Impact Connection

May, 2023

Welcome to a special edition of our Impact Connection. We are celebrating another amazing and impactful year, and looking to a future filled with endless possibility as women come together to fuel transformation in our community.

Presenting Our 2023 Grant Award Recipients!

Impact100 Metro Detroit celebrated our 8th Annual Big Give on Wednesday, May 31. Almost 300 members and guests came to celebrate five nonprofit organizations doing amazing things in our community. We listened as they told us about their 2023 grant projects. Though all five projects were outstanding, our members voted, and two $100,000 grants were awarded. Congratulations to all the nonprofits, and a big

thank you to all our Impact100 Metro Detroit members!

And the Winners Are.....

Dutton Farm

Community Greenhouse

Dutton Farm will build an accessible greenhouse and community garden space where people with and without disabilities can interact side by side doing in a dignified and inclusive setting. The program will also provide access to fresh local produce for those we serve who may have limited access to grocery stores and live with food scarcity. 

The Wave Project

ADA Accessible Mobile Shower

Just one of WAVE Project’s mobile shower trailers can provide 30+ showers a day, doubling the number of walk-in showers currently available in Metro Detroit. This grant will allow us to manufacture an ADA-compliant shower trailer to provide safe and accessible showers to guests with physical limitations. It would also enable us to increase our capacity and provide services full-time.

Our Finalists

Because so many women came together this year as members, we were able to award not just two $100,000 grants. Three finalist organizations each received $27,000 in unrestricted funds to help them continue to make a difference. Though we would have loved to give all of our nonprofit heroes $100,000, we were thrilled that each nonprofit walked away with a big check. As Impact100 MD president Kelly Walsh noted after the event, "this wasn't an easy decision for our 281 members - we were all moved by the incredible work these organizations do in the community, and beyond impressed with the proposals we received for this year's Big Give."

Help Make 2023 Even Bigger

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At the Big Give, over 50 women were so inspired by the work that local nonprofits are doing that they joined Impact100 MD on the spot! These new and returning members brought us to over 100 women who have committed to being with us for 2024.

Our goal for 2024 - $300,000 in major grants and at least $50,000 in finalist awards. With your help, we can get there. Renew your membership, and spread the word to your circle.

Learn about our payment options by clicking on the link at left. Monthly payment plans are available, and many employers will match your donation, or sponsor your membership entirely. We offer a limited number of supported memberships, as well, thanks to donations from individuals and corporate sponsors.

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