The Thursday Supplement
Advice from Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter 

November 19,  2015
Jeff Altman
The Big Game Hunter 

Jeff has been a professional recruiter for more than 40 years. He has filled 1200 positions plus consulting assignments.

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Because of next week's Thanksgiving holiday, No B. S. Job Search Advice will be published the following week. There will not ne a Thursday supplement next week.

I wanted to mention a book to you that a friend released.

"Disco: The Bill Bernstein Photographs"  was released last week and contains incerdible photographs taken by friend almost 30 years, Bill Bernstein. The photos are gorgeous and makes for an intriguing gift for the holidays.


My "Video/Skype Interview" Playlist

This is a playlist of videos I've done about video and Skype interviewing..

You may know some of this AND I'm sure you don't know all of it.
Sr. Manager Global Systems - CRM--ROAD WARRIOR

This is a senior Salesforce job

Positions can be in San Francisco, Portland OR, Dallas, TX, Atlanta GA, or New York NY.

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 Job Search Radio: How To Network

Too many people break into a sweat when the hear that networking is the best way to find work.

"I'm an introvert," they proclaim to anyone within a  25 mile radius.

"Networking has never worked for me," they say.

Warren C. White and I speak about how to network in ways that are painless, easy and get great results.


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The Box

Mohammed Qahtani of Saudi Arabia didn't speak his first word until he was 6 years old and then struggled with a stutter. In August 2,015, he won the World Championship of Public Speaking in Las Vegas giving a speech entitled, " The Power of Words" to the 2500+ attendees.
To win the championship, Qatani defeated 30,000 participants from 135 countries over the course of 6 months of competition.

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