Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers 

Dedicated to improving off-road

bicycling opportunities in San Luis Obispo County  

Fall, 2013




A handful of dedicated board members and sponsors and

hundreds of energetic volunteers who have been building,

 maintaining and 
advocating for 
local trails 
since 1987. 

If you run, hike or ride  

SLO County trails, 

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Volunteers Complete $175,603 
Worth of 
Trail Work  

CCCMB volunteers did 7,498 hours of volunteer trail work last season (up from 6,784 the year before). 


There were 16 official workdays which generated 2,955 hours. The amazing thing is that dedicated workers did 4,543 hours of off-schedule work, mostly at Oates Peak and Froom Ranch.  


State Parks (and most agencies) value volunteer labor at $23.42 per hour. That means CCCMB volunteers donated an amazing $175,603 in labor to local public land managers.  Nobody does that except CCCMB so give yourselves a huge pat on the back!



Up with 


(FreeRide and 

Sustainable Trails Association) 


The FASTA crew has exciting trail building plans for fall!  This past spring FASTA sent an ambassador to attend the IMBA Southwest conference and received a wealth of knowledge to help bring The Eucs skills  area to completion. Plans are underway to bring in a Mini Excavator, and laying the foundation for the completion of the Jail Break Trail, the second of 3 planned flow trails in the Upper Grove.


The popular OctoberFASTA will be held on Saturday, October 19th, and is a day where riders are offered trail building, free shuttles to the top of Cuesta Grade, followed by a free BBQ.  New this year will be the addition of demo bikes from area shops.  Click on this FASTA link for updates    


The FASTA Board is looking forward to moving  a lot of dirt this fall and welcomes riders of all abilities  to take a run through the Grove to see what's new.  

Trail Extension Underway

at Santa Margarita Lake

Layout for the Sapwi Trail Extension has started! 


The Sapwi Trail is currently an out-and-back trail, accessed from the Blinn Ranch Trail (fire road). The new planned connector section will extend the Sapwi trail north-west around the contours of the lake and back to the Blinn Ranch Trail. When combined with the existing Falcon Trail, there will be approximately 9 miles of singletrack on the north side of the lake, in addition to the 9.3 miles of the Blinn Ranch Trail (one way).


We plan to do brushwork on the new trail at the December 8th workday, so join us to work on this great addition to north county trails.


Shops that Support Trails

The following bike shops provided financial support and donations to CCCMB this season:


Art's Cyclery (SLO)

BestBikeZone (Paso Robles)


Flanders Bicycles (SLO)

Foothill Cyclery (SLO)

Mark's Baywood Cyclery (Los Osos)

Pedal Power Bicycles (Santa Maria)

Trinity Cyclery (Grover Beach)

Wally's Bicycle Works (SLO) 



The Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB) is a chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational association whose mission is to create, enhance and preserve great mountain biking experiences.


Since 1988, IMBA has been bringing out the best in mountain biking by encouraging low-impact riding, volunteer trailwork participation, cooperation among different trail user groups, grassroots advocacy and innovative trail management solutions. 


The U.S. Internal Revenue Service recognizes IMBA as a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) charitable organization. IMBA's tax identification number is 77-0204066.


The Dirt on the Trail is published quarterly by CCCMB.  Comments or suggestions? Email the editor.





We Do Trails, Join Us! 

Saturday, September 21st - FROOM RANCH. Meet at eastern edge of Home Depot parking lot at 9:00am.


Sunday, October 20th - OATS PEAK TRAIL. Meet at Park Headquarters above Spooner's Cove, MdO at 9:00am.


Saturday, November 16th - FROOM RANCH TRAILWERKS. Meet at Laguna Lake Park at 8:00am


Sunday, December 8th - GREY PINE TRAIL/SAWPI. Meet at White Oak picnic area, Santa Margarita Lake at 9:00am. 


Saturday, January 11th - MORNING GLORY/EUCS. Meet at Eucs Bike Skills Area, West Cuesta Ridge at 10:00am.


Sunday, February 2nd - SUPERBOWL SUNDAY at Montana de Oro. at Park Headquarters above Spooner's Cove, MdO at 8:00am.


The number one reason to use is a Bike Bell is we will all get new trails to ride!


The California Department of Parks and Recreation at Montana de Oro has stated the Bell Program has reduced trail conflict issues and was one reason they approved the Oates Peak Reroute. It's one of the main reasons mountain bikes will be allowed on the new multi-use trails when they officially open next year.


Wearing a bell on your bike alerts all other trail users that you are sharing the trails with them. Hikers and trail runners have the option of stepping off trial when they hear you jingling as you approach, especially if you are coming from behind. This makes for a more pleasant passing opportunity.



Horses hear the bells from quite a distance away. They (and their riders) tend to relax knowing that bikers with bells are coming and won't be startled by our sudden appearance on the trail.


The bells are meant to loaned and returned, but if you want to keep your bell, donations are accepted at  and


Help Finish 
Five Miles of
at MdO 
October 20th
Oates FINALLY! After all these years, it is almost ready. The new Oates and Beebe Trails (over 5 miles of new trail) at Montana de Oro will be open to cyclists and equestrians in March after winter rains. 
In order to open it, we have to finish a 200 yard section of the Beebe Trail which still needs considerable dirt work. We can knock that work out in one workday with 40-50 volunteers, so please plan on attending the workday on Sunday, October 20. 


We are very proud to report that cyclists (and equestrians) have stayed off the new trails. That responsible behavior has been a very big topic of discussion at the State Parks Trails Committee meeting and has really helped to make the case that mountain bikers can be responsible trail users. That in turn has helped keep on track State Parks' decision to open the trails to cyclists.


Looking forward to seeing you on Oates & Beebe in October for trail work and in March for a ride! 



Seen and Heard on Local Trails 

The IMBA-sponsored Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day is coming up October 5th, but some local dads got a jump on things recently at Johnson Ranch.


Dad Sean Cheney explains, "The ride was my son Silas' idea for his birthday party. He and eight of his friends had a blast that day, and a few of them have been asking to go daily ever since!" 


Sean and Silas ride regularly and did the Eucs, Elevator and Stenner last weekend.  Sean said Silas proclaimed the Eucs "the best trail ever!"


Pictured above are dads Sean, Chad, Tim, Jeff, Todd, Brian and Andy.  The mountain-bikers-in-training are Silas, Tyler, Nate, Brady, Daniel, Gabe, Calvin B., Calvin T. and Henry.