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Heading: The DoIT Monthly

Message from the VP of IT

Headshot of Vice President of Information Technology, Dr. Monique Sendze, in a red blouse on the campus grounds at California State University Chico

Happy summer, Wildcats! 

Welcome to the second edition of our DoIT monthly campus newsletter. I hope you enjoy getting to know more about the Division of IT (DoIT) as you meet some of our staff and read about the many exciting projects that we are engaged in across campus. 

On a personal note, as we get into the summer months, it is a time to take a break, enjoy some downtime, reflect, refresh, and revitalize. I would like to share this Harvard Business Review article Beyond Burned Out. As the article noted, exhaustion, a lack of enthusiasm and an inability to cope because of stress, anxiety and fear of uncertainties result in burnout – I know some of these have been true for many of us, as we have tried to create healthy boundaries between work and life not only for ourselves but for our teams. This article was a strong reminder that we are all in this together and that the more we can partner in collegial support, and in building the next normal the more likely we are to reduce these conditions of burnout for ourselves, our students, faculty, and staff.


In the Division of IT, we want to partner with campus on sustainable and viable solutions. Invite us to the table early on and let us support you not only in service but also in brainstorming, innovating, and taking Chico State to the next level. Unsure about whether you think DoIT could be a partner on solving your problem? Give us a call, we would love to hear from you. As a service-driven organization, I’d like to personally thank every Chico State community member that took the time to complete our 2023 IT end-user satisfaction survey last month to let us know how we are doing and how we can better serve your technology needs. We take pride in being your strategic partner on campus and value your input as we move forward and envision the future with student and employee success in mind.  

Kind regards,

Monique Sendze

Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Contact VP Sendze
Section title: Did You Know?

CSU Learn Hosts More Than Compliance Trainings: All Chico State employees and students can search for specialized training materials and resources on the CSU Learn Platform, which is a shared professional development asset among all 23 CSU campuses. Searching for topics such as "Diversity and Inclusion" or "Professional Writing" will yield hundreds of resources including training videos, e-books, and audio books. The capabilities of CSU Learn include:

  • Hosting trainings, and tracking due dates for employees to remain in compliance
  • Searching for employees who have completed trainings surrounding a specific skill set when sourcing assets for collaborative projects
  • Retaining a transcript that can be used as a professional dossier of skills, trainings, and certifications endorsed by the CSU system
  • Keeping track of official training records hosted externally by organizations (such as Adobe, the justice department, etc.) by emailing with certificates to add to their CSU Learn transcript, so that all official certifications can be stored and printed all in one place.
A screen shot of CSU Learn with the option to select transcripts highlighted
Learn More about Developing a Training on CSU Learn

Chico State Pioneered Distance Learning Efforts to Serve the North State: Beginning in the 1960s, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allowed Chico State to invest in communication site that allowed faculty to broadcast their courses via "TV microwave signals" to California community colleges. Students could enroll in these courses at their local community college, watch the Chico State course on a TV that broadcasted the instructor teaching the class, and gave the students the option to phone in on a landline to ask questions and participate in the class. Chico State pioneered "distance learning" before the days of the internet in an effort to meet the needs of students in rural areas of the North State.

Currently, the classrooms technologies department maintains a communications site and surrounding property located on top of Mt. Hough, which is a three hour drive from campus and located in Quincy, California. Chico State earns income by leasing the communication site to customers including Verizon Wireless, Digital Path, and Plumas County who use it to power internet and cell service to customers in rural areas.

Photos of Chico State communication site on top of Mount Hough and an aerial map of the area depicting a hiking trail and a lake
Plan a Hike around Mt. Hough
Section title: DoIT Around Campus
CMT working on an IT themed centerpiece for President Hutchinsons retirement party and a photo of Johnny Poon showing her the final product

A Tribute to President Hutchinson

On May 16th, an emotional campus community celebrated the career and many contributions of President Hutchinson during her 30 year tenure at Chico State, including her support in creating the inaugural Division of IT in 2021 and bringing Vice President of Information Technology Monique Sendze on board to grow and manage the brand new division. The Division of IT worked together to construct a technology-themed centerpiece to display at President Hutchinson's retirement party, featuring both historic and modern equipment in the tower, and slideshow of employees holding up signs stating well-wishes for her retirement.

Chris Witthans presenting to a group of computer science students about a career in IT risk management

DoIT Outreach to Graduating Computer Science Students

In an effort to connect with students who are career-bound in the Information Technology field, Division of IT representatives Chris Witthans, Joshua Compton, and Scott Kodai joined forces with Professor David Zeichick's computer science seminar to present and start a dialog about the future of IT at Chico State and the pros and cons of moving towards modern solutions.

The students were presented with challenges that a modern institution faces and broke out into groups to discuss solutions to present to the class. Kodai and Witthans followed up with feedback and insights about the challenges and shared examples and strategies that addressed burning questions that students had about careers in IT.

Email the Division of IT for more information on setting up a Student Outreach Presentation
Fight Phishing cartoon image of a fencer sword fighting a green sinister fish

Compromised Accounts

As phishing attempts are on the rise, Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) has reported an unusually high number of compromised Chico State accounts that need to be locked until the affected user can take action. If this happens to you, here is what to do:

Contact ITSS immediately. They are located in Meriam Library 142 and can be reached by phone at 530-898-4357 or email: A support technician will walk you through the steps of re-enabling your account during regular business hours, and business hours during summer are 8am-4pm on Monday-Thursday.

More Information on Compromised Accounts and How to Recover Them
Section title: Collaborations and Transformational Projects
Photo collage of CMT working on commencement photography media and signage

The Inner-Workings of Commencement

At every commencement, Creative Media Technologies work silently in the background to capture every special moment and oversee all the details that honor our graduates. From the 49,841 photos captured, the video coverage of 7 ceremonies and 8 commencement events, the 3,864 photos rapidly edited for use, and over 3,500 programs printed, the dedicated staff pulls together for a seamless event.

New this year was a half hour infomercial-style video about recent developments at Chico State that played while guests took their seats and waited for ceremonies to begin. Back stage, the media productions team maintained intense focus throughout all 7 ceremonies to time the Marching Order software, live video, and orchestra to conduct the flow of each event.

Watch all 7 Commencement Ceremonies on Chico State's YouTube Channel
Call State Tech Connect logo with headshots of Steve Krok Chris Mendoza Chris Witthans Scott Claverie Elbert Chan

Join Us at the Cal State Tech Connect Conference

Chico State's Division of Information Technology will be participating in the CSU-wide Cal State Tech Connect taking place the week of July 24-27. This is a virtual conference that highlights CSU campus initiatives in enhancing privacy and security; fostering diversity, equity and inclusion; evolving technology, infrastructure, and services; and teaching, learning and transforming the student experience. Featured speakers include three of Chico State's Division of IT directors presenting on the topics below:

  • Steve Krok, Chris Mendoza, and Elbert Chan: Using Microsoft Power Platform and Cloud Services to Manage your Infrastructure
  • Chris Witthans and Scott Claverie: Enhancing Cybersecurity in Higher Education with Red Canary, MDR, and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Scott Claverie: Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Is it the next best thing in telephony services for your campus?
Cal State Tech Connect Conference Website
A phone with an email open and the phish alert button displayed to report suspicious emails

Phish Alert Button Coming Soon

Beginning this month, the Division of IT has begun the proof of concept phase of testing a new "Phish Alert" button that will roll out to the entire campus community later this summer to combat phishing scams. KnowBe4, the provider of the world's largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, is used by tens of thousands of organizations to protect data privacy.

In May of 2023, the Division of IT sent out a simulated phishing attempt through the KnowBe4 platform to take the pulse on how the campus is handling phishing attempts. Out of the 21,000+ phishing simulations emails sent, 5653 users (26.7%) opened the test email, 830 users (3.9%) clicked the phishing test link, and 321 users (1.5%) entered their login credentials. The users who took the phishing bait were from all over the United States, including Hawaii, South and Central America, Eastern and Western Europe, India, and Japan.

More about How to Spot a Phish
Section title: Ask The Expert

Why do I get an "Invalid Portal Name" error message when I try to log in to PeopleSoft?

This error occurs when a person is logged in PeopleSoft CS and PeopleSoft HR at the same time, which isn't supported. If you are getting an invalid error message when trying to log in to PeopleSoft HR, you might still be logged into PeopleSoft CS without even realizing it because the system did not automatically log out you out. Users often experience this when time reporting is due at the end of each pay period in PeopleSoft HR.

Read the Knowledge Base Article about the PeopleSoft "Invalid Portal Name" Error
A chat dialog box asking Willie the Wildcat about how to troubleshoot an issue with trying to login to multiple versions of PeopleSoft at the same time

My DUO account says it is disabled! What should I do?

If you have recently switched devices, even if you keep the same phone number, your Duo account may display as "Disabled" in the Duo Mobile app. To resolve this, just re-enroll your device in Duo by accessing the settings menu when you get a Duo prompt. For more details, our Knowledge Base has an article with step-by-step instructions for Enrolling in Multifactor Authentication.

Instructions on How to Setup a New Device on Duo
Female student using a phone and a cell phone displaying the Duo prompt for single sign on at Chico State
Section title: DoIT Serving You

DoIT End-User Survey Results (Highlights)

Service optimization is impossible to perform without an honest and thorough understanding of end user opinion toward IT services and software. The Division of IT completed their 2023 IT End User Satisfaction Survey in May 2023. We had 250 respondents to the survey compared to 770 respondents in 2022. This survey helps us develop data driven insights to help DoIT decide what IT services need to be addressed to meet the demands of our campus community.

This year customer satisfaction scores in the four IT core areas: business enablement, IT communications, IT services, suite of applications offered, increased between 1%-4%. We have overall good satisfaction scores between 81% - 84% range and between 4%-12% above benchmark for most scores. Our most satisfied users were faculty and students while staff and MPPs were less satisfied. Our strengths are in the IT services we provide, especially network, application suite offered, service desk timeliness and effectiveness, as well as the professionalism of our IT staff. IT Innovation, agility, and ability to deliver timely and targeted training, and feedback receptivity had lower scores between 76%-79% satisfaction. The top 5 specific areas for improvement called out in the survey were:

  • Easier access to printing services. Students are finding other ways to print rather than using school printers. Print services on campus cost money and it is difficult to find the funds to print at school.
  • Wi-Fi service is spotty and the computers in the library are outdated and slow.
  • We need to maximize the tools (making the most of them) rather than purchasing new tools. Or consolidate tools that do similar work.
  • Access to software and software training needs improvement. Support for Qualtrics should be in place.
  • IT Support Services (ITSS) is understaffed.

View More Detailed Survey Results
Summary of the results from the End User Information Technology Survey for 2022 though 2023 Academic School year

Global Presence at Commencement

The families of our diverse students travel from all over to attend the commencement festivities at Chico State, and over 27,500 viewers joined the celebration online via live stream during the 7 ceremonies that occurred over 5 days.

An infographic about how many people attended each commencement at Chico State

For those who cannot attend in person, Creative Media Technologies works in the background to capture the ceremony on video and live stream it for audiences all over the world. Below are 25 countries where viewers tuned in from to watch the live stream during the 2023 commencement week:

  • US
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Kuwait
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Colombia
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Korea
  • Lebanon
  • Australia
  • France
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Egypt
  • Philippines
  • Pakistan
  • Ecuador
  • Albania
  • Jamaica
  • Myanmar
  • Singapore
  • Thailand

Commencement ceremony at Chico State and a display of all of the flags representing all of the different countries where viewers watched the live stream

Highlights from the Network Refresh Project

The Division of IT recently completed work on the Network Refresh Project, an initiative that involves switching out the network equipment in all state-supported buildings that provides connectivity to all campus technology assets. This project was no small feat, occurs every six years, and involves a strategic 3-way partnership of Chico State subject matter experts, a best-in-industry vendor (Deloitte), and financial support from the Chancellor’s Office.

These highlights reflect the magnitude of the campus-wide network refresh:

  • 226 high-density switches installed and migrated
  • 9,780 network ports installed
  • $777,000 of network switch equipment

This network refresh gives Chico State the prestige of having the best-in-higher-education network, further enhancing the Chico experience with the most powerful, sustainable, and nimble infrastructure in the CSU system.

CCSV employee checking network equipment in a telecom closet in a Chico State building and a closeup of a panel of network ports
Section title: Get to Know DoIT - Staff
Portrait of Brian Wells with fall colored leaves in the background

Meet Brian Wells

IT Consultant in the department of Information Technology Support Services (ITSS)

My job duties include being the technical field support for departments such as the University Police Department (UPD), Facilities and Maintenance Services (FMS), and helping administer the CS Gold System. I’m also on call for UPD so at any time of day or night, I’m the one on site making sure everything gets back up and running when systems go down.


Outside of work, I am working on obtaining my Master's degree in computer science at Chico State and have obtained my bachelor's here as well in the same field. I also try to travel as much as possible, and will have visited 12 countries after my planned vacation to Europe this summer. Around Chico, you might find me arguing over technicalities at trivia nights, or hiking one of the Bidwell trails. I definitely love horror films a little too much, from classic slashers to modern psychological horrors. I’m feel like I’m running out of good options to watch though, so I will happily take recommendations.

Portrait of Renee Boyd Flexing a box of printing paper

Meet Renee Boyd

Reprographics Specialist II for the department of Creative Media technology (CMT)

My job duties include assisting with pre-press and printing then finishing products in the bindery. The best part of my job is the people I work with. They are more than just coworkers; they are longtime friends. 


Outside of work I love hanging out with my best friend and husband of 36 years, Brent. Our only kids are our dogs, Ash, Ember & Roxie and Symba, our old tabby. Brent and I have many hobbies together but one in particular has always been our focus. We share a love for film. Not only viewing films in theater but creating and sharing films. Over the last 15 years we’ve been involved in various aspects of film. From working on many independent short films, to being founders of the International Shortz Film Festival for 10 years and operating a drive-in theater on our 10-acre property in North Chico. That’s a wrap!

Twitter        Instagram        Web