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Newsletter Moves to Biweekly Issue

Since the first newsletter edition in April, the DDA has worked hard to keep you up-to-date and informed about services, events, training, and new policies and guidance to support people receiving services and those supporting those with developmental disabilities to live the good life! In response to feedback and our continued commitment to making the information and amount of it manageable, we will move to a bimonthly newsletter. Our next issue will come to you on July 13, 2023.  

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Programs Updates

Housing Support Tools Communication

The DDA is excited to share with you some housing tools that were developed to help you and your team make informed decisions about your housing needs and goals:  

Housing Support Services “At a Glance” 

DDA’s Rent Subsidy Program “At a Glance” 

DDA’s Rent Subsidy Flow chart 

CCS and Housing Support Specialist Checklists  

Each tool will help you learn more about DDA’s Housing Support Services and our new Rent Subsidy Program which is effective 7/1/2023. These tools will also accompany our soon-to-be-released Housing Support Service and Rent Subsidy Policies. 

If you have any questions about the tools or DDA’s housing support services in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to DDA’s Director of Innovation, Stephanie Jones at 

PORII/Plan of Correction Training

The DDA will be offering training related to PORII reporting requirements. Additionally we will be coordinating with and hosting the Office of Health Care Quality who will provide information on responding to plans of correction. These webinars will be recorded and accessible on our website.  

 While not required, these training sessions are an additional resource/tool. Please also note that the PORII training will be available on DDA’s training matrix. 

7/27/23 General PORII Training 1pm-2pm

This training has been developed as an additional resource for providers, CCS agencies, stakeholders, etc in understanding PORII, the roles and responsibilities, and reporting expectations to ensure the health and safety of people.


8/17/23 Plan of Correction (POC) Training 10 a.m.- 11 a.m

This training has been developed by The Office of Health Care Quality(OHCQ) to provide guidance to providers on how to respond effectively to a Standard of Deficiency.


8/24/23 Person and Family PORII Training 10 a.m- 11 a.m.

This training has been developed specifically for people receiving services and their family members to gain knowledge of the full process of a reportable incident and understand the roles and responsibilities of the person’s team.


If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Kropfelder, Statewide Director of Quality Enhancement, at

Updates to Behavioral Respite/Mobile Crisis

Behavioral Respite

The DDA is committed to supporting people with their developmental disabilities and mental health support needs. 

Starting July 1, 2023, all requests for behavioral respite for children and adults who are DD eligible should be sent by the person’s coordinator of community services (CCS) by using the QR code below: 

The DDA will receive all requests for behavioral respite and do an intake within 48 hours. If the person is eligible for behavioral respite, the DDA will work with the person and their team to find a respite placement. If CCSs have any follow-up questions based on the request for behavioral respite or supporting documentation to support the respite request, please email

*Between now and July 1, 2023, please keep working with your regional director regarding access to behavioral respite.

To learn more about behavioral respite, please review our Behavioral Respite At a Glance. 

988 & Mobile Crisis 

Beginning July 1, 2023, mobile crisis will be available to people with developmental disabilities by dialing 988

To learn more about mobile crisis support, please review our Mobile Crisis At a Glance. 

If you have any questions about the DDA’s behavioral respite program and/or our transition to 988 and mobile crisis service, please contact Dr. Meg DePasquale, DDA’s Clinical Director at

*Please note that the mobile crisis support system that is currently in place in the Eastern region will continue. See DDA’s Mobile Crisis At a Glance document for more information.

Programs Updates

Register for the Charting the LifeCourse Roadshow

CCSs and providers, the DDA invites you to join us in your region to learn more about how Charting the LifeCourse Framework and tools are used to support individuals and their families in pursuit of their good life. Together, we will enhance our use of the Framework by enhancing the person-centered planning process.  

Register in your region below:


10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Harry and Jeanette Weinberg

Intergenerational Ctr.

108 Chesapeake Street

Cambridge, MD 21613




10 a.m.-2 p.m.

The Meeting House Columbia

5885 Robert Oliver Place

Columbia, MD 21045



7/13 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Clarion Inn Frederick Events Center

5400 Holiday Drive

Frederick, MD 21703



7/14 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Comfort Inn & Conference Center

4500 Crain Hwy.

Bowie, MD 20715



Lunch will be provided and parking is free at each venue. Please let us know if you have any accommodation needs when you click to register. 

Should you have any questions, please contact Nicolette Paparoidamis, Statewide Director of Coordination of Community Services, at

Monitoring and Follow-up


The Developmental Disabilities Administration is pleased to announce the release of the Coordination of Community Services Monitoring and Follow-up Guidance! This guidance will assist Coordinators of Community Service (CCS) in continuing to assure overall health and safety as well as people on their caseload are living their personally defined good life! 

The Coordination of Services Monitoring and Follow-Up Guidance outlines the essential CCS monitoring activities by determining a person’s: 

  • Satisfaction with their current services
  • Progress towards their identified goals
  • Health and safety
  • Changes in need

The guidance also includes requirements regarding the timing and frequency of monitoring and follow-up, how due dates are determined, and when in-person visits should occur. Additionally, the guidance provides considerations for CCSs during each activity's follow-up, and highlights the contribution and assistance of families, providers, and other team members.

The DDA will be scheduling a webinar to review this guidance. Please be on the lookout for an invite. 

If you have any questions, please contact Nicolette Paparoidamis, DDA’s Statewide CCS Director, at

Reasonable and Customary Rates 

Below are a few much anticipated SDS resources geared towards people, their families, support brokers, Day to Day Administrators, and CCS. 

Staff Reasonable and Customary Rates- Effective July 1, 2023 

Provider Reasonable and Customary Rates- Effective July 1, 2023 

We want you to join the DDA Employment First Leadership Committee!

This is a great opportunity to collaborate with DDA and make a difference! Please consider joining the Employment First Leadership Committee.  To express interest email Kasey Venn, DDA's Statewide Employment and Meaningful Day Services Coordinator at

Operations Update

Website Survey

The DDA has launched an initiative to enhance the user-friendliness and accessibility of our website. We value your input and would love to hear from you about how you use our site! Please take a moment to fill out this survey to support our improvement efforts.

Federal Programs Update

Appendix K Flexibilities Ending Tomorrow!

  • Effective June 30, 2023, the MDH - Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) will end its Appendix K flexibilities
  • Normal waiver operations will begin July 1st unless otherwise noted in the waiver renewal or amendment.  
  • For more information, please review:
  • Topic specific memos on the DDA’s Appendix K webpage at this link.
  • Waiver Renewal and Amendment information.

Waiver Amendment #1 2023 Final Reminder 

The Maryland Department of Health is seeking public comment for waiver amendments for the three home and community-based waivers operated by the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA):

  • Family Supports Waiver
  • Community Supports Waiver
  • Community Pathways Waiver

Public comments can be submitted to or mailed to the DDA Federal Program Unit at 201 West Preston Street, 4th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21201. Comments will be accepted beginning May 31 through June 30, 2023. To support the stakeholder input process and minimize or alleviate stakeholder hardship, comments for all three waivers should be submitted together under one response.

To view the proposed amendments, click on the links below:

Date Extended: DDA Policy Input 

The DDA is seeking public input on the following proposed policies posted to the DDA’s Policy Stakeholder Input webpage: 

You can access the proposed policies here: DDA Policy Stakeholder Input Dedicated Webpage. 

Public comments will be accepted beginning June 16, 2023 through July 7, 2023. Note this is a one week extension due to an error noted for the end date in the previous newsletter. Please submit comments electronically to or mail them to:

DDA Federal Program Unit

201 West Preston Street, 4th Floor

Baltimore, MD 21201

Please include in the subject line of your email, “Input on Policy,” and include the name of the policy you are commenting on. (For example, “Input on Support Broker Policy.”)

If you have questions or need any accommodations, please reach out to the DDA Federal Programs Policy Lead, Danielle Coles at

Pending DDA Waiver Program Application?

All DDA Waiver applicants for which the DDA has confirmed meeting technical and medical eligibility, but final determination is pending with the MDH Eligibility Determination Division (EDD), may begin services. This includes Transitioning Youth.

In the event the EDD’s final determination is that the person is not waiver eligible, the applicant will receive a denial letter from EDD with appeal rights.

The DDA will also send a letter to the person informing them the DDA funding for services will be ending.

It is important that people respond immediately to request for information from EDD so that your final waiver eligibility can be determined.  

Please contact your Coordinator of Community Services or DDA Regional Office for more information and assistance.


Self Direction

Coordinator of Community Services/Support Broker/Day-to-Day Administration Roles-This table is designed to help people, who self direct their services, family, and teams talk about some of the people in a person's life they can have help them with a variety of tasks related to their support. This table is meant to complement DDA’s SDS Handbook and Participant Agreement.  

Individual and Family Directed Goods and Services Outline-This is a quick tool for people who self direct their services, family and teams to review when thinking about using Individual and Family Directed Goods and Services (IFDGS). The last section of this tool is really helpful when looking at “other” IFDGS. This tool is meant to complement DDA’s recently released IFDGS Guidance. 

These tools and others can be found on DDA’s Self Directed Services webpage!

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Upcoming Events

6/30 The Deputy Secretary's Webinar Series of Monthly Updates

7/6 CCS/Provider Training Matrix Review

7/11 Statewide Nurses Meeting:Drug-Induced Movement Disorders 

7/11 ESRO-Charting the LifeCourse Roadshow

7/12 CMRO-Charting the LifeCourse Roadshow

7/13 WMRO-Charting the LifeCourse Roadshow

7/13 Money Follows the Person (MFP) Stakeholder Advisory Group Meeting

7/14 SMRO-Charting the LifeCourse Roadshow

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