A Blue Bell Bathroom Gains Functionality and Modern Style

Our Blue Bell clients wanted to update their primary bathroom to be more useful and reflective of their personal style. We helped them achieve these goals by removing the oversized tub that currently consumed a good portion of the space. This allowed the cramped shower stall to expand to become a large and luxurious open shower design which features large-format deep gray porcelain tile, built-in jets, multiple showerheads and an ample bench.

This is complemented by a new soaking tub and a large wooden vanity that adds warmth to the space. Now the homeowners can enjoy a bathroom with plenty of storage, spaces for decorative touches and a modern, yet classic aesthetic that feels like a spa retreat within their home.

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In-Design: An Unexpected Basement

Bathroom Retreat

Here’s a sneak peek at the rendering we created to illustrate a new spa basement bathroom. We designed this new basement retreat to feature a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling intricate tile design. This dynamic pattern offers an eye-catching focal point in an otherwise tranquil and neutral space.

As a space to unwind and recover after a workout in the home gym, our client requested a design that included such spa features as a sauna room, ice tub and warming drawer for soft fluffy towels. We incorporated all of the items on their wish list to create a space that's sure to pamper and refresh. It's our goal to always tailor every design we create to the wants and needs of the homeowner.

If you have a small project you are hoping to begin before the holidays, let us know. We love taking care of our clients!

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