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The Bloodhounds are Coming! 
April 11, 2016


The National Police Bloodhound Association (NPBA) Will be in Garrett County for its April 2016 40 Hour Man-trailing  Training and Certification Course, from April 30th through May 5th.  We wanted to let you know why you may see dogs running in the streets and woods.  There is no reason to be nervous about this activity as the dogs are generally friendly.  We are asked that if dogs are in harness to recognize that they are working and the general public should respect that and not interfere.  When the dogs are out of harness people may approach the handler for a closer look, but, as with any animal, ask first if they may pet or touch the dog.  
The host location for this event will be the WISP RESORT for over 40 Bloodhounds and Law Enforcement Handlers from all over the Nation.  Bloodhound Trailing teams from Massachusetts to Florida. and from the west including places as far away as Arizona, Texas, and California will be gathering to train and some certifying with the oldest know Law Enforcement Bloodhound organization in America.  The NPBA is proud to have Garrett County's Sheriff Rob Corley as the event's co-host.

Teams will participate in classroom lectures and a minimum of 32 hours of field training taking place at many locations throughout Garrett County including the towns of Oakland, Accident, Grantsville, Friendsville, and the state parks of Garrett County.  The 40 Hour Course is an approved licensure and certification course of the Maryland Higher Education Commission provided by the Continuing Education Workforce Development Department of Garrett College.


Bob Hoffmann
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