The Clear Choice for Cherry Disease Control
A more potent strain of Bacillus subtilis
Patented Bacillus subtilis strain IAB/BSO3 // Fungicide - Bactericide


PREVONT provides broad spectrum fungal and bacterial disease control and prevention for fruit and leaf surfaces. The combination of living spores and metabolites out-compete and knock down plant diseases through reduced germination of harmful spores, reduced disease attachment to plant tissue, and disrupted cell membranes of pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Prevont is the new generation of bacillus fungicide: a highly active / prolific strain optimized for superior disease control, clear liquid formulation, and lower cost per treated acre.

Active Ingredient:  Bacillus subtilis strain IAB/BS03* 0.08%
Formulation:  Patent-pending, soluble concentrate (SL) formulation
Key Difference Compared Bacillus fungicides:
  • Novel Clear ruggedized spore formulation filtered of fermentation bi-products (No clumping or clogging, No scent, No residue on treated commodities)
  • Active spore colonization spores of PREVONT proliferate rapidly on the plant surface, building a physical barrier to prevent pathogens from accessing the plant and out-competing pathogens for resources like water and food sources
  • The chemistry produced by PREVONT fungicide's spores is contact-acting to quickly control pathogens Antifungal lipopeptides like surfactin, iturin and fengicin dissolve the lipid layer of pathogen cell membranes Antibiotics like bacilysin prevent pathogenic bacterial cell division
  • PREVONT 's ruggedized Bacillus spores are stable to light, temperature and degradation by other chemicals, making them optimal for use in crop protection
** Most other bacillus products on market rely predominately on the fermentation chemistry in the formulation to control disease and have very poor spore growth on foliage. The result is very short term knock down disease control. The colonizing difference with Prevont provides superior disease control and duration of control.  

Clear Formulation
No Visual Residue After Application

High Monilinia Efficacy

Foliar Disease Control

All bacillus products have unique characteristics so they differ in efficacy and disease spectrum; PREVONT is showing superior foliar disease control on the following.
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Monilinia
  • Botrytis sp.
  • Pseudomonas sp.
 (see label for full list of diseases controlled)  

Cost Effective
The increased disease fighting activity of PREVONT and reduced rates make it an affordable part of any disease control program to help control diseases and combat resistance. For most diseases 20 ounces of PREVONT / acre will provide a high level of control, grower cost for this treatment is @ $18/ acre. 

Application Methods
Ground - Air - Chemigation - Drip irrigation (for root disease)
  • 4-hour REI
  • 0-Day PHI
  • No Visible Residue
  • SAR / ISR
  • Resistance Management
  • Exempt from food tolerance - No MRLs
  • NOP Organic / OMRI listed
Ask your Ag retailer about Prevont or contact:

Washington Sales
Scott Carpenter Ph. (509) 412-5400  Email
Oregon Sales
Peter Bierma Ph. 503-799-4551 Email
For more information  contact Sym-Agro, Inc.
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