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The Complete Joy Prescription


Parasympathetic verses Sympathetic Dominance

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"The Complete Joy Prescription"

by dr. michael ryce



Have you ever asked yourself the question... Why Is This Happening TO ME… AGAIN?!... Listen with me as Alanis Morissette explains plainly - clearly… the truth of repeated experiences...


This is a medium length course in self-healing, where Ancient Aramaic healing tools meet Energy Systems and Quantum Theory, Naturopathic Medical Principles, Spiritual, Psychology, Theology, Autonomic Nervous System, Mind/Brain/Body research and the latest in all natural, non-invasive wellness technology.


In the modern world’s thinking, it seems as though these apparently competing systems, that we will integrate here, must conflict. However, seeing ALL of Life through a well-polished, corrective lens, empowers each of us to grasp the Truth behind everything we perceive, everything we “see,” and when we see accurately, rather than through errant beliefs and misperceptions, everything that is true reinforces and strengthens the insights gained from every other discipline, resulting in truly “holy,” holistic understanding of Life! Everything that actually works, works because of the unifying principles of physics behind its operation. Any given explanation of a system may be in error but the physics behind it all is identical. One such insight comes from Albert Einstein...

“On such things a matter, we have been all wrong. What we have heretofore called matter is energy, energy whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter!”


What I am aiming to do with this course is to bring the principles behind everything we experience into alignment with the Truth of the physics behind its operation. Truth, unfortunately, is often hidden by ancient, or modern, misunderstandings and misperceptions. Upgrading those flaws, and realigning our own energy systems around Truth, I offer, will deliver a more accurate overview of the Circle of Life, and reveal the often-hidden power we have, within that circle, when we, as Human Beings, remove discordant energetic patterns, acquire new skillsets and heal - which means re-organ-ize, realign and bring everything that is out of harmony about us back into proper alignment. Energy systems do not improve through effort, but, rather, through alignment! Each correction experienced within the Mind/Body/Nervous Systems enhances our ability to effect change, through a deeper awareness and understanding of the principles in operation within ourselves, our family systems - both ancestors and descendants - and in the world.


If you want a true solution to any challenge in your life, especially if your mind tells you the problem is “out there,” be prepared to invest yourSelf in an un-learning/re-learning experience. Unlearning, that seems a waste to many, often takes more time than learning something totally new. Unless you are unusually well schooled in Natural Healing Arts, you will find much to integrate here, especially if you enter into the process, rather than making it a purely intellectual exercise.

Anyone who wants serenity, sooner or later, as explained below, must become a student, an observer, and learn to properly interpret, and address the energetic distress and alarm signals given them by their own Mind/Body/Nervous Systems. This is the very first step in true healing!


We live in a culture, I offer, whose specialty is, through any means possible, to turn off, deny, ignore, or project, rather than properly address those distress signals - and people die as a result! This specialty creates fortunes for those who bring those devices to market. Drugs, alcohol, adulterated “foods,” fear, hostility, politics, “entertainment” and even busyness can all work to anesthetize us and block our ability to experience Truth.


Bill Moyers, who has won numerous awards and honorary degrees for his investigative journalism and civic activities, wistfully summed the challenge we each must face... “I hear an almost inaudible but pervasive discontent with the price we pay for our current materialism. And I hear a fluttering of hope that there might be more to life than bread and circuses!”


In this work you will, hopefully, expand your horizons in the arena of self-care, self-healing and how to make your unconscious mind, your biology and nervous system Life-Friendly. These are not skills the average mind has ever heard of, let alone been taught! If you have perspectives and insights, tools or methods that will improve or add to what I am offering, I would be delighted to hear from you.


💟 “If You Always Do

What You’ve Always Done,

You’ll Always Get

What You’ve Always Got.” ~ Henry Ford


The understatement of the century, in our “modern” world, is that the mind is a poorly understood device. One thing we do know is that, like the operation of a computer, if the inputs, such as the internet connection, modem or the keyboard are faulty, every function of the computer is unstable. So it is with the human mind and body! Its “set,” its inputs, when optimized, empower one in living a fulfilled life!


In traumatized family and community systems the controlling dynamics of the nervous systems and minds involved often go unrecognized, or worse, they are ignored. In the 50+ years I have spent developing what you are about to engage in, I have come to realize that the functioning and healing of the human Mind/Body/Nervous Systems is a fully understandable process if one is willing to honor Truth, has patience, and the courage to challenge false beliefs as they open to new possibilities!


It is unfortunate we have two words to represent a particularly singular “object.” We have been taught that a “mind” is one thing, and a “body” is another - false information based on ignorance. The words “mind” and “body” represent exactly the same singular experience... the only difference being perspective.


Imagine I place in your hand a $100 gold coin. You might say, the coin has a “head” and “tail,” but does it? If you say yes, please separate the head from the tail. Can I peel the “head” off of the coin and leave only the “tail?” Impossible - for what we call a head, and a tail are simply perspectives on an indivisible object... a coin. “Mind” and “Body,” are a single, indivisible event! This is the starting point for the understanding of true healing, which must happen on the inside. Anything from the outside is “treatment,” which is sometimes helpful and sometimes necessary but is only a steppingstone to uncover the internal empowerment that is true healing. Treatment, too often, comes with toxic “side effects.” Any treatment that creates toxic side effects, is a disease-causing agent that is disguised as a cure. It is interesting to note that PubMed defines “pharmacy,” as a Greek term *bher- (to charm, enchant) and -(a)-ko- resulting in *pharmako- (magic, charm, cure, potion, medicine)


🖐️”Beware of false knowledge 

    it is more dangerous than ignorance.”  ~ George Bernard Shaw


In the computer world faulty inputs are labeled as “corrupt data,” and if not corrected, everyone knows the computer will fail to complete its tasks successfully. A highly functioning, reliable mind/body always creates success within the confines of existing circumstances. Yet, somehow people think they can produce ascendancy in life without addressing the incoherence within themselves! They fantasize that an unhealed fearful or hostile Mind/Body/Nervous System should somehow be able to produce high level outcomes?! They expect those outcomes even in the presence of internal, defective corrupt data?! Never has happened! Never will! And such a person will always worship at the altar of the One World Religion of blame, guilt and victimhood. It will always be someone else’s fault!


Faulty input - “corrupt data” - in the human realm will always produce pain, suffering and failure. Unfortunately rage, conflict and relationship failure are so common today that it is thought of as natural. While self-deprecation and failure have become the norm for so many, and seems unavoidable, failure is anything but natural. Like the computer, high levels of success are a result of reliable data processed through a solid, functional device. You will never hear a computer degrade itself, which would be a result of corrupt data. Notice how often you hear humans do exactly that, but, when troubles come, those same humans, will proclaim themselves innocent victims and have someone else to blame! Such conflicts are always a reflection of functioning out of hidden corrupt data. Results are NEVER just the luck of the draw!


Key Thought: “ANYTHING based in fear and/or hostility corrupts

the functioning of the human Mind/Body/Nervous System!” ~ dr michael ryce


To verify this for yourself just notice that every time in your life that you’ve done something that you now regret, the feeling that was moving in you, that motivated you to do that regretted behavior, was some form of fear and/or hostility! When fear/hostility goes unaddressed in a relationship, a family, a community, a nation or between nations, it is 100% predictable that people are going to suffer, and lives will be destroyed.


💟 “The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” ~ Warren Buffett


A principle that has been recognized for thousands of years, one that many people want to deny because of the work they need to do around that principle, powerfully informs us that one’s initial relationships must be secure to have the highly functioning, reliable mind/body we spoke of earlier.


In many cases, we need new definitions. For instance, we have all heard of the billionaire whose marriages fail and children commit suicide. It takes the most extreme self-deception to believe that billionaire is a success!


If there has been damage inflicted in one’s early life, traumas must be faced and healed and when they are, they become the starting point for Joy and a stable, fulfilled life! Sadly, the ignorant would rather hide those healing opportunities, wondering why their lives are scarred repeatedly by family conflict, unhappiness, physical strain and shutdown, illness, alcohol or drug abuse, overeating or financial failure.


Unresolved ancient inputs, including generational traumas and “skeletons” hidden “in the family closet,” inevitably exert their influence on the mind/body at the most important and inopportune moments in one’s life!


💞 Psychiatrist Carl Jung explained it this way... “Until the unconscious becomes conscious it will direct our lives and we will call it fate.”


The primary keys to freeing the mind/body of past inflicted physical, mental, or emotional traumas is to reset and reopen the energy flow in the mind/body, so it is receptive to Joy, wellbeing, and aliveness. Interestingly enough, there is a protocol for achieving that desired state. It starts with one’s mindset and physiological responses when thinking of, or interacting with parents, or those that operated as one’s first, “inputs,” one’s first authority!


If one’s physiological condition is tense, the restriction of blood and energy flow will impact health in a myriad of ways. The mind/body cannot tell the difference between a real or imagined experience! If a past, unresolved traumatic experience is triggered into activity, our biology relives it - nervousness, sweaty palms, shortening and/or quickening of the breath, gut pain, hot flashes, headaches, and back pain can all be part of the experience. If the cognitive part of the brain re-experiences the trauma at the same time it is called a “flashback.”

Check it out! Have you ever felt fear, “hit you in the gut?” Have you gone off in a fit of rage? Notice what you have to do to your mind/body to express those corrupted and corrupting energies! Medically, the physical condition we are talking about is called Sympathetic Dominance.

The 23-minute recording below is a training I did for medical professionals at AVACEN Medical. In it I explain in detail, the myriad of effects of Sympathetic Dominance - better known as the fear, fright, flight, fight or freeze response. I also discuss the factors that restore all-important Parasympathetic activity and balance. In order to heal on the deepest levels, it is urgent to understand the impact of, and how to reset and heal our biological responses of repeating fear, hostility, pain, and trauma!


(If you have an interest in acquiring an AVACEN, or knowing more, there is a deeper explanation offered at the bottom of this article and a link at the bottom of this presentation with which to do so. There is a significant discount, that expires at midnight tomorrow October 23rd, 2022, being offered on the latest machine introduced. Call me or drop a note with your phone number in it to


In the matter of re-experiencing trauma, time is irrelevant! No matter how long ago the trauma occurred, and research is showing generational assaults are included, the nervous system will replay those energetic patterns when an event, or something as simple as a thought, resonates them into activity.


If a mind’s internal “set,” it’s inputs and defaults, its underlying, unconscious attitudes are based in trauma and insecurity, life and relationships become a struggle, health a challenge, and the projection of unresolved pain interferes with everything one touches - imagine the reverse of the “Midas Touch.” it is important to realize that ALL of these dynamics, are healable!


💞 Here is an example of what generational resolution looks like... A powerful piece of ancestral inquiry and healing that was done by a participant in a “Codependence To Interdependence” workshop...


Usually, though not always, the Power Person is a parent and is the person who, at the moment of inflicting trauma was not functioning out of Love and had more power, at least in the child’s mind, over the child’s life than the child themselves had. Unresolved parental and generational relationship issues are, almost invariably, at the root of potentially bizarre, controlling Power Person and abuse dynamics. Have you ever found yourSelf, despite having sworn, “I’ll never be like them!” repeating the very behaviors done to you that you hated most, perhaps right down to the same word patterns?! Unconscious of what is going on under the surface, one finds oneSelf perceiving life, especially when under stress, both unwittingly and unwillingly, through the lens of their Power Person/abuser and the corrupt content of memories from the past weaved into perceptions of the moment.


The ancients cautioned, “Look to the lives of the Fathers (and, by implication, Mothers) for ours is but a shadow of theirs upon the earth!” They also informed us there was a peculiar, poorly understood problem with the human mind, stating the problem as, “We see as though through a glass, darkly!” It is interesting to note the root of the word translated as “darkly” in Greek source texts is, “Enigma,” - something mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand! Imagine, 2000 years ago they understood the difficulty of working through the convoluted functioning of the traumatized human mind/body!


If one has not been taught, or were falsely taught, what perception, the output of the human mind/body system is, and what emotions and traumas do to distort its output, difficulty is sure to follow, and the word “enigma” appropriately describes what it takes to move through deep healing on one’s own.


Many would proclaim, “But I am smarter than that!” I offer it does not matter how smart you are, without a knowledge of the source of your perceptions, of what perception is created, or how to correct it, and the trauma it contains at its root, the output of the mind/body is truly mysterious, puzzling, and difficult to understand. Some of it is downright shocking when you first learn of it! Many will say, “not possible!” when they first confront the truth of what is going on in their own minds.


There are several things that have been hidden from us about perception! These things are urgent to understand and apply if you want to clean up your life and free yourSelf from victimhood and blame:

1.   Perception is but a construct of the mind! CIA research on human intelligence verified this shocking, but true, conclusion: “Perception is demonstrably an active rather than a passive process; it constructs rather than records ‘reality’! Perception is a process of inference in which people construct their own version of reality on the basis of information provided through the five senses.” YOUR MIND, BASED ON ITS CONTENT, LITERALLY CONSTRUCTS THE WORLD YOU SEE! (Download the whole CIA report)  Click or tap to follow the Link:

2.   Perception is a mental construct, generated by the mind/body. Anil Seth, professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at the University of Sussex, England, explains it this way... “The whole world we (think) we see is an hallucination,” - unique to each person - and that, ”when we agree on our shared hallucinations, we call it  ‘reality...’“ Profound insight...

💞 “Actuality is what is... Reality is nothing more than a construct of the mind that gives meaning to that actuality.” ~ dr michael ryce

3.   The (Jonas) Salk Institute for Biological Studies boldly announces: WE LIVE IN THE PAST AND OUR BRAIN MAKES UP FOR IT. Measurements performed in the act of perceiving show us that everything perceived through the mind/body is from the past. “There is a delay of 70-thousands of a second from the time our eyes receive information to the time our brain completes its generation of our reality!”

It takes time for the mind/body to convert data into pictures, into what we call perception!

4.   Perception controls your biology! 

💞 “The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your (mind/)body.” ~ Dr. Bruce Lipton, Cell Biologist

5.   Energetic patterns and responses to trauma, under circumstances yet to be fully determined, is passed from generation to generation. Once again, “Look to the lives of the fathers... and Mothers!”

There is a primo technology, developed over 2,000 years ago, with which one can collapse perception and directly expose its underlying dynamics to the healing force of Love. The technology is called Forgiveness and, at its root, has been totally mistranslated and destroyed by our modern culture!

The world tells us that we need to “Forgive” others for what is going on inside of us. That I need to let you “off the hook” for what is showing up as pained perception in my mind! We have been instructed in fraud.


Actual first Century Aramaic Forgiveness is how one can reliably, consistently and persistently remove dis-integrative content from within. It is a reliable way to change physiology, heal trauma, rewrite genes, and thereby change the content of the mind/body and what is passed on to future generations! The ease of changing the mind/body’s content is quite surprising once one has the brain cells to recognize and use the technology.


Henry David Thoreau brilliantly observed, of Perception - “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see (perceive).”


Anais Nin adds, “We don’t see (perceive) things as they are, we see them as we are.”


And I will add that, since all perception, all appearances in the mind, come from within, pained perception is ALWAYS a projection! You might remember the ancient warning, “Do not judge by “appearances!” All perception is an appearance!


Perception is a reflection of data stored in, and impacting, the Mind/Body/Nervous Systems. When all energies (physical, emotional, mental and genetic) are firmly grounded in Truth, accuracy of our internal guidance system, perception, will be restored. As fear and/or hostility-based perceptions are uprooted and corrupt data is removed (Forgiven), then pain, regrets and disturbances disappear and our natural state of serenity is restored! Once healing occurs all else in the mind falls into place. 

Let’s take a deeper look at one of the most profound impacts on the output of our minds - our primary relationships. Since we were all once children, healthy (or healed) relationships with our Fathers and Mothers are vital to our well-being. Psychologists have identified a dynamic they call “The Father Effect...,” which could as easily be called “The Mother effect...,” the research shows that:

·      Sons with a good relationship with their fathers tend to handle stress more effectively.

·      Daughters who have a healthy relationship with their fathers have a higher sense of self-esteem and make better relationship choices.

·      Children with healthy father relationships have 40% of the suspension or expulsion rates from school and are twice as likely to go to college and find stable employment after high school.

·      Kids with involved dads have 25% of the teen pregnancy and 20% of the incarceration rate of single parent homes.

Here is a simple practice with which to gently begin the healing of inherited, generational deficiencies, or unconscious dynamics in the mind, with regard to parents: as often as necessary, and until achieved with great enthusiasm and sincerity, wish both of your Parents, alive or dead, a sweet and awesome day! Then follow up with action toward them, action based in Love! 💞 This action, energetically, passes through and delivers healing to the underlying structures of the mind, the body, and the nervous systems of those who engage in it. 


Once one understands the internal nature of the healing of trauma and aligning the mind with the systems intrinsic to its proper operation, healing parental dynamics becomes an obvious major key to living a truly full life. This is ESPECIALLY true where there was an ABSENT, ALCOHOLIC or ABUSIVE parent. This is how one reinvents themselves and is inoculated against both receiving and passing on generational pain and behavior. 💞 (31-minutes, Honoring Fathers/Mothers)


“The most important thing you can be is a good ancestor.” ~ Jonas Salk


You cannot live in anger, fear, or upset around parents and lead a totally sane life - the above practice opens the space and here are the tools with which the process of inner healing is completed…


Have you asked yourself the question, “Why Is This Happening To Me… AGAIN?!” Do you want to resolve conflicts in your relationships? Are you ready to dig in and do some real work as you GAIN an in depth understanding and experience of 1st Century Aramaic healing? You are about to experience the most profound technology of the mind and of healing ever seen on planet earth! 

1.   This link will provide you with an introduction and complete in depth understanding of 1st Century, internal, Aramaic Forgiveness Process: Why Is This Happening TO ME… AGAIN?! Full 3-hour workshop recording FREE

2.   💞 A presentation that will expand your understanding of 1st Century Aramaic Forgiveness… and an example of isolating issues: (58-minutes)


3.   💞 Here is a 24-minute PowerPoint on the technical understanding of dr. ryce’s “how to” of Forgiveness:


4.   This link is a follow up designed to answer questions and support your understanding and proficiency with the Reality Management Worksheet, the “Wake-Up Sheet,” a guide that walks one through how to complete the ancient Aramaic Forgiveness process. It is a Live Worksheet Session Recording from the “Hear My Voice Book club:” (2-hours and 12-minutes)


5.   💞 Here is an example of what generational resolution looks like… A powerful piece of ancestral inquiry and healing (25-minutes)…


6.   For questions or support on using any of the tools created by dr. michael ryce: Call MindShifters Radio 563-999-3581, 5 days a week, from 1-2 PM EST. 


7.   For dozens of FREE videos by dr. michael ryce go to


8.   A healing meditation, Wellness Through Stillness (19-minutes)

9.   💞 Here is a free link to the book… “Why Is This Happening To Me… AGAIN?!” - download a FREE PDF at: 

Available online in 8 languages at


10.  For the world’s ONLY Forgiveness App, search your App Store for: “HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness!” (FREE and Totally Private)

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12.  Here is a 40-minute video that unpacks another perspective on the deep work of healing… 💞 What Is The World?

13. 💞 My Commitment. 💞

I promise to TRUST you enough to tell you the Truth, to be true to you and always engage in just and fair behavior with you. I commit to always be sweetness in your life, to nurture you daily and treat you LOVlNGLY, Gently and with Respect in my thoughts, words and actions, whether in your presence or not.

In every interaction I commit to affection for you, to look for and acknowledge the highest and best in you and, as I surrender to LOVE, our true nature, I will use only voice tones that reflect my deep caring for you.

My connection to Love, our Source, gratitude for my relationship with you and our Serenity will always be more important than any issue. I open my Being to embrace you in my Love, I open my Being to be embraced in your Love.

If anything unlike LOVE comes up in me, I will hold us in my Heart and listen as I learn to speak, experience, be RESPONSE-ABLE for and Forgive my own realities. I am here for and with you. I promise to speak only Truth to you as I keep communication open and keep LOVE Conscious, Active and Present AS WE HEAL, CELEBRATE LIFE and GROW TOGETHER!

14. 💞 LOVE RESTORED   Printable poster: 💞

💞 Rumi - 13th Century Sufi poet: “Love is the cure. Your pain will give birth to more pain until your eyes exhale Love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.”


😇 Good to connect with you! Here is the AVACEN information we spoke of... Enjoy!


Below is a link to an audio track of a corporate medical practitioner training I did on the function of the AVACEN (Advanced Vascular Circulation Enhancement) Home Medical Device. Also at the bottom of the article are several informative video links.


In the presentation we look at the fact that the AVACEN is a form of physical “Forgiveness” (removal) and detail how, as a natural, full body treatment, it gently, by infusing heat through a heat exchanger in the palm of the hand, assists the body to open constricted micro-circulation. The resultant increase in blood flow enhances oxygen, nutrient and energy delivery as well as increased facilitation of waste removal. Together this results in improved cellular function in both the brain and the body’s trillions of cells.


The presentation details the functional relationship to wellbeing through enhanced micro-circulation and the importance of, and balance between the Sympathetic and Para-Sympathetic Nervous System.


Whether one is at the top of the corporate ladder, or the bottom of the cultural food chain, in our world’s over-stressed and all too common fight, flight, fright, freeze and hostility conditions the Autonomic Nervous System of millions so engaged is locked into a condition called Sympathetic Dominance.


The purpose of Sympathetic Dominance, which is activated by fear and/or hostility is to enhance speed, strength, and the ability to fight. In this state the mind and emotions go into alarm and the lungs and large muscles get the lions’ share of the blood supply; the system is prepared for action and protection. This is accomplished by a simultaneous selective increase in blood/energy flow to survival functions and a restriction of that life giving flow to organs and functions non-essential to survival. Simply, in order to live through a life-threatening attack, the body oversupplies parts of the structure related to the ability to fight or run, with blood, oxygen, nutrients, and energy, as it cuts back on everything else. This strategy is awesome and designed to be temporary, meant to last only as long as the actual physical crisis.


However, long-standing pain, fear and/or hostility simulates, in the body, impending danger, which results in the structure, to its own detriment, being constantly hurled into this Sympathetic Dominant state. If one remains in that condition long term the ability to thrive is compromised due to repeated blockage of blood flow where both the ability to thrive and higher brain functions are impaired! If sustained beyond actual danger, if it becomes the operating norm, organ systems that enhance our vitality, rest, sleep, immunity, digestion, liver and spleen function, elimination, reproduction, and tissue repair are compromised - in short lifespan and the ability to experience actual joy are hindered. “Happiness,” which results from a dopamine hit after achieving a goal, becomes a substitute for the natural, keen enjoyment of life referred to as, “joie de vivre.”


If capillary function becomes chronically inhibited, being the only delivery system for fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrition, as well as waste removal to and from the cell, supply and waste removal pathways tend to become stagnant and congested.


Sympathetic Dominance is a wonderful short-term solution to danger, but deadly if becomes habitual! One of the purposes of the AVACEN is to restore Sympathetic/Para-Sympathetic balance so that precious, life carrying, and cleansing fluids flow properly and restore equilibrium throughout the whole structure.


Cleared by the FDA for relaxation and pain management, the AVACEN, a Class II medical device, provides a gentle respite from habituated stress. A refreshing self-treatment can, on a minute’s notice, easily, cleanly, and comfortably be engaged in anywhere and as often as necessary, both day and night! While eating, sitting at your computer, on the phone, even as a passenger in a car you can benefit from its profound healing action! People report it is their most important sleep aid.


Those unknowingly living life in Sympathetic Dominance wonder why they deprived of the ability to thrive! An all-too-common sight - the old man, who likely is not actually as old in years as he appears to be, is stooped over with back pain, head forward and shoulders rounded. He is 2 inches shorter than he was in his prime. Sadly no one knows how to treat his disease, or even what his disease is, so they will call it “aging!”


The unconscious thought processes associated with his Sympathetic Dominance are fear and protection, often accompanied by conscious or unconscious hostility which tends to result in ongoing back pain. These thought patterns, which prompt continuous relationship conflict result in a destructive readiness to spring into defensive action or rage - all of which are expressions of living on the edge of Sympathetic Dominance. His muscles are fatigued, cramping at the slightest provocation - night cramps, restless legs, jaw clenching and sciatic pain are all too often aspects of this syndrome. Digestive difficulties plague him, his breathing is shallow, elimination is strained because the organs involved are only properly innervated in the Para-sympathetic mode. He has increased blood pressure and is prone to stoke and heart failure as the circulatory system pushes harder and harder to deliver its precious cargo throughout his restricted and musculature. He is befuddled, straining to remember, due to the restricted blood flow to the brain and the resultant shutdown of higher brain functions.


As this self-inflicted assault on his system progresses, time is blamed but his condition has nothing to do with age. His degeneration is an effect of restricted circulation due to fear and a protective stance! This is the physiological out-picturing of a guarded, defensive life!


Like the crystal-clear river that turns into a smelly swamp where a tree blocks its flow, the blood vessels and organs restricted by habituated Sympathetic Dominance become crystallized and congested. A properly functioning cell generates energy somewhat like an alkaline battery but accumulated acidic wastes inhibit that energy generation. Acidic fluids do not carry oxygen well. This creates an environment ripe for irritation, inflammation, and overgrowth of foreign organisms as blood vessels become brittle, congested, and dysfunctional.


An understanding is presented in the presentation, linked below, of how the AVACEN helps the body recover from this long-term, acidic “swamp effect” created by the shutdown of the control mechanism at the “headwaters” of micro-circulation. Each body has somewhere between forty and sixty billion capillaries that are less than one-tenth to one-one-hundredth the diameter of a hair! These micro-streams that, while they are designed for the free flow delivery of blood and its precious cargo, are restricted. This mechanism should be continuously delivering fresh, oxygenated, nutritionally charged blood to our trillions of cells but becomes compromised and sluggish, in the fear/hostility state. One cannot be in protection and the creative state simultaneously!


The gatekeepers of this system of capillaries are the Precapillary Sphincters, sometimes called the Precapillary Orifice - muscle fibers at each of the billions of capillary heads. When a threat is perceived - it only requires one thought - this mechanism instantly kicks into gear and restricts the blood supply to the rest, digest and thrive organ systems. It is activated whether the threat is real or imagined and choice is not involved. Remember, this is the autonomic nervous system which operates with no conscious thought or action!


Para-sympathetic stimulation without undoing chronic micro-circulatory restrictions by opening the necessary blood supply, leaves the body in pain, frustrated in its ability to move fully and effectively into thrive mode.


John Sarno, MD (June 23, 1923 – June 22, 2017) Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, NYU, informs people that a 5% reduction of oxygen in a cell leaves that cell in excruciating pain. A slight reduction in blood flow, obviously, is a contributor to pain.


The AVACEN remedies this problem by enhancing relaxation of the smooth muscle fibers at the precapillary sphincter. This reduces tension and related pain which are the functions the AVACEN is cleared for by the FDA.


“Uptight” is a literal description! I propose, (though I do not use this term in the presentation) that the AVACEN is “energetically funding” microcirculation by the application of heated blood to tightened muscles, causing them to relax. Over time, by opening chronically strained Precapillary Sphincters, profound relaxation eventually become noticeably easier. As micro-circulation is restored and the flow of oxygen and nutrition rich blood occurs, organ systems related to thriving, especially tissue repair, are resupplied with the raw materials and energy they need. The crystallized deposits and congestion, we spoke of earlier, over time, are softened and the elimination of encrusted accumulations is enhanced. This opens the whole system to new levels of cleansing, regeneration, healing, and wellbeing.


If you want to listen to The AVACEN presentation again....

😇 The impact of the AVACEN on the Para-sympathetic Nervous System...




In Smiles and Blessings michael 💞


😇 A short video with individuals sharing their experiences with the AVACEN:


😇 For more information on the AVACEN, an introductory video explaining the AVACEN and our distributor link go to:


😇 Hand heating lowers postprandial blood glucose concentrations: A double-blind randomized controlled crossover trial using the AVACEN:


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PS... If you are interested in more information on obtaining an AVACEN, the company has just introduced a new, enhanced model that, until Sunday, October 23th, is discounted by $1,000. They use a Swedish Medical Equipment financing company that offers, with good credit, a 0% interest loan for 24-months, approximately 167.00 a month.


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FREE 3-Hour Workshop Online (recorded June 11, 2022)

"Why Is This Happening To Me ... Again?!"

dr. michael ryce presented this 3-hour workshop via Zoom and Facebook, sponsored by The Facebook Marriage Support Group/ Tim Kellis

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Gentle self-help tools that lead to the direct experience of “Source Connectedness,” self-acceptance and a deepening serenity.

MindShifters are a way to access deep unconscious dynamics quickly through a written exercise. 

Then the power of the breath can help access and release pain, trauma and heal generational issues.

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FREE Study of "Why Is This Happening To Me... AGAIN?!"



This is a great opportunity to study the book / the work of Aramaic forgiveness again with others globally.

Open, inspirational discussion on the teaching from “Why Is This Happening to Me … AGAIN?!” by michael ryce. It is more than reading the book, it is a workshop.

michael will facilitate on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month until complete. Starts at 8:30pm London time – which is 3:30PM Eastern Time

No club October 27th as Yinka and michael are on vacation

Next sessions are

November 10th & 24th

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The work is spreading, we are global, creating a field around the planet. Will you be part of the critical mass?


Besides the APP update, we have added to the website:

  1. 7-Step Wake-Up Sheet revised May 2022.
  2. Multimedia: News: Newsletters
  3. Healing: Body, Mind, Spirit: Healing Crisis
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  5. Healing: Body, Mind, Spirit: Nourishment (including about cucumbers & God's 'farmacy')
  6. At the bottom of home page, News Flash 
  7. The Start Here page is revamped
  8. The Commitments are revised
  9. Have you watched michael's video: What is the World? (click the video link below)
ACIM: What Is The World/How Do I Forgive?

MindShifters Radio

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Free to Listen! Free Support! Why Is This Happening To Me... AGAIN?!

Monday through Friday

12:00 - 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Dr. Tim Hayes, host 12:00-1:00 PM and

dr. michael ryce, host 1:00-2:00 PM

When you call in (563) 999-3581, you will be given the option to either just listen or press “1” to be placed in queue to talk directly to the host (s). Or sign into BlogTalk and chat in the chatroom.

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We have stopped traveling and have shifted to doing Intensives via Zoom. If this work has touched your life, we invite you to consider paying it forward.

We have a generous donor who is willing to match up to $1,000 until the end of this week, double your gift.

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AVACEN - a form of Physical Forgiveness

Since the primary action of the AVACEN is to impact micro-circulation, let's look at the challenges it addresses as relates to the Sympathetic - Para-sympathetic continuum. I kind of see this continuum as a slider that moves from an accent on one or the other...

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AVACEN and Parasympathetic Activation

Translations - reaching the world


Thank you to each person who said, "I want to translate this into my language so others can have these tools and this understanding too."

We are truly blessed to have you on our team, know we are on your team too.

The Why Again book is in eight different languages (not all of them in its entirety).

The Reality Management Wake-up Sheet is in more than eight languages.

The explanation of true forgiveness is given in Thai as a PowerPoint Presentation.

We have so many items translated into Spanish, that we have given it a separate page on the website. Thank you Nene and Claudia! Spanish Page


Our new address is

dr. michael ryce & Jeanie Ryce

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