Volume 7 / Issue 12 | December 2020
The Apologetics Newsletter
of the Missouri Baptist Convention
In this issue: Who is the angel of the LORD? ... Jesus in the Old Testament ... Jude: A slave of Jesus Christ ... What is the kingdom of heaven? ... “Jesus Before Bethlehem” now available as an audio book ... and more!
Who is the angel of the LORD?
Identified as Yahweh and yet distinct from him, "the angel of the LORD" appears many times throughout the Old Testament. This messenger is above all others. He is called "commander of the LORD's army," "the God of Abraham," "Judge," and "I AM WHO I AM" -- a name only the one true God claims for himself. Who is this awe-inspiring figure?

Jesus in the Old Testament
Prophetic portions of the Old Testament anticipate a coming Messiah. While explicit references to his deity are rare, key passages offer clues of the Anointed One’s eternal nature and divine power. 

Jude: A slave of Jesus Christ
How would you respond if someone handed you a business card that simply read, “Jude, a slave”? That’s how the author of the Epistle of Jude opens his letter. With profound humility, he models the manner in which followers of Jesus should defend the Christian faith.

What is the kingdom of heaven?
The kingdom of heaven is the primary focus of Jesus' teaching. Many of his parables describe the kingdom. The apostles proclaim "the gospel of the kingdom." And end-times prophecy points us toward the day when God's kingdom comes in its fullness. But what, exactly, is the kingdom of heaven?

Are Jude and Peter plagiarists?
History is rife with famous plagiarists, from Alex Haley to president-elect Joe Biden. So, how do we deal with the reality that portions of 2 Peter and Jude are uncannily similar? Are we dealing with one or more plagiarists claiming divine inspiration for their writings?

Now on Audible: Jesus Before Bethlehem
High Street Press, the publishing imprint of the Missouri Baptist Convention, now offers its newest resource, Jesus Before Bethlehem: What Every Christian Should Know About the Angel of the LORD, as an audio book on Audible. This 335-page resource explores dozens of Old Testament Christophanies, or appearances of the preincarnate Christ. Written for pastors and laypersons, the study is designed to show how the eternal Son of God has always taken a personal interest in those He created to be His imagers on earth.

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