A ground war we must win
Our next generation of organic farmers are on the front lines of change. Since our beginnings in 2007, w e have financed thousands of acres for young farmers who are transitioning these mostly "dead soils" back to organic health. Increasingly, these farmers are supported by a cadre of next-generation investors, landlords, financial advisors, public benefit companies, nonprofits and consumers. As a united force, we can win this war. 
"Building soil, building living soil, is the highest activity human beings can be engaged in."

- Dr. Vandana Shiva
During WWII, the U.S. issued war bonds to finance military operations. More than 80 million Americans bought the bonds bringing in over $180 billion to help achieve a victory. Issuance was discontinued at the end of the war. Mission-aligned capital on a massive scale helped us turn the tide.

In 2007, we formed a company that could exist indefinitely to fight a battle that we knew could last for generations. While our Soil Restoration Notes are not War Bonds, the consequences of losing this war are no less catastrophic. Nobody wins on a dead planet.  By designing a financial product that supports soil health, we are leading the way to building living, carbon breathing soils that can reverse climate change .

We expect that the current offering will sell out before year-end. For more information about our Soil Restoration Notes and our farmers' work on the land, please visit our website . *Please note that this offering is only available to accredited investors.

For philanthropically-inclined investors hoping to support our mission, our Soil Restoration Notes are part of ImpactAsset's private debt and equity donor advised fund . Investing in this fund ($10,000 minimum) supports a range of high impact investment options while offering a charitable tax deduction. Learn more about the Giving Fund and how it works here .

Effectively, we are fighting to stop the killing so that we can start the healing. Since we purchased our first farm, we have been uncompromising in our mission: all of our farmland transitions start with stopping the killing –  that is, no more harmful pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides. Our battle plan, so to speak, has been inspired by Rachel Carson's whistle-blowing 1962 masterpiece, Silent Spring . As a Public Benefit Corporation, we believe that the health of our soils is directly connected to our own health and the planet's health, and we are pleased that the public can now invest supportively.

Our Direct Public Offering is open to non-accredited investors with a minimum purchase of 17 shares ($10,183). To learn more about investing in this offering, please visit our DPO webpage or reach out to our investment department at .

Hope is a wonderful thing, as our Co-Founder, Dr. Stephen Rivard, likes to say. We are encouraged by the growing community of companies supporting farmers through innovative investing. We never set out to do this work alone and are looking forward to leading a broader coalition to restore our soils. To see our vision of agriculture in action, watch our short film, When You Let The Land Lead .
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As a corporate guideline,  we do not look for specific farmland to purchase or finance. We develop relationships with farmers, mostly young and organic, who want to grow their farm business. We move forward when we have a ready, willing and able farmer. 
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