It's time for your favorite monthly digest of upcoming virtual and onsite course! Scroll down for some virtual and onsite course gems coming up in March.
Stone Carving at the Bench
Instructor: Ryan Gardner
March 1 + 3
10 AM–1 PM

Interested in learning how to manipulate stones, but don't have enough space or the right machinery? This virtual course offers you the chance to learn lapidary techniques for carving stones from the comfort of your own studio bench! No large lapidary equipment required! You'll learn about different diamond bits to achieve a variety of designs and textures in their stones, as well as how to polish those carvings using a rotary hand piece.
Coloring Outside the Lines with Polymer Clay
Instructor: Lynn Yuhr
March 1 + 8
6 PM–9 PM

Take your polymer clay skills to the next level in this virtual workshop. You will learn to make Picasso-inspired polymer clay pieces that pop with any outfit and can either be worn as a pin or a pendant! You will learn a layered approach using simple design elements to bring your piece together.
Floral Flares: Fancy Enamel Settings Made Simple
Instructor: Barbara Seidenath
March 2 + 9
10 AM–12 PM

In this demo-focused two-part virtual workshop, you will learn how to elevate your enamel pieces and create unique bezel settings for safely setting small stones onto enameled surfaces. We'll start with a demonstration on how to plan and prepare your metal surface for enameling before prepping your settings and exploring different examples and inspiration. On Day Two you'll learn how to securely insert stone settings into an enamel design and finishing them with a floral flare. 
Cradle-Hinged Lids
Instructor: Nash Quinn
March 2, 9, + 16
4 PM–6 PM

Making a successful hinge is a critical stepping-stone to all sorts of mechanisms and moving parts in your designs! In this demo-focused virtual course, you will learn how to fabricate a cradle-hinged lid suitable for boxes, vessels, and lockets. 
Demonstrations will include basic fabrication of a circular lid, preparing it to receive the hinge cradle, creating telescopic tubing, soldering the hinge cradle in place, cutting hinge knuckles and soldering them into the cradle, and troubleshooting potential hinge problems. 
Cold Connections for Steel Jewelry
Instructor: Maia Leppo
March 3
6 PM–8 PM

Using the affordable and lightweight material of steel, this one day demo-focused virtual workshop will go over various ways of making finished jewelry purely with cold-connection techniques (aka: no soldering required!). You will learn about a variety of chain designs, prong making, and riveting. No experience is needed but basic metal understanding will be helpful. 
Riveting: BIG and Small!
Instructor: William Vanaria
March 5 + 6
10 AM–12 PM

Rivets are one of the oldest cold connection joinery techniques used throughout history. Whether decorative or functional, rivets add a distinct visual style to any piece. In this demo-focused virtual workshop, you will learn the ins and outs of hammering a metal rods/wire into these structural and decorative elements with a distinct focus on a range of small to large. You'll also learn the two variations used most commonly: flush rivets and mushroom rivets.
Simple and Elegant Earrings
Instructor: Paulette Werger
March 7 + 14
1 PM–3 PM

This demo-focused virtual workshop is a great introduction to the vast topic of earring design and fabrication. You will focus on simple and effective techniques that require no soldering to make elegant and kinetic earrings! Forging, forming, wire twisting, and working with beads and pearls will be explored and you will also learn to make unique earwires, forged hoops, dangle earrings, and earrings that incorporate chain, beads and pearls. A perfect class for beginners or those seeking an earring design jumpstart.
Bench Tricks Concentration for Jewelry Makers
Instructor: Charles Lewton-Brain
March 15 + 17
6 PM–8 PM

In this virtual workshop, you will learn tricks and tips to speed up production and understanding of goldsmithing from a master in the field, Charles Lewton-Brain. This course is a loose, eclectic collection of short cuts, bench tricks, stone setting and polishing hints, and alternative equipment options. Cheap tool making, jeweler’s secrets, and unexpected sources for tools will be covered. Learn to free your thinking and find solutions to whatever technical problems that might arise!
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