code with your mobile device, it often displays a preview of the URL. Examine the URL code for spelling errors or any irregularities that do not seem relevant to the transaction. 
  • Be wary of websites that ask you for payment immediately. Check for signs that the website is legitimate, and when in doubt, go to the website you are seeking directly and verify that the page you ended up on is the correct path.

Click to learn more about QR code phishing scams
A panoramic view of the learning glass and multimedia recording studio

Chico State has a “Learning Glass” and Multimedia Recording Studio available for faculty, staff, and students to produce high quality recorded lectures and training content. The studio is in the Meriam Library basement and has 2 recording modes:  

  • One mode makes use of a traditional classroom podium, which is outfitted with the standard smart classroom equipment (including a computer and document camera).  
  • The second mode makes use of the learning glass as a teaching tool. The learning glass allows the presenter to face the audience, while simultaneously appearing to write in the air. 

Any recordings produced in the studio are automatically uploaded to the provided user’s Kaltura account and Classroom Technology Services provides training and tech support for the studio. The space can be reserved in one-hour increments on Outlook.

Watch a video showing how the Learning Glass Recording Studio works
Section title: DoIT Around Campus
AS President Autumn Alaniz Wiggins sittin next to IRSA director Tricia Douthit at the IT Quarterly All Hands Meeting

The Division of IT gets Face-to-Face Perspective on how to Foster Student Success in an Open Interview with AS President Autumn Alaniz-Wiggins


Curating the ideal user experience for Chico’s diverse community is at the heart of Chico State’s mission, and The Division of IT used its recent fall quarterly all-hands IT meeting as a platform to interview Associated Students President Autumn Alaniz-Wiggins and learn more about the student experience from her lens. In a conversation about IT services the student body values, affordability was among the key issues raised, as the student experience in the classroom is limited for students who do not have personal phones. The Division of IT provides Duo “tokens” for students who need an alternative form of access to Duo Multifactor Authentication than a phone, but not for tools like Kahoot, which teachers use to engage students in classroom activities. Her insights shed light on technology loaning resources available on campus that DoIT can market and raise awareness for more students to gain access.

Autumn also talked about how the Division of Student Affairs has normalized curating spaces for students to hang out and seek information in an environment that is comfortable and accessible to them, and how the Division of IT can join the efforts by providing students more access to IT peer mentors. Autumn stated, “I know the resources, but it is still the walking through the front door that is the hardest part. And I think that's where technology can help with those first-generation students getting access to resources.” Autumn elaborated further on how accessible user-interfaces influenced her own choices, commenting that the universities with the most intuitive websites influenced where she applied to graduate schools. The conversation flowed to leveraging User Experience UX design to improve Chico State’s web presence to improve the student experience and bolster enrollment efforts. Autumn’s voice left the decision makers in the Division of IT with many insights to ponder and explore further.

Watch the full IT All-hands interview with Autumn Alaniz-Wiggins
Two students making fish faces in front of the Festival of the Phishes Photo Wall station

A Mechanical Surfboard + Cybersecurity Trivia + Plenty of Swedish Fish to go around was a Recipe for Success at Chico State’s Inaugural Cybersecurity Carnival

On October 25th, the rain did not stop the Division of IT from coming out in their numbers to stand up the first cybersecurity carnival presented at Chico State. A total of 80 DoIT staff worked the event throughout the day, working carnival booths like “Slam the Spam,” “Cybersecurity Showdown,” and “Go Phish.” The standout attraction was the mechanical surfboard, a carnival game where users learned some smart tips to stay safe while surfing the web and were then invited to ride the mechanical surfboard to complete the fun analogy. A steady stream of students, staff, and faculty trickled in throughout the day, with over 1,000 visitors partaking in the food & snacks station that offered popcorn, cotton candy, goldfish & chips, and of course Swedish Fish. 

Johnny Poon standing in front of the Festival of the Phishes balloon arch and a clown riding a mechanical surfboard

Highlights from the Festival of the Phishes: 

  • Computer Science students were able to receive extra credit in Professor Zeichick’s class for attending the carnival and showing their stamped passport from the Festival of the Phishes as proof of attendance. 
  • Over 90% of users who took the exit survey reported learning something new at the Festival of the Phishes.
  • People of all ages (both students and Chico State employees) rode the mechanical surfboard in the “Surf the Web” attraction throughout the day, a carnival game that presented how surfing the web has its risks and reminded the campus of red flags to look out for when surfing the web. 

The Division of IT fostered a culture of inclusion and belonging by bringing together representatives from every department to collaborate on a successful event that benefited the entire campus community.

A photo of Scott Sleeper and the photoshop application

Curious about how to make the most of Photoshop? Join CMT (Creative Media and Technology) graphic designer Scott Sleeper for Tips and Tricks

All Chico State users can request access to a full suite of Adobe products including Photoshop, the most used tool for professional digital art. The application can be used anywhere from retouching photos to using predictive technology to extend the background of your existing work. In house graphic designer, Scott Sleeper, is leading a workshop to shed some insight on how the capabilities of Photoshop can help reduce workload in graphic design with its handy tools in editing and generative AI. Join him for an informational session on how to utilize the helpful tools in Photoshop and pick up quick tips on how to utilize our University Style Guide to make your visual materials match Chico State branding guidelines. Refreshments will be served.

Session: Adobe Photoshop Workshop with Scott Sleeper

Date: November 16, 2023

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Where: MLIB 045 (basement)

Learn more about the upcoming Photoshop Workshop
Higher Digital Podcast logo and Monique Sendze speaking to a group while wearing a microphoone

Leadership through Storytelling: Vice President Monique Sendze tells the Story of How She Stood Up a Project & Change Management Office during a Hiring Freeze in a Podcast by Higher Digital

Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Office Dr. Monique Sendze learned early in her career that technical skills are not enough to earn a place in leadership, building and nurturing relationships with colleagues and business leaders inside and outside of an organization is equally important. It is through these partnerships and role models she met along the way that allowed VP Sendze to drive change communication, receive buy-in from stakeholders, and achieve organizational redevelopment throughout her career. The story VP Sendze focuses on in her podcast with Higher Digital is how she navigated her way through creating a partnership between Information Technology and Business & Finance to create a transformational service to Chico State in the form of a Project & Change Management Office (PCMO) currently led by director Shannon Roskosky. This new department was created during a hiring freeze, which involved evaluating what resources the campus already has and positioning them to maximize the benefits they can have on campus services and business processes. 

Learn more in the Higher Digital Podcast episode featuring VP Sendze
Section title: Ask The Expert

I got a new phone for the holidays, but now Duo will not work! What do I do?

Black Friday is one of the biggest times of the year for sales, especially on electronics. If you get a new phone, you will need to reactivate the Duo Mobile App on your new device to continue using the Duo Push or Duo Passcode options.  

There is a self-service process for setting up a new device, and it involves opening an incognito or private window in the browser of your choice. Navigate to the Chico State Portal, then sign in with your username and password. When the Duo Prompt appears, click “Other Options,” and scroll to “Manage devices” at the bottom of the list. From there, you have the option of adding a new device to your approved list and removing old ones if needed. If you get stuck or need assistance, you can always call Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) at 530-898-4357 or visit ITSS in Meriam Library 142.

A closeup of someone holding a phone while sitting in front of a fireplace
View these steps in more detail on our Knowledge Base

Why should I make sure my documents are accessible before publishing them on the web?

Accessible content creates an inclusive digital environment and a successful user experience for all audiences. When there is a document with the correct structure (headings, alternate text, etc.), a user with a screen reader or unreliable technology can still access the document. Equity and Inclusion is a strategic priority at Chico State, and making our website content accessible not only allows us to comply with federal guidelines, but more importantly, it is the right thing to do, and it increases our institution's reach to a larger segment of the population.

Interested in learning more about making documents more accessible? Technology Equity and Inclusion (TEIN) is here to support you with this. Before you publish a document to Cascade (our web content management system), submit it through theContent Accessibility and Remediation Ticket. TEIN will run the necessary tests and remediate the inaccessible sections of your document. This remediation process will not change any physical and visual aspects of your document, rather, “behind-the-scenes” work will be done. 

Student sitting in front of laptop reading an accessible PDF
Create a Content Accessibility and Remediation service request
Section title: DoIT Serving You
Three students walking on Chico State campus grounds

New Fall 2023 Students Predicted Difficulties During their First Year at Chico State

Before the Fall 2023 semester started, IRSA (Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics) partnered with Academic Advising Programs to administer the Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BSCEE). This survey collects entering students’ prior academic and co-curricular experiences, as well as their academic expectations and perceptions for the coming year.

Survey results are being used for several purposes including assisting in the advising of students, highlighting services where students did not feel prepared, and joined with other survey data for analysis. The top three areas students had the most concerns about were:

  • Time Management. Study expectations for college-level courses is a point of apprehension for new and returning students. Students can book an appointment here to meet with an academic advisor, who will walk them through time management exercises and help them establish a plan. 
  • Learning Course Materials. A wide variety of learning resources and tutoring services are available to help student success. Information about resources can be found here
  • Paying for Course Materials. The Financial Wellness Clinic offers support with budget planning, and appointments for these services can be made by emailing Students who are facing financial challenges can also receive aid from the Chico State Basic Needs Project. For information, email
View the 2023 results from the Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE)
Section title: Get to Know DoIT - Staff
Portrait of Tony Fiero

Meet Tony Fiero

Analyst/Programmer for Enterprise Applications (EAPP)

I work as an Analyst/Programmer for the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Team within Enterprise Applications of the Division of IT. I was hired here at Chico State in April of 2019 when a former manager of mine emailed me to say “Hey, I think we have a few technical positions here on campus that you would be perfect for.” To be honest, it was more the other way around; the opportunities here on campus were perfect for me. I get to interact with an extremely talented, dedicated, and motivated group of people who enjoy working together for a common purpose; innovative problem-solving to provide the best possible experience for our students. I grew up in Livermore CA and before moving to Chico in 2019, I spent parts of my life in Santa Cruz, Germany, San Francisco, and Paradise. 


I met my wife, Danielle (who manages the Catering Department for the A.S (Associated Students).) in San Francisco way back in 1997 in a little dive bar named the Blue Lamp. We have been married since 2000 and we have 3 daughters (a fist bump to all the other 3 daughter dads out there). My oldest daughter Ava, is a second-year student at Long Beach State and my middle daughter Audrey, hopes to attend San Francisco State next year after she graduates from Inspire School of Art and Sciences this spring. And my youngest, Lily was so anxious to follow in her sister’s footsteps that she skipped the 8th grade to attend Inspire this year as well as a freshman. I enjoy going for hikes or mountain bike rides in Bidwell Park, camping here in the North State, cheering for my favorite SF sports franchises, and reading books that are suggested by family and friends. I will take music over just about every other form of art and entertainment. Mostly I love spending time with my family: laughing, eating, bickering, learning, and loving each other. 


I appreciate working in IT for the challenging puzzles it provides daily, but ultimately, I’m more of a people person who enjoys working and socializing with others. Ultimately, I would rather share a meal or beverage with you than try to fix your computer!

Portrait of Aldine Ruble

Meet Aldine Ruble

Analyst/Programmer for Institutional Research Strategic Analytics (IRSA)

What I do: I am part of the data side of IRSA. We work to bring data into the ‘New Data Warehouse’ and organize it in a way that enables other members of our IRSA team to use that data to author reports and help inform decisions across campus.  


A bit about me: I hardly ever wear my glasses, even though I should, and I am always up for tea or a walk.  


I am a Chico native. I have been here practically my whole life (since I began elementary school). I am a Butte College and Chico State Alum and I have been working here for almost 7 years. I love the campus and town community and hope to enjoy many more years here. 


I have a wonderful husband, and a daughter that just turned 3. I enjoy family time and host family dinners at my house most Sundays. I feel incredibly lucky to have a lot of close family members in town to make our Sundays livelier.  


If you could not tell from the family dinners, I love to cook. I also enjoy hiking, going to the gym and doing my nails.

I have participated in a few CrossFit Opens and attended a couple Spartan races--including a Bay Area Spartan race this year that I ran with my coworkers in the DoIT Employee Well Being social club.

If you see me around and ever want to start a conversation with me, anything kid-related, food-related, or gym-related could get me talking for longer than you bargained for!

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