Do secret agent networks exist in real estate?

Yes . Can they affect real estate transactions?  Most definitely , but not all transactions may be influenced by an agent network. Let me explain.

Agents have a professional order to their ranks, whether the public recognizes this fact or not. There are front-runners , veterans , rookies and in-between. To navigate the playing field and to better position themselves to capture incoming properties for sale or properties needing to find a buyer, agents tend to group together in small networks that are only available "by invitation" . There are high value network, neighborhood networks and all other types of categories...condominium, historic or architectural, etc.

Basically, this is a huge help to the clients . Networking agents get the word out when a property has special merit or is unusually well-priced. Likewise, networking agents share information about properties that are considered over-priced, poor quality or facing challenges of traffic noise, difficult geology that may influence a buyer's perception.

When you interview a real estate agent, you should ask them if they are a member of any networking group --- over and above their company affiliation. Obviously, real estate companies provide networking information among their in-house agents . A well versed realtor will have membership in an outside network group in order to cover as much territory and available information as possible. This is how a "pocket listing" or off-market property offering actually gets sold. Networking --- be sure you agent is involved and informed!