Looking back, in order to Look Ahead

We have reached December, almost hard to believe. None of us dreamed what was in store for us this year on so many levels. I remember Queen Elizabeth’s famous quote of an “annus horribilis” in 1992 which was a particular rough year for her, the Royal Family and included the Windsor Castle fire which is her favorite residence. A fitting description for much of this year, it seems.

Still, those of us engaged in real estate have felt blessed to be able to keep going in the midst of confusion and turmoil like we haven’t seen since the last market meltdown of 2008. We are grateful to have served our clients this year, and worked our best from our homes instead of the office, since Covid took that away from us for most of the year.

So, to Look Ahead feels like a blessing. We believe the vaccine will liberate our nation from the virus’ grip, and begin the return of wanted social interaction, Open Houses, and networking events where we congregate with other professional realtors. We want to give back to our community and also to honor all First Responders and medical professionals who put their lives on the line to get us all to this point.

I wish you Happy Holidays - certainly unlike any before… but a definite Happy New Year ahead and wishes of best health to everyone!