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Spring 2023

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Fair or Foul Pole?

To say the game of baseball is entrenched in tradition would be a vast understatement. Written rules, unwritten rules, culture, and terminology are just a few examples how traditions have stood the test of time in baseball unlike any other sport. Baseball traditionalists are passionate about the sport they love and their desire to preserve the game. This is part of what makes the game so great but … sometimes one could argue that strict adherence to tradition defies logic and growth.


As defined by MLB baseball (and virtually every level of baseball), foul lines and foul poles are used to demarcate fair territory and, thus, determine what constitutes a foul ball. If not touched by a fielder in fair territory, any batted ball that first contacts the field in foul territory beyond first or third base -- with the foul lines and foul poles counting as fair territory -- is considered foul. So based on this universally accepted definition of a foul ball, why are the lines and poles that are in fair territory, called foul?


Of course the answer as with most in baseball is rooted in history. Foul poles became common place at fields during the 1920s and 30s but they can be tracked back to as early as the 1860s. It is thought that the name was given in the 1860s and continued to be used when they became standard at ballparks. Prior to foul poles, foul lines were extended past a reasonable expectation of field of play if there was no fence or past the fence so that the umpire could determine if a ball was fair or foul. A ball was deemed fair or foul solely based on were it landed. After the inception of the foul pole (as is the rule today) a ball leaving the field of play is determined fair or foul based on a judgement call of whether it left the field on the fair or foul side of the pole.


So logically based on the rules, one could argue that a foul pole should be called a fair pole. Is calling the pole located in fair territory that determines whether a ball is fair or foul, a foul pole, equivalent to calling the strike zone, the ball zone? As previously noted, logic doesn’t always align with tradition.


Debates like this are fun and why sports are so ingrained in our culture. They provide an entertaining distraction we need from our everyday stresses and serve as a great unifier across all walks of life. Please take a minute to help us settle this debate by clicking on the link below to vote Fair or Foul. We will share the results on our Facebook and Twitter on May 1. Regardless whether you fall into FOUL or FAIR territory on this debate (dad joke intended), Unlimited Sports Solutions is your trusted supplier of foul (or fair) poles of any size.

VOTE for Team Fair Pole or Team Foul Pole

USS Teammate Spotlight!

Meet Nick Castro - USS Regional Sales Manager

Texas, Louisiana & Mississippi! 

We are pleased to spotlight team member Nick Castro. His attention to detail, organization and overall knowledge of athletic facilities are the reason Nick is his customers most valued partner. His 16+ years of hands on experience along with his extensive network of industry connections allows him to bring value to his customers ranging from schools, leagues, collegiate and professional level sports. Additionally he collaborates very well with all parties involved to provide timely and thorough support to ensure projects meets or exceeds the end users expectations.

Get to know Nick-

What do you enjoy most about your position?

As the Regional Sales Manager for USS I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with our clients to help find the right solutions for their projects. Being a reliable resource for our clients is very gratifying.


What do you like best about working at USS?

I like being part of a team that works together and supports one another day in and day out. Whenever I have a question or a client that has a specific need there is always someone to help find the solution. 

Family Info?

My wife Amanda, and I are high school sweethearts. We have been together for 21 years and married for 15. We have 2 children. Our daughter, Reese 12, is in 7th grade and is the ultimate book worm. She loves theatre and enjoys playing basketball and softball. Her favorite play is Hamilton. Our son, Landon 8, is in the 2nd grade and loves all things baseball, enjoys riding his bike, and building with Lego. We also have 2 dogs. Belle 11 yr old Lab Mix, Ash 2 yr old Beagle.

Hobbies & Interest?

I enjoy coaching and watching my kids play sports. When the Castro’s aren’t at the ballpark, we love to road trip. So far, our favorite road trip we have taken was a 10-day trip from Texas to Boston, Michigan and back to Texas. I also enjoy cooking and BBQing.


Favorite Sport Team(s)?

The 2017 AND 2022 World Series Champions Houston Astros (I earned a 2017 WS ring working on the grounds crew) Houston Texans, and the University of Houston Cougars.

 SAFETY - Designed with Details!

Participants and spectators enjoy USS's durable athletic facility equipment for its reliability and aesthetic appeal.

Product Spotlights!

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Fielders Choice Dugout Covers are easily customizable to retro fit an uncovered chain link fence dugout or can easily be incorporated into a new ballfield!

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