In 2020 we began local research to understand the experience of Catholic families with disaffiliated family members. We listened to intergenerational stories of departure from church practice and the exploration of multiple ways of understanding spirituality, meaning, and belonging within and beyond the institutional church. This project is meant as a bridge of dialogue in the changing religious landscape we all live in.

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The National Synthesis Report of the US Catholic Bishops was published recently. It attempts to bring together 22,000 reports from across the country where our report on disaffiliation was included. This synthesis marks the completion of the diocesan phase of the Synod 2021-2024.

The document that follows is an attempt to synthesize and contextualize the common joys, hopes, and wounds called forth with the help of the Holy Spirit in the unfolding of the Synod. The National Synthesis simply tries faithfully to express what emerged from the consultations. While not a complete articulation of the many topics and perspectives shared in the listening process, this synthesis is an attempt to express the broader themes that seemed most prevalent in the dioceses and regions of our country.

You may want to look at the report and see where your concerns are listened to. They may include a lack of welcome and hospitality, the ongoing wounds of the sexual abuse crisis, and the contradictory messages for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Please share with us your reactions to the report.

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Gathering of Disaffiliated Catholics and Others

We are considering a possible gathering for a couple of hours of those who left church practice, whether they be Catholics or those of other faith communities as well. If you would like to attend or be at a planning meeting for this possible event, let me know and I'll follow up.

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New Video on the Disaffiliation Project

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Aside from the new video we produced on the home page, we included a new page entitled BEYOND DISAFFILIATION. Check it out and please share this with anyone you feel may find it useful.

Beyond Disaffiliation

Check out our website which has lots of resources including downloads of the original research on Catholic disaffiliation within families. There are links to other research in religious departures as well as information on the synod of the church seeking the widest possible dialogue.

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