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The DDA wants to know “How do you do YOU?” Help us share how person-centered planning has helped you get DDA services and other resources you needed to become more independent, access technology, get a job, meet new friends, etc. 

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Operations Updates

Release of the Journey Towards Person-Centered Excellence Monthly Newsletter

Liberty Healthcare Corporation on behalf of the DDA will be providing regular updates and important information related to the joint work of the DDA, The Council for Quality and Leadership and Liberty as we continue on our journey towards person-centered excellence within the DD system.


Please review the May edition of The Journey newsletter here or it can be found on the QIO web page of the DDA website here:


If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Mettrick at

Federal Program Updates

DDA Policy Update

The DDA is seeking public input on the following proposed policies posted to the DDA’s Policy Stakeholder Input webpage:

     Support Broker

     Individual and Family Directed Goods and Services

You can access the proposed policies here: DDA Policy Stakeholder Input Dedicated Webpage.

Public comments will be accepted beginning June 16, 2023 through July 30, 2023.

Please submit comments electronically to or mail them to:


DDA Federal Program Unit

201 West Preston Street, 4th Floor

Baltimore, MD 21201


Please include in the subject line of your email, “Input on Policy,” and include the name of the policy you are commenting on. (For example, “Input on Support Broker Policy.”)

If you have questions or need any accommodations, please reach out to the DDA Federal Programs Policy Lead, Danielle Coles at

Programs Updates

DDA Coordinators of Community Service (CCS) and Provider Training Matrix Release

The DDA is pleased to announce the release of our first-ever CCS/Provider Training Matrix that represents the first in a multi-phase rollout of competency-based training. This new resource is intended to help all providers with understanding staff training requirements for the services they offer, as well as provide resources for each training topic area. In addition to the CCS and provider-specific tabs, the definitions tab explains each column’s content.

Please note, the requirements outlined in the Matrix are not new, rather they are currently outlined in COMAR, DDA policy or our waivers. Additionally, the Matrix does not require specific training to meet training requirements, rather, agency training should include the general knowledge outlined. You can find the Training Matrices on DDA’s CCS and Provider web pages.


Specific to the Provider tab, the DDA Training Matrix represents the first in a multi-phase rollout of competency-based training aligned with the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services nationally validated DSP core competency set. The definitions tab explains each column’s content.


The DDA will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, July 6, 2023 from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. to provide additional information regarding the use of the CCS/Provider Training Matrix and to answer any questions.


For questions regarding the CCS training information, please contact Nicolette Paparoidamis at, and for questions regarding provider training information, Leslie Thompson at

Policy on Reportable Incidents and Investigations (PORII) Training Coming Soon!!


The DDA is excited to announce that we will be offering several trainings related to PORII that will be geared specifically toward providers, CCS agencies, DDA staff, and people and their families. These live webinars will be recorded and accessible on our website. Once provided, our training matrix will be updated to include this PORII training, which then can be found on DDA’s CCS and Provider webpages.


The training will be an overview of PORII to gain knowledge on roles, responsibilities, and overall reporting expectations. This training is not required but is an additional resource/tool that we hope all of you are able to utilize to ensure the health and safety of people. 


Stay tuned for upcoming training dates and registration information!


For any questions regarding any of the PORII training, please contact Nicole Kropfelder at

NCI Staff Stability Survey: Deadline Extended to 7/31/23

The 2022 National Core Indicators (NCI) State of the Workforce Survey (Staff Stability Survey) unique provider links went out on March 15, 2023 and the responses are pouring in. Thank you! 

Survey due date has been extended to July 31, 2023. Submit yours today! If you have any questions, please contact Leslie Thompson, Statewide Director of Provider Services, at

Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) Gatekeeper Protocol

Participants receiving services in DDA’s waivers are required to have an HRST completed. To maintain compliance with HIPPA requirements, the gatekeeper process was designed to limit access to the participant’s HRST by allowing only those who need access. Please click here to review the approved process for accessing the system. Please note this is not a new process, rather just documented in DDA’s guidance format.

Updates to Behavioral Respite/Mobile Crisis

Behavioral Respite

The DDA is committed to supporting people with their developmental disabilities and mental health support needs. 

Starting July 1, 2023, all requests for behavioral respite for children and adults who are DD eligible should be sent by the person’s coordinator of community services (CCS) by using the QR code below: 

The DDA will receive all requests for behavioral respite and do an intake within 48 hours. If the person is eligible for behavioral respite, the DDA will work with the person and their team to find a respite placement. If CCSs have any follow-up questions based on the request for behavioral respite or supporting documentation to support the respite request, please email

*Between now and July 1, 2023, please keep working with your regional director regarding access to behavioral respite.

To learn more about behavioral respite, please review our Behavioral Respite At a Glance

988 & Mobile Crisis 

Beginning July 1, 2023, mobile crisis will be available to people with developmental disabilities by dialing 988. 

988 is for all Marylanders, including people with developmental disabilities. The DDA believes this further supports our vision of people with developmental disabilities living full lives in their communities. 

For 988 information and reminders such as wallet cards, magnets or posters, visit the 988 Toolkit webpage

To learn more about mobile crisis support, please review our Mobile Crisis At a Glance

If you have any questions about the DDA’s behavioral respite program and/or our transition to 988 and mobile crisis services provided through the Maryland Department of Health’s Behavioral Health Administration, please contact Dr. Meg DePasquale, DDA’s Clinical Director at

*Please note that the mobile crisis support system that is currently in place in the Eastern region will continue. The DDA is working closely with the Behavioral Health Administration, regional office, local crisis response team, and crisis provider to ensure access via 988. 

Upcoming Events

6/20-6/22 Trauma Informed Care: Train the Trainer Training

6/21 Individual and Family Direct Goods and Services Webinar

6/22 DDA Statewide Nurses Meeting: Dental Care

6/22 Maryland Department of Health DDA Rate Review Advisory Group

6/27 Technology First Task Force “Tech Tuesdays” Lunch and Learn Series

6/27 Support Broker Initial Certification Training 

6/28 Update: DDA and DORS Quarterly Joint Trainings

6/30 The Deputy Secretary's Webinar Series of Monthly Updates

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DDA Vision

People with developmental disabilities will have full lives in the communities of their choice where they are included, participate and are active citizens.

DDA Mission

Create a flexible, person-centered, family-oriented system of support so people can have full lives.

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