March 2024 / Vol. 04

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March 25


March 29


Begins April 8



The City is thrilled to announce the availability of the draft Master Plan, a pivotal document that outlines the roadmap for our City's development and prosperity in the years to come. The Master Plan is not just a vision, it's a culmination of extensive research, community input, and planning by dedicated professionals and passionate citizens alike.

The Master Plan Leadership Team will meet on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, at 3:30 pm to continue their review of the draft document. Meetings are open to the public. Once the Leadership Team has completed their review the draft Master Plan and draft Mobility Action Plan will be submitted to the Planning Commission for their review. This is scheduled to occur on Tuesdays at 6:00 pm beginning April 2, 2024 through May 7, 2024.

Furthermore, mark your calendars for additional community engagement scheduled for June 2024, where the City will host an open house to gather further insights and feedback from the community. Stay tuned for more details on how you can participate and contribute to shaping the future of our City.

Master Plan

A Master Plan is a comprehensive long-term planning document that serves as a strategic framework to guide decision-making related to land use, infrastructure, transportation, zoning, economic development, and other aspects of urban or regional development. Key features of a Master Plan often include the establishment of guiding principles, a future land-use map, an action plan, zoning plan, policies, and recommendations to help manage growth, promote sustainability, and ensure efficient resource allocation.

Mobility Action Plan

A Mobility Action Plan is a strategic document that outlines a set of measures and strategies to guide policies designed to improve non-motorized transportation and mobility. The plan will address various transportation challenges and promote more sustainable, efficient, safe, and accessible transportation network. The Mobility Action Plan is crucial to addressing issues related to urban congestion, environmental concerns, and the overall quality of life for residents.

The draft Mobility Action Plan was approved by the Mobility Action Plan Leadership Team on October 18, 2023. Both the Master Plan and Mobility Action Plan will be reviewed as one document.

Next Steps

Summer/Fall/Winter 2023

  • Finalized Drafting Chapters

February 2024: Staff Review

  • Staff review of of Draft Master Plan with Leadership Team edits completed

March 2024: MP Leadership Team & City Leadership Review

  • Updated draft distributed to City Manager, department heads, and MP Leadership Team
  • MP Leadership Team will meet March 20 for final review and send the draft to the Planning Commission

March - May 2024: Planning Commission Review

  • Draft MAP & MP distributed to Planning Commission
  • Planning Commission review meetings: April 2, 9, 16, 23, and May 7
  • Distribute to City Commission

May - July 2024: City Commission Distribution, Review, and Public Open House

  • City Commission, through resolution, opens the mandatory 63-day public review period for the planning document (PA 33 of 2008). This is a required step and not an endorsement of the planning document
  • City Commission will review the planning document during this time
  • Public Open House to be schedule between June 17 - 28

June - August 2024: Planning Commission Review, Public Hearing, and Adoption

  • Planning Commission will review public input and make changes as deemed necessary
  • Required public hearing August 7. Planning Commission may adopt the planning document after the hearing 
  • State statute (PA 33 of 2008) requires a resolution and 2/3 affirmative vote of the Planning Commission for adoption

August - September 2024

  • State statute does not require the legislative body to adopt a master plan, but does allow them to do so through ordinance, which the City has enacted
  • Introduced to City Commission August 19
  • Adoption through resolution September 3 with a majority vote required




In 2023, the City made significant strides toward supporting housing initiatives that affected affordability, and embraced efforts made toward permanent supportive housing for the chronically unhoused. 

PILOT Arrangements

The City approved PILOTs to support inclusive housing, ensuring all residents have access to safe living environments regardless of income. This promotes social equity, stability, and economic resilience. Since 2019, 539 inclusive housing units have been added, and 381 in 2023 that included 35 permanent supportive units for the chronically unhoused.

Housing Variety

Housing variety is crucial for inclusive living environments, offering diverse options that cater to different needs and preferences. Apartments, multi-family dwellings, and single-family homes accommodate varying family sizes, income levels, and lifestyles, fostering social inclusivity. Amendments to the Traverse City Code of Ordinances in 2023 allowed additional dwelling types and modified dimensional standards in the R-1a, R-1b and R-2 residential zoning districts.

Quick Response Team

The Quick Response Team (QRT) is a vital part of the Traverse City Police Department's community policing strategy. The PSW Coordinator collaborates with the crisis intervention team on overdose prevention programs and connects with vulnerable individuals in the community. The QRT distinguishes itself by engaging with those most at risk of substance use, mental health issues, and homelessness, fostering extensive collaboration with community service providers.

In 2023, the QRT received 238 referrals to the program, with 175 individuals found eligible and 130 participating actively. Among participants, 38% are experiencing all three criteria, while 88% are facing crises related to homelessness, 75% to substance use or overdose, and 68% to mental health issues.



With recent warmer temperatures, decorations are being placed at Oakwood Cemetery.

Please be aware that per the Oakwood Cemetery Rules and Regulations, in order for the City to complete spring maintenance, all articles placed on plots are to be removed by March 31st and no placement of articles or decorations on plots may be made prior to May 7th. The City kindly requests that all items currently adorning cemetery plots be removed without delay. Any items left may be removed by the City prior to May 7th.

Questions may be directed by calling (231) 922-4907.



Leaf & Brush Pick Up will begin in City neighborhoods on April 8th. The program will begin on the west side, moving eastward, over a period of 5 to 7 weekdays with one pass only. 

Leaves should be raked out in front of your house for pick up as promptly as possible, and may be raked on-street no sooner than April 6th.

Brush piles cannot exceed 8' x 8' and 4' high - branches no more than 4" in diameter and should be placed in the alley. If there is no alley, the brush can be placed behind the curb or pavement edge of the street.



Disc golf baskets have been installed for the season at Hickory Hills, offering two challenging 18-hole layouts, amidst scenic woods just west of the large parking area in front of the lodge.

Trash receptacles are strategically placed at various points, including the practice basket area, holes #1, #8, and #14, as well as at the course exit. Hours area daily from 7 am to 11 pm.

The White Course boasts a 5908 ft. layout with a Par of 55, suitable for intermediate players, while the Blue Course offers a more challenging 7592 ft. layout with a Par of 59, designed for advanced players.



The City's contractor, Team Elmer’s, will be reconstructing the S. Union and Eighth Street intersection beginning Monday, April 1, 2024. Activities include a full reconstruction of the intersection with new concrete pavement and brick crosswalks. The work is anticipated to be completed the end of April, weather permitting.

During construction, the intersection will be closed to all vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic. Traffic delays are expected. Pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular detour maps have been provided to assist those traveling in the area. Please use alternate routes avoiding this area to reduce congestion, delay and promote worker safety. Appropriate signage and barricades will be in place in and around the work area.


Access to all businesses and residences, and the Old Town Parking Garage will be maintained throughout the duration of the project.  




The City of Traverse City Coast Guard Committee proudly announces the call for nominations for its Guardian Award, established to recognize outstanding contributions to the community by individuals, families, or entire Coast Guard families active at Air Station Traverse City.

The Coast Guard is a unique branch of the Military responsible for an array of maritime duties, from ensuring safe and lawful commerce to performing rescue missions in severe conditions.

The Coast Guard Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the City Commission to make recommendations on matters relating to the operation, development, and planning of the United States Coast Guard services, facilities, and programs within the City of Traverse City. The City of Traverse City has been a designated Coast Guard City since 2010.

Nominations are due by March 31, 2024. The honoree(s) will be celebrated at a reception in spring 2024.




Temporary traffic control measures during the MDOT Project deviate from the usual traffic controls. Your cooperation and diligence are essential for ensuring the safety of yourself, pedestrians, bicyclists, and fellow motorists during this period of construction. We urge all drivers to exercise caution, yield to pedestrians, and remain vigilant while navigating the MDOT Project detours.

This Week's Progress Report

In the past week, crews have installed storm sewer along Garfield Avenue, as well as sanitary sewer service and storm sewer in the Barlow Street intersection.

Upcoming Week: Intermittent Hope Street and Bridge Closures

This coming week crews will continue to focus heavily on underground infrastructure replacement, including storm sewer east of Garfield Avenue, watermain in the vicinity of the Garfield/US-31 intersection, storm sewer east of Barlow Street, sanitary sewer replacements and storm sewer west of Barlow Street. Murchie Bridge work will also continue. Expect intermittent closures of Hope Street later this week. Bridge work may require intermittent stopping of traffic as well.

Traffic Calming Efforts

Drivers trying to find alternate routes to the established detours for the US-31 reconstruction project are anticipated. To promote traffic calming the City has installed over 26 posts in locations that were identified as areas of concern. The posts are for radar speed feedback signs. These signs are dynamic and display the drivers actual speed to them and warn them to slow down when they are driving over the posted speed limit. The City has six of these feedback signs and will be moving them around during the project. 

Businesses Open

Anticipate that the construction will affect businesses, particularly those situated along the construction zone. However, it's important to note that our local businesses will continue to operate, and by demonstrating patience, you can actively support them throughout this period of disruption.



The Lodge at Hickory can be rented for your special occasion!

The Lodge at Hickory Hills is a recently built venue conveniently located two miles from Downtown Traverse City.  The Lodge is an excellent venue to use for both public and private functions. This picturesque space is able to accommodate all events, from a private family celebration, or a mid-size corporate meeting, to larger wedding. This venue will allow your guests a change of pace and unique setting for any function.

This event space is nestled beneath the Hickory Hills ski slopes, a local treasure owned and operated by the City of Traverse City. Surrounded by 125 acres of Northern Michigan scenery, The Lodge makes for the perfect backdrop for any event and allows guests to immerse themselves in the natural wonders of Traverse City. The indoor space accommodates up to 138 people        and the outdoor space can accommodate up to 325 people.

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