Client Profile
Industry: Retail/Wholesale
Specialty: Flooring Manufacturer, Distributor & Installer
Location: California
Claim Information
Description: One of our Insureds was under contract for two large flooring installation jobs. At the warehouse the two flooring orders were mislabeled and the Insured installed the incorrect color at one of the locations. The Client decided they did not want the installed floors and required our Insured to remove the flooring and install the correct flooring. There were also additional expenses associated with reinstalling flooring, including fixing and repainting trim that our Insured had to account for. Through their Captive's Actual Net Loss Insurance Policy "Contractual Liability" coverage they were able to recover the additional expense from demolition, reinstallation of the floor, and associated expenses.
Line of Coverage: Contractual Liability
This exposure was elected for coverage by the client under their Captive Policy. This resulted in a claim payment amount of approximately $53,000.