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How Do You Do YOU?

The DDA really wants to know “How do you do you?” Help us share how person-centered planning has helped you get DDA services and other resources you needed to become more independent, access technology, get a job, meet new friends, etc. 

Your story is worth telling! Click below if you are interested in participating in this project. We will contact you to hear and document your story!

Mel enjoying a train ride with her favorite nephew, Bryer!


Program Updates

Covid-19 Reporting 

Effective immediately providers/CCS no longer need to report positive covid tests to the DDA for participants or staff members. This includes the questionnaires and incident reports. Please follow PORII reporting requirements specific to other communicable diseases.

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Should you have any questions, please contact our Statewide Director of Innovations, Stephanie Jones, at

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Update to the CCS Monitoring Form Report and Extract and the Client Roster Current Roster Report and Extract

We have some exciting news to share, specifically with our CCS partners! Your input matters and we're thrilled to introduce these improvements to the CCS Monitoring Form Report and the Client Roster Current Roster Report and Extract that will go into effect August 14, 2023.

CCS Monitoring Form Report and Extract:

New Form Status Inclusions: Our enhanced report will now include previously excluded form statuses – "Not Complete - Annual PCP Date Changes," "Not Complete – Priority Category Updated," and "Discarded."

User-Friendly Filters: Say goodbye to confusion! You can now filter the report by current or previously assigned participants and active/inactive forms.

Enhanced Information: We've enriched the report by adding CCS and Supervisor information, ensuring a comprehensive view of what's essential.

Attempted Contacts Sub Report: Discover the new "Attempted Contacts" field with a convenient hyperlink. Clicking it leads you to a sub report with detailed info about each contact attempt for that form.

Multi-Agency Selection: For Regional Office/Headquarters users, selecting multiple agencies is now a breeze while viewing the report in LTSS.

CCS Client Roster Current Roster Report and Extract:

Full Demographics Update: When you opt for Full Demographics, you'll now be able to access current mailing and primary address info, as well as the agency referral date – all in one place!

Total Associated Phone Numbers: A fresh column 'Total Associated Phone Numbers' has been added. Click to access a phone number subreport listing all participant phone numbers and info.

Effortless Phone Number Extraction: The extract will now include an additional sub report for all participants' phone information.

Multi-Agency Selection: Regional Office/Headquarters users can now select multiple agencies from the dropdown while viewing the report in LTSS.

For questions, contact Nicolette Paparoidamis, Director of Coordination of Community Services, at

DDA PCP Authorizing Units for DDA Support Services on Annual Basis

On August 14, 2023, certain DDA Support Services will be authorized on a yearly basis, instead of every month. Why are we doing this? To add more flexibility, avoid over authorizations, and to continue to streamline PCP development. 

Already Have a PCP? If you already have an active PCP, don't sweat it. We're ensuring a smooth transition. The units for affected services will be summed up across your current monthly authorizations to set your annual units. If your PCP is “in progress” or currently in review with the regional office, you will get a hard stop to send the Service Request back to the Provider for reacceptance. Keep your eye out for those! 

Services included in the annual  authorization:

  • Behavioral Consultation (BSS)
  • Brief Support Implementation (BSS)
  • Family and Peer Mentoring Supports
  • Housing Support Services
  • Respite Care Services - Day
  • Respite Care Services - 15 minutes
  • Nursing Support Services

Here is an example: Look at what the Service Authorization section will look like when “Housing Support Services” and “Respite- 15 minutes” is requested:

Should you have any questions, please contact Nicolette Paparoidamis, Director of Coordination of Community Services, at

DDA Traditional Service Model EVV Updates 

Under DDA’s Traditional Service Model, effective October 1, 2023, Respite Care - 15 minute services will become a service billed through the Maryland Department of Health’s (MDH) Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system, similar to Personal Supports. Respite Care - daily services and camp are not required for EVV.

Under DDA’s Traditional Service Model, Direct Support Professional (DSP) will be required to clock in and out using the MDH’s LTSSMaryland EVV application in real time. Any activities completed prior to October 1, 2023 will need to be entered as Non-EVV in LTSSMaryland, including activities completed by providers who were piloting the app.

Under DDA’s Traditional Service Model, live-in caregivers exempt from the EVV requirements should check in with their provider agency for guidance on their timesheets.

New - LTSSMaryland EVV Mobile!

MDH Medicaid Provider Services has officially launched the LTSSMaryland EVV mobile application. To date:

  • 400+ new people using the new EVV mobile application!
  • 10,000+ services billed!
  • $1.5 million claims paid!

Additional enhancements are launching this month, including: 

  • Staff may enter Missing Time Requests (MTRs) directly in the EVV App!
  • The EVV App is now accessible in four new languages!

MDH is scheduling LTSSMaryland EVV Mobile App training through the end of 2023! On every first and third Wednesday of each month, agency administrators can learn how to get their staff started with the EVV app. If you haven't already attended, use the below link to pick your agency's date.


Using the mobile app will be required in 2024. Don't wait; get started today!

Should you have any questions, please contact the MDH’s ISAS Division at or

Reference: DDA's E​VV Live-in Caregiver Exemption Guidance​

Operations Updates

Provider Inquiry Contacts

DDA has heard you! To make things easier when trying to get an answer to a question, report a concern, or make a suggestion, please reach out to us via the contacts below. By doing so, you can be sure your message is received by the most responsible party available.

Questions? Contact Us!


E.g.I am having trouble submitting a request through provider portal

ISAS Division



E.g.What is the daily max rate for personal supports

Regional Office

See Regional Director contacts below

Non-EVV Training

E.g. How do I register for the class on 8/17/23?

DDA LTSS Training Staff


E.g. All Inquiries related to PCIS2

DDA Service Desk


LTSS Tech Support

E.g. When I try to attach documents, I get an error message

LTSS Help Desk

Regional Office Contact for Provider Inquiries


Bianca Renwick, Regional Director



Kimberly Gsheidle, Regional Director



Onesta Duke, Regional Director



Cathy Marshall, Regional Director


Federal Program Updates

MyLTSS is Coming This Fall!

The Developmental Disabilities Administration is happy to announce that MyLTSS will be released this Fall for people supported by the DDA. With MyLTSS, you and the people that you choose, will have the ability to easily see your Person-Centered Plan (PCP) and monitor your services directly. 

What can I do in MyLTSS? 

You will be able to:

  • View and sign your PCP electronically
  • See information about programs you’re enrolled in, services delivered to you, program eligibility, and important dates
  • Update your own information
  • Get help if a change needs to be made
  • Share your information with providers, team members, or other people if you choose

You will now be able to see your DDA Services.

Stay tuned for step-by-step training and tools to help you manage your services through MyLTSS!

Frequently Asked Questions Updates

The DDA is happy to share updates to the Frequently Asked Questions based on the:

To view the updated FAQs, click below:



LTSS Transition - Technical Assistance Available

Are you a provider who has yet to transition into LTSSMaryland? The Early Adopter Group (EAG) Provider’s Technical Advisors are here to assist you. 

Upon completion of a short Request Form, your DDA Regional Office will match providers requesting technical assistance by making referrals to the appropriate assisting provider.

For questions regarding the Technical Assistance process, please contact Leslie Thompson, Statewide Director of Provider Services, at

Upcoming Events

8/15 Support Broker Initial Certification Training

8/17 WMRO Quarterly Provider Meeting

8/17 Plan of Correction (POC) Training

8/22 Statewide Nurses Meeting: Managing Diabetes  RESCHEDULED for 10/26

8/22 Technology First Anniversary - Connecting the Dots: Technology and Person-Centered Planning

8/22 Person and Family PORII Training

8/25 Deputy Secretary’s Webinar Series of Monthly Updates

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