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Vol. 1, Qtr. 4 | December 1, 2022

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Identify Eligible Medicare Beneficiaries for Annual Wellness Visits 

Annual wellness visits are a great opportunity to create or update a personalized prevention plan for your patients. Start preparing for the new year by scheduling an annual wellness visit for your eligible Medicare patients. Make sure to measure blood pressure and screen for diabetes if the patient is at risk for developing diabetes. Access Health Services Advisory Group's quick reference guide, Quality Data Codes for High Blood Pressure and HbA1c (PDF), which can be reported via claims for the Quality Payment Program.
Assess Your Organization’s Performance Toward High Blood Pressure Control

Take this brief assessment of your organization’s performance to identify strengths and areas for improvement in high blood pressure control. 

For no-cost technical assistance with high blood pressure control, contact us.
Improve Your Organization's Efforts Toward Increased Tobacco Cessation

Use the Tobacco Cessation Toolkit for guidance to understand tobacco cessation intervention steps, coding, payment information, and patient education. 
Ensure Accurate Documentation for Chronic Care Management (CCM) Services

Implementing CCM in your practice can contribute to increased reimbursements. Use this document to ensure that your electronic health record includes all the required data elements for proper documentation: CCM Comprehensive Care Plan Template (PDF).
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