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I have come back energised from Cape Town where I was attending the Russell Tribunal on Palestine last week with Alice.  I was deeply inspired and moved  by the optimism of the Palestinian people we met and heard - despite living in conditions 'worse than under apartheid' according to the Secretary General of the Congress of South Africa Trade Unions, Zwelinzima Vavi. It was also very hopeful to witness the active support of Israeli activists for their Palestinian neighbors. It is only be coming together across all our differences does change have a hope.  

"Tradition has it that whenever a group of people has tasted the lovely fruits of wealth,security and prestige it begins to find it more comfortable to believe in the obvious lie and accept that it alone is entitled to privilege." (Steve Biko) 
Alice & Pratibha with Nkosinathi Biko,Samora Biko
Alice, Samora Biko, Pratibha & Nkosinathi Biko
One of the highlights of my visit to Cape Town was meeting Nkosinathi and Samora Biko, sons of the legendry Bantu Steve Biko.


As a student I remember hearing about Steve Biko and how he was brutally killed in prison by the South African regime. Later a dear friend Rashid Meer told me how he was inspired to take part in the 1976 Soweto Uprisings because of Steve Biko's call to Black Consciousness. As a result of his involvement Rashid had to flee South Africa and come to live in the UK as a political refugee. Steve Biko with his political wisdom and courage, ignited the imagination of a whole generation of young Black South Africans like Rashid and helped bring about change, first and foremost in people's minds.


Today Steve Biko's legacy is kept alive by Nkosinathi Biko the founder of the Steve Biko Foundation, which "aims to be the primary independent promoter of the values that Steve Biko lived and died for: restoring people to their true humanity."


Nkosinathi has an infectious smile and a quiet determination to explore "the issues that speak to the soul of a nation" through the work of the foundation. The vivacious Obenewa Amponsah, director of the Foundation, joins him in this important work. For me the most thrilling news was that they want to host the South African premier of our film at their Centre. I couldn't think of a better and more appropriate place.

Alice Walker on cover of Ms Magazine
Ms Magazine Cover

This week we received the most awesome support from Gloria Steinem, Alice's long time political ally and friend from the early days of Ms Magazine. As editor of Ms, Gloria put Alice on the cover of the magazine in 1982 despite protests from the publishers. The cover proclaimed Alice as "A Major American Writer" in recognition of her unique  literary talent in making Southern Black women's lives visible. 

Gloria has dedicated her life with an unwavering commitment to women's rights and promoting diversity in the U.S. feminist movement. Her graceful presence and voice has been crucial in instigating change. Gloria posted this on her Facebook page:

"See 'Beauty In Truth,' a truly transforming, fascinating, historic documentary about Alice Walker--you won't be quite the same person even after seeing this excerpt--and then contribute to the last $50,000 of finishing money. Make and keep this world, mind, and heart visible." Gloria Steinem 

Thank you Gloria for your continuing support for feminist visions in all our manifestations.   

June Jordan
June Jordan, essayist, poet and activist wrote "We are the ones we have been waiting for" and if June was still in this world today she would be on the front lines of the #occupy movement. The message and spirit of #Occupy that has spread across the world is about embracing new, alternative ways of living, communicating and organising. It's the hope of a more equal and just world that is sustaining the energy of thousands of activists camped out in the cold continuing to #occupy.  
I came to filmmaking as an activist when I learnt first hand the power of self representation and that it is possible to take back the power to tell our own stories on our own terms. That's why our crowd funding campaign has been about so much more than raising money to help us finish the film. We are building community across borders,  and creating networks of like minded people. I am enlivened by all the dialogues we and everyone else is having  to bring about change on our planet. 
Yes June, 'We are the ones.'


We have 39 days left of our crowd funding campaign. What an adventure its' been so far. As of today we have 194 funders and raised $17,000.  Thanks to all of you who have donated, tweeted and shared our link. We wouldn't be here without your support.  Over 4,000 people have viewed our trailer. If half of these folks had taken 5 minutes and donated $10 each, we would be more than half way to our goal. Awareness of the power of micro giving has yet to unfold for many people. As the clock ticks on our campaign time, I urge each and every one of you to pledge to continue to support our campaign:  

1)    Make a donation if you can.

2)    Share the link with your friends and networks and encourage them to donate.

3)    Write emails to at least 5 to 10 people on your email list and ask them to match your donation.  


Be Part Of Claiming The Power and space for women's stories to be realized on screen.

Please visit, share our IndieGoGo page and watch the trailer.  NOW is the time to act on your offers of support. We should have reached our half way mark and we still have a ways to go. You can remain anonymous when you donate if you prefer.   


 If you'd like to get involved in the film, Shaheen, the producer, and I would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop us a line by email ( or find me and the film on Facebook  or Twitter. You can also read my blog on 

Love & Light and many thanks.  


Pratibha Parmar

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