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Happy New Year!

2020 was a very interesting year on all fronts. While we don't know exactly what to expect in 2021, we do believe it will result in making all of us stronger and smarter for having endured something of such magnitude. Wine really helps. Currently we are open for retail sales/pickups at the Winery. We have some great specials and case discounts for you, they are listed below and can be used on our website.
Vineyard News
by Operations Manager, Joe Salman
Dormancy and the Famed "Second Crop"
The vineyard is quiet, fog, rain and dormancy of the vines is where we are now.

As January is here, we have started the pruning of our 400 plus acres, (it takes a while). A reflection on the past years growth and yield factors into pruning decisions this year, with the always rising cost of labor having a huge factor on this job and the next jobs in the vineyard. We focus now on varieties less susceptible to pruning wound diseases like Chardonnay.

As the leaves fall you can see many cool things, a neat phenomenon that can be seen here on this young Cabernet Franc vineyard on the way into the winery shows the "second crop" that hangs on even after leaves have fallen. Young vines tend to have a lot of "second crop" that the vine sets later after it sets the primary crop. This is not really a problem as the primary fruit we harvested from this was quite good, but it shows the abundance of stored energy a young vine has.
Tasting Room News
by Tasting Room Manager, Tess Jonson
Still Having Fun, Serving Great Wines!
Just like everybody else, the Tasting Room has had its ups and downs during December.

The beginning of the month had great weather and we were able to do wine tastings, albeit outside, but with sunny afternoons these were enjoyed by many.

Just before this lockdown and the turn in weather we hosted Elite Dance Studio's Nutcracker Ballet at the winery. Unfortunately, attendance was only available to the aspiring dancer's families for viewing but we did manage to get a small video of this fantastic performance. These performers did 8 shows that beautiful December weekend!
It is a bit quieter now here at the winery, we are still open for retail purchases and pickups. We have extended our holiday case discounts through January and have added a couple more wines (2019 Dry Riesling and the 2019 Chenin Blanc) that apply for our huge case sale discount!
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