Donor Digest
10/16/2020 | Issue 1
Fundholder Portal: 24/7 Access to Your Fund Information
Through the MCF Fundholder Portal you can:

  • Check your fund and distributable balance
  • View your fund's financial records, including fund statements and history of contributions and distributions.
  • Recommend grant and check grant history.
Commonly Asked Grantmaking Questions

Can I make a grant to benefit an individual who could use my support?

The federal Pension Protection Act of 2006 prohibits grants to individuals from Donor Advised Funds. This includes scholarships or any other type of funds transferred to an individual, including reimbursements. Unfortunately, these regulations also apply to supporting individual missionaries, even if the grant is being made through a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or church.

When entering a grant recommendation on the fundholder portal, the search function couldn't find the organization I entered. Why?

Our donor portal searches the IRS database for the nonprofit you have entered. However, sometimes an organization is known as or doing business under a different name than its legal name. You can also try entering the organization's EIN (IRS tax number) if you know it. If not, go to “Can’t find your charity?” and click on “Click here to enter your charity.” Enter the charity’s name, city, and state. Our donor services staff will research the legal name and update your grant recommendation. This does mean that when you view your grant in your grant history on the portal, the name of the charity may be very different from the name the charity uses in public. You may also contact us to find the legal name of your organization before you enter the grant.
Grant Opportunities

Looking for a grantmaking opportunity? Consider a gift to one of the following:

Women's Business Center Grant Match:
University of Montana's Pursue Your Passions program can apply for a U.S. Small Business Administration grant to create a Women's Business Center that would serve local businesswoman in Western Montana, Great Falls, and the Crow Agency. To be eligible for the grant, the University of Montana is seeking a cash match. If interested, act soon. The match must be submitted before 10/22.

Montana Veterans Fund: Established in 2019, the Montana Veterans Fund, an endowed fund at MCF, was created to continue the good work of the Big Sky Honor Flights and support veterans in Montana forever.
Additional Resources