December, 2023

The Courage to Try

The Next Stop is committed to fostering an environment that builds confidence. By adapting activities and situations to fit individual needs, we empower our members to achieve success. As their confidence grows, so does their courage to explore and embrace new experiences. Every effort is celebrated recognizing that merely having the courage to try will help members in all aspects of life.

This year, The Next Stop mustered up our own courage and ventured into unknown territory by developing The Next Stop Neighborhood.

TNS Neighborhood ( is an innovative website designed to engage and connect the adult special needs population with meaningful daily activities and with social opportunities. It is an evolving project with ambitious goals of becoming a key resource of support for the special population we serve--beyond our local onsite program.

Following a 5-month preliminary phase, TNS Neighborhood was officially launched November 1, 2023. Press Release - TNS Neighborhood

GIVE Today

Thank You!

The Women's Club of Sugarloaf Country Club (WCSCC) is an amazing group dedicated to supporting local charities. We truly appreciate the generosity of this neighborhood. The Next Stop has had the privilege of being one of their charities over the last several years. Our friend and cheerleader Joyce Larkins has made this possible and we will be forever grateful.

The Next Stop is honored to have been selected as one of the local charities supported by The Corvette Cruisers of Atlanta in 2023 and 2024. This very community-minded organization hosts a car show each fall to raise money so they can give it away! Their generous spirit is so admired and appreciated. We couldn't be more grateful for their support.


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