March 2024 / Vol. 03

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The City's contractor, Team Elmer’s, will be reconstructing the S. Union and Eighth Street intersection beginning Monday, April 1, 2024. Activities include a full reconstruction of the intersection with new concrete pavement and brick crosswalks. The work is anticipated to be completed the end of April, weather permitting.

During construction, the intersection will be closed to all vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic. Traffic delays are expected. Pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular detour maps have been provided to assist those traveling in the area. Please use alternate routes avoiding this area to reduce congestion, delay and promote worker safety. Appropriate signage and barricades will be in place in and around the work area.


Access to all businesses and residences, and the Old Town Parking Garage will be maintained throughout the duration of the project.  





City parks underwent various enhancements in 2023, significantly contributing to the cultivation of community vitality, and fostering social connections.

Boon Street Park

Addition of sustainable playground equipment chosen for its theme, style, and functionality

West End Volleyball Courts

Expanded from six to eight courts

Indian Woods Park

Upgrades included new play equipment meeting safety and ADA standards, stairs, tree plantings, and bike racks

Hickory Hills' Nordic Course

Earned homologation certification from the International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS), making it Michigan’s sole homologated cross-country ski course in the lower peninsula. Achieving this recognition involved a collaborative effort by VASA Ski Club, City staff, and Preserve Hickory volunteers

Arbutus Court Park and F&M Park

New basketball courts and concrete slabs

Arts Commission

Expanded the City's public art collection, launching the "Art in the Park" initiative at Bryant Park with a mural titled “Our Neighborhood Spot” by local artist Katherine Corden Bellisario

Brown Bridge Quiet Area Land Acquisition

With overwhelming support from voters, the principal from the Brown Bridge Trust Fund was approved for use, in addition to a $2,352,200 grant, to acquire 528 acres of land adjacent to the Brown Bridge Quiet This expansion brings the Quiet Area to 1,838 acres.


The City is demonstrating its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and becoming more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Planting our Future

The City is dedicated to managing all trees on its public land, emphasizing their growing value and importance. In the City, a total of 871 trees and 1,600 seedlings were planted. At total of 3,854 trees and seedlings were planted within the City and at the Brown Bridge Quiet Area.

Compost & Food Waste Reduction

The City received a $255,396 USDA grant for a two-year Compost and Food Waste Reduction project. This program aims to increase access to organic material pickups, especially food waste, for City residents and businesses.

Electrification & Decarbonization

The City's adoption of the Resolution Towards Decarbonization and Climate Resiliency sets specific sustainability goals and guides staff toward environmentally responsible strategies. Additionally, the Building Electrification Policy promotes the shift to electric systems for heating, cooling, and energy needs, offering benefits like lower costs and reduced carbon emissions.

TCLP Climate Action Plan

Traverse City Light & Power has taken a proactive step towards environmental stewardship by developing a Climate Action Plan. The plan outlines strategic measures aimed at reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy sources, and engaging the community in a collective effort to combat the impacts of climate change.




At the March 18, 2024 meeting, the City Commission will review the first year's data of the two-year pilot project, which converted State Street, Pine, and Boardman Avenue to two-way traffic in November 2022. The project aims to enhance pedestrian safety, slow traffic, improve connectivity, and stimulate economic activity. Metrics like pedestrian and bicycle volumes, crashes, and traffic data will assess its success. The project follows an iterative process, allowing for incremental modifications based on observations, community feedback, and traffic data.

Approximately 40 comments/suggestions have been received, mostly positive with some suggesting minor adjustments. A survey of Boardman Neighborhood residents showed mixed opinions. Progressive AE is monitoring pedestrian and vehicular movement and speed at different times throughout the year to track progress. Feedback from businesses and residents is encouraged at A decision regarding the project's permanence or extension will be made based on evaluation at the pilot's end.




The City of Traverse City Coast Guard Committee proudly announces the call for nominations for its Guardian Award, established to recognize outstanding contributions to the community by individuals, families, or entire Coast Guard families active at Air Station Traverse City.

The Coast Guard is a unique branch of the Military responsible for an array of maritime duties, from ensuring safe and lawful commerce to performing rescue missions in severe conditions.

The Coast Guard Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the City Commission to make recommendations on matters relating to the operation, development, and planning of the United States Coast Guard services, facilities, and programs within the City of Traverse City. The City of Traverse City has been a designated Coast Guard City since 2010.

Nominations are due by March 31, 2024. The honoree(s) will be celebrated at a reception in spring 2024.




Temporary traffic control measures during the MDOT Project deviate from the usual traffic controls. Your cooperation and diligence are essential for ensuring the safety of yourself, pedestrians, bicyclists, and fellow motorists during this period of construction. We urge all drivers to exercise caution, yield to pedestrians, and remain vigilant while navigating the MDOT Project detours.

Week 1: Progress Report

In the past week, crews have installed temporary traffic control measures, removed the asphalt surface, removed the underlying concrete pavement, removed all sidewalks, and mobilized all equipment and materials in the closed sections of US-31 and M-37. Storm sewer replacement along Garfield Avenue, and sanitary sewer service and storm sewer replacements in the Barlow Street intersection has begun.

Week 2: Intermittent Closures on Barlow & Murchie Bridge Work

This coming week, crews will focus heavily on underground infrastructure replacement including storm sewer in Garfield Avenue, watermain along Barlow Street, and sanitary sewer replacements and storm sewer east of Barlow Street. Murchie Bridge work will also continue.

Detours and traffic controls are in place. In addition to the main detour, drivers should expect intermittent closures of Barlow Street this week. Murchie Bridge work may require intermittent stopping of traffic as well.

Eastern Avenue at Milliken Stop Signs

Please be aware that stop signs have been installed on Eastern Avenue at Milliken Drive, making the intersection an ALL-WAY STOP during the MDOT Project. To enhance visibility and safety for both drivers and pedestrians, additional signs and rumble strips are being deployed by MDOT at this intersection.

Sheridan Speed Bumps

The City will expedite the installation of the speed bumps along Sheridan that aim to decrease vehicular speeds, especially during increased traffic volumes.

Leapin' Leprechaun 5K

The annual Leapin' Leprechaun 5K running race will take place on Saturday, March 16th. The race will begin at 9 am, starting and ending on Lake Avenue. The race course will cross the detoured route of the MDOT Project on Eighth Street.

Race Route

Businesses Open

Anticipate that the construction will affect businesses, particularly those situated along the construction zone. However, it's important to note that our local businesses will continue to operate, and by demonstrating patience, you can actively support them throughout this period of disruption.




At their March 15, 2024 meeting, the DDA Board will review the final draft of the Moving Downtown Forward Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Plan. The final draft was developed after the Development Area Citizens Council was established and met to review the plan and make a recommendation for adoption.

The Moving Downtown Forward TIF Plan will be presented and includes two components: the Tax Increment Financing Plan and the Development Plan. The Tax Increment Financing Plan describes the costs, location and resources for the implementation of the public improvements that are projected to take place in the TIF District, as well as anticipated private investment in the TIF District. The Tax Increment Financing Plan includes the Development Plan which details the tax increment procedure, the amount of bonded indebtedness to possibly be incurred, the new revenue sharing formula, and the duration of the program. 

During their upcoming meeting, the DDA Board will deliberate on two pivotal courses of action: either moving forward with the adoption of a resolution endorsing the Moving Downtown Forward TIF Plan, or contemplating a postponement of support. This potential delay stems from the ongoing transitional phase marked by the recruitment of a DDA CEO, the induction of new members onto the DDA Board, and the possibility of amending the plan to accommodate insights from these fresh perspectives.




This week, the Traverse City Fire Department conducted training at the Grand Traverse Commons in Ground Ladder handling. Thank you Captain Chris Jackson, firefighters TJ Taylor, Spencer Dennis, and Chad Chinlund, and Probationer Jorim Whitley!


It's construction season!

The City's Projects page on its website serves as a comprehensive resource, offering insight into various improvement initiatives underway. Providing project backgrounds, with regular updates, citizens can stay informed about the latest developments. Additionally, the page offers valuable information on funding sources, and the staff responsible. Overall, the projects page serves as a vital tool for learning more abut the City's improvement endeavors.

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