What You Need to Know About The Debt Ceiling, David S. Bell, President and Executive Director

You have probably noted the recent headlines and alarms raised about the Debt Ceiling. You may be wondering what effects that might have on your investments.

David advises our client investors to be calm and remain steadfast amid the highs and lows of short-term variances, knowing that our investment advisors are positioned to make tactical moves as necessary.

Green Street UMC,Hastings
Wayne C. Barrett Steward Leader Award Recipient

Green Street UMC is focused on providing both physical and spiritual bread to the community. They offer a community meal on Tuesday evenings that reaches the "unchurched". Hundreds of people each week come to the church for food and other assistance. They provide weekend food to approximately 60 school students. The church spent almost twice as much on food in 2022 than 2021.

How do they find the financial resources to do this? You might be surprised to learn that they do not "pass the plate" on Sunday morning. Donors mail it in, give online or drop it off on Sunday mornings. The church celebrates and gives thanks for generosity instead of asking for money.

Green Street UMC exemplifies what being a Outstanding Steward Leader means. We are proud to recognize their spirit of generosity and support their vision of providing Bread to the hungry. Congratulations!
United Methodist Foundation of MI | Website

Helping Faithful People
Live Generous Lives